15 More Songs That Should Be On Glee

Over a year ago I made a post called 20 Songs That Should Be On Glee and it was really fun. Since then, only one of my suggested songs has made it onto the show. Also since then, I’ve been listening to new artists and bands and musicals and so I figured I may as well make another post suggesting 15 more songs that I’d love to see on Glee. And like always, leave a comment giving your input on who should sing the songs or other songs you’d like to see. So now, let’s begin. (Please note that I am including the newbies here because if Glee is set back at McKinley in S6 like it’s rumored to be, then I think the newbies will be back)….

‘Kryptonite’ by Jesse Labelle
I was so in love with this song last summer. The song is so cute and simple. I could see Blaine singing this (to Kurt obviously) but I feel like that’d be a bit too predictable. I’d also settle for Sam singing it.

‘Walk In The Sun’ by McFly
There are so many McFly songs that would be awesome on Glee. Like, I could make a list of 20 McFly songs that should be on Glee. Anyways, this song should be sung by the members of Pamela Lansbury or One Three Hill or whatever the band is called now. I don’t even know if the band is still on or if we’ll ever see them again, but I’d love them back singing this song. Otherwise, I want it a simple guitar stage session from someone at McKinley with spotlights and stools on stage. Yes.

‘Foolish Behavior’ by Neon Trees
Glee has already done two Neon Trees songs, which is great because I think they’re a really awesome band. Their newest album is awesome! This song is maybe on of their less electronic ones, which is why I think it’d be perfect for Glee. I could see either Artie or Mercedes singing it. Or a duet, that’d be cool too. I know their voices don’t sound anything like the original, but I think it’d be really neat to hear it in Mercedes’ voice.

‘Stay’ by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko
This song is so different from Rihanna’s normal ones, which is maybe why I love it so much. It’s a sweet sad too. I could definitely see Santana singing Rihanna’s part and Brittany doing Mikky’s part, or vice versa.

‘As Long As You’re Mine’ from Wicked
More Wicked on Glee would not be disliked. This song is adorable and powerful. I would want Rachel to sing it, but I don’t know who she’d sing it with. Blaine’s voice would fit the part, but Rachel and Blaine singing this song would be kind of weird (Unless they were drunk again, in which case, that’d be fine). Oh, maybe Quinn and Puck singing it? That’d be an interesting version of it (and Puck singing showtunes would be amusing).

‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran
This is my favourite song off his new album that came out recently. It’s cute and fun and catchy! I could see Ryder singing it for sure.

‘Step Into Christmas’ by Elton John
It’s not my list unless there’s at least one Christmas song. This one is funky and could be a great group number. I know that we won’t get a Christmas episode since Glee doesn’t come back until long after Christmas, but I’m really hoping we’ll get a Christmas album at least.

‘Time Of My Life’ by David Cook

This was David’s big song after his win on American Idol. It’s motivational and perfect for Glee. Again, a great group song. Maybe led by Will Schuster because he’s having the time of his life being a father (or so we hope).

‘Old School’ by Hedley
Tell me that this isn’t such a perfect for Glee now that the main characters are literally all over. I want a big Glee reunion at the end of the show where they sing this and have fun together and we can cry.

‘Empty Handed’ by Lea Michele
Well, since Will has song a Matt Morrison song and Mercedes has sang an Amber Riley song, I think it’s okay to request a Lea Michele song for Rachel. This is one of my faves, and I think it’d be the best one for Glee. If Glee decides to give Rachel a new love interest, this song could work….

‘Scarecrow’ by Alex & Sierra
These two singers are absolutely adorable. They’re winners of the most recent X-Factor and their first single came out recently. I love it and them and I’m sure that their upcoming album will be awesome and have lots of Glee-worthy songs, but for now, just this one is available. I’d like to have Klaine sing this.

‘Something To Believe In’ from Newsies
This would have been a perfect song for Finn and Rachel in Season 1, but now, I think it’d be great for Samcedes because Sam is in a bit of a funk, so this would be perfect. Also, Jarley could work maybe…

‘Always’ by R5
This song is one of R5’s tamer ones (no electric guitars and whatnot), but it’s super adorable and would be perfect on Glee. I can totally see this being used to serenade someone… But is it weird that I can see Kitty singing it? With Marley and Unique doing background vocals? IDK….

‘Red Hands’ by Walk Off The Earth
This song, from internet sensation group just screams Warblers. I hope the Warblers come back in S6 and I hope they sing this.

‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’ by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
This song was recently in a Telus commercial and I had it stuck in my head for a whole month. And I realized it would be a great song for Glee. A great group song, I think. It’s fun and upbeat and isn’t a new song, so it fits with Glee.

So those are 15 more songs that I’d love to see on Glee in Season 6. I know that it’s a long shot and I’ll be lucky to see even one, but at least I had fun compiling this list and imagining who’d sing them. But, that being said, feel free to send the link to this post to Ryan Murphy or other Glee execs. And like I said up top, tell me what songs YOU would like to see on Glee by leaving a comment or tweeting me or something! :D

P.S. If any of you watch Sons Of Anarchy, Lea is going to be guest starring on it (I don’t know the date) and she’s got a really new role for herself: single mother. I may have to tune into that epi just to see Lea :)

Naya Rivera Got Married!

Yeah. Apparently. The news came this morning when People Magazine had released exclusive pics of Naya in a pretty wedding dress. I thought it was just a wedding-themed photoshoot, but nope. It’s real! Take a look at the pics:





So who is this lucky man? His name is Ryan Dorsey, who has been friends with Naya for over four years. Their friendship turned to romance after Naya’s broken-off engagement from Big Sean (a rapper) only three months ago.

To be honest, I didn’t know that Naya was dating again, let alone engaged, since Big Sean. I had seen blurry paparazzi pictures of Naya and some guy (it was hard to see his face) but I didn’t know who he was or what his relationship is to her.
Their wedding ceremony was apparently very small, including only close family and friends. I don’t think anyone from the Glee cast was there, or at least none were reported there.

Today Naya changed her Twitter name (not handle, just name) to Naya Rivera Dorsey, so that proves it was real.

I guess I can’t really comment on the wedding too much. I know that a lot of people were shocked because like I mentioned, Naya and Big Sean only just broke up a few months ago. Do I think this is a bit fast? Yeah. But she and Ryan were close friends first so it’s not like they don’t know each other very well. I hope their marriage works out and Naya is happy because that’s all I could want for her, as a fan.

What I can comment on is her dress. It’s very classy and elegant. I’ve seen too many trashy dresses (I watch Say Yes To The Dress and Four Weddings a lot) so I’m liking her choice in dresses. :)

That’s all for now, friends! Stay Gleeky!

P.S. Chris Colfer is guest starring on Hot In Cleveland tonight at 10 EST. I don’t think I have the channel it’s on, so I’ll have to watch it some other way (if at all), but tune in if you can!

P.P.S. Keep voting for the Teen Choice Awards! Lea, Chord, Naya, Darren, Jane and Glee are up so let’s get them a win!






TCA Wave 2 (Keep Voting!)

With the Teen Choice Awards fast approaching (see this post for more info), it was about time that wave 2 of the nominations came out. And yesterday, they did!

Good news Gleeks! We have three more fun things to vote for! On top of the past three noms we had, (Lea, Chord and Glee) we now have Jane Lynch for Choice TV Villain, Darren Criss for Male Scene Stealer and Naya Rivera for Female Scene Stealer. So that’s six awesome categories that Gleeks should be voting for everyday. Plus, thanks to wave 2, there are also a bunch more cool things to vote for, so if you haven’t been on yet, get over there and VOTE! HERE IS THE VOTING LINK!!!

Well, that’s all for now, Gleeks. Sorry for the short post. If you need me, I’ll be here crying about the fact that I am not at G4 (a convention that’s literally all about Glee and Starkid that’s taking place in England right now).

P.S. While you’re out voting for the TCA, Brett Dalton from Agents of SHIELD is up for Male Breakout Star so go vote for him, okay? :3

P.P.S. Lea Michele is performing at the TCA, so there’s yet another reason to watch!

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