Favourite Songs From Season 5

Well, Gleeks, this is the last song post! I’ve listed my favourite songs from Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 (click the number to read the corresponding post). And now, here is the fifth. I have to admit that S5 didn’t have as many lovable songs. There were some great songs, of course, but I think past seasons had some better ones. Nevertheless, I came up with twenty and here they are!

‘Breakaway’ (5×10)
Blaine, Tina and Artie did great with this catchy Kelly Clarkson classic (say that 10 times fast!). It was supposed to be what they sing as Valedictorians, and I think it’s a great song choice for that occasion.

‘Colour Blind’ (5×15)
An Amber Riley single sung by Mercedes. This song is so beautiful and I love the piano in it. Not to mention that Mercedes’ vocals are always FABULOUS.

‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ (5×10)
This trio is so fun together, and they nail this iconic song. I love Tina’s parts in it because it’s obviously different from the boys’. I don’t like how Artie was left out of the Grad friendship song, but what’s done is done.

‘Got To Get You Into My Life’ (5×01)
The big Klaine reunion in the form of a crazy song, complete with a marching band. It’s different from their normal style of songs, but the lyrics are great, and they still sing it so well. (plus the kiss at the end was so cute :3)

‘Hold On’ (5×10)
Despite being in the episode ‘Trio’, this song was sung by many characters. And I still love it. It’s catchy and the vocal layering is great and the message is positive too.

‘More Than A Feeling’ (5×11)
Blaine and Tina need more duets. Their voices go so well together and Tina always needs more chances to shine like this! This was so great. A great competition song, too, I think.

‘Pompeii’ (5×20)
The last song of the season and it was a good one. Luckily, Glee covered this before it had reached the over-played stage on the radios. I loved how everyone got lines and how it’s a good song for the major changes that all the characters were going through.

‘Seasons Of Love’ (5×03)
This was my favourite song of that super sad episode. The song itself is about celebrating life and not mourning death, which is what the episode was trying to do, too. Having all the characters sing this was so so sweet and I’m crying just thinking about it. A great choice for the episode and a great song overall.

‘Story Of My Life’ (5×18)
I’m not into 1D, but if Klaine is singing it, I’m down! And though it isn’t really a happy song, it’s more Klaine’s speed. :)

‘Take Me Home Tonight’ (5×19)
If it was Chris Colfer’s idea to have this song in the episode, then props to him. Not only did this song fit will with the episode and the whole dog thing, but it’s so fun and rocking and I love it so much! This was a perfect Glee song, it just sounded so right….you know?

‘Wide Awake’ (5×04)
Aw yeaaaah. This song. They simplified it and made it so beautiful. I loved this so much you don’t even know. <3

‘Keep Holding On’ (S5 Version) (5×12)
I already love this song, and the S1 version but Puck singing it to Quinn and ND does the old choreography was just TOO CUTE. And Puck’s voice is like YEHHHHH and I’ve missed it. I had a lot of emotions during this song.

‘Rockstar’ (5×14)
Kurt and Elliott singing this fun song in a record store was just great. Their voices work well together and this isn’t the type of song that Kurt normally sings, but he does well with this.

‘Piano Man’ (5×06)
Blaine tackles the song that NPH sang on Glee for thirty seconds but he does it with a piano and sings it so amazingly. A perfect song for Blaine, though I don’t know if it was a good choice for a NYADA audition….

‘My Life’ (5×06)
Jake’s solo took me by surprise. I didn’t expect to like this as much as I do. But it’s funky and Jake is perfect for this song. Especially so since this is just after he and Marley fought.

‘All You Need Is Love’ (5×01)
KLAINE PROPOSAL. <3 <3 <3 <3 A cute song for a super cute proposal. I loved how there were so many people there singing this to Kurt.

‘Loser Like Me’ (Season 5 Version) (5×13)
Like ‘Wide Awake’ they stripped this down and made it to vocally beautiful. I do like the original better, but this is still so nice! And it’s one of Glee’s best original songs, so I don’t mind the repeat.

‘Just The Way You Are’ (5×06)
This is cute because Klaine are together singing and Sam and Rachel (though it was kind of awks for them) and they even got Santana singing such an adorable song.

‘On Our Way’ (5×05)
This was the best song of the episode. But not only that, it was a fun, upbeat group number and I literally can’t hate those!

‘Hey Jude’ (5×02)
I’m going to be honest, this song made the list for one reason: Blaine’s vocals. Okay, that’s a lie. It’s also a really iconic song that Glee did a great job with. But Blaine’s vocals are deffo noteworthy. :P

So that’s it! I have finished listing my favourite songs from all the seasons so far! When season 6 is done, I’ll list my favourite songs from that, though because it’s a half season, I may do ten songs (unless there are twenty songs that I totally really love). If you have favourite songs from any of the seasons, leave a comment! :D

I don’t know what the next post will be, or when, but stay tuned! And Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Canadians!

Favourite Songs From Season 4

I’m blogging to calm myself down because I am in a rage over the lousy livestream quality I was forced to use to watch Agents of SHIELD. The anger I feel now is too real so Imma focus on Glee and my blog and calm down.
So let’s take another trip down memory lane as I tell you my favourite songs from Season 4. This season had its fair share of controversies and hate (not from me) but it did have some great songs that are seen as Glee legends. Here are my faves:

‘Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)’ (4×17)
Okay so this song was a creepy way for Blaine to express his new crush on Sam, but if you ignore that fact and think about his relationship with Kurt, it becomes a whole lot better and the lyrics are so legit. Plus, Darren singing it live is a plus. It’s a good song.

‘All Or Nothing’ (4×22)
A great Glee original song. Blaine and Marley both have great voices and I think they blended together well. They’ve never dueted, so it was cool. It was a decent Regionals song, too. This song is super catchy.

‘Barely Breathing’ (4×04)
Blaine and Finn duets! Yes! Wish we got more of these because their voices are just so great together! This was a great song for their individual relationship problems, as Blaine was about to cheat on Kurt and Finn felt so out of it.

‘Chasing Pavements’ (4×01)
It was this song that made me like Marley from the start. She nails this and I love listening to it. It was a good way for us to get introduced and like the newbies right away, or just Marley at least.

‘Come What May’ (4×15)
Every Klainer has to love this. I sure do. I mean, even if Klaine wasn’t singing it, it’s a freakin’ adorable song. And then we get our OTP singing it all cute-like? YES GOOD.

‘Copacabana’ (4×17)
This song, as morbid as it is, is fun and catchy and I think Sam does a really good job with it. It’s a classic and Glee did it justice.

‘We’ve Got Tonight’ (4×14)
This song was so great. Aside from it being so sweet and melodious, it gave us a chance to see our OTPs back in action. Klaine and Finchel hooked up again (yay on both accounts) and also three other couples also did, so basically, a lot of shippers were happy. I sure was. It was good to see my couples back in action after their breakups. I just wish they lasted.

‘Don’t Speak’ (4×04)
It’s kind of sad that the only song that my four favourites (Kurt, Finn, Blaine and Rachel) all sing together is this sad break up song, but whatever, they still nail it and I still love it. It’s a perfect song for all their situations, especially the “I really feel like I’m losing my best friend” line.

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ (4×13)
Blaine just owns this song. Such funk and style and it’s just so great. I loved it from the moment I heard it. <3

‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ (4×03)
This song is haunting and so great. Blaine’s lower register is fab. I don’t think it was too relevant to the plot, but it worked well enough. But it’s catchy as heck.

‘The Longest Time’ (4×20)
Ooooh Artie, Sam and the newbies pull into my faves with this super catchy tune. This song is one of my faves to sing in the shower (sorry not sorry). I love it so much! :D

‘Teenage Dream (Acoustic Version)’ (4×04)
Blaine knocked this song out of the park. Live singing was great and Darren’s arrangement was even better. It had so much emotion and it made it a whole new song. So different from the Warbler version. I love this so much, even if it leads to an ugly Klaine breakup.

‘This Is The New Year’ (4×12)
I totally listened to this on New Year’s Day, right after midnight struck! This was such a fun group number. It’s my fave of all S4. Everyone gets in it and is so happy and the video is so hilariously adorable. I love this!

‘The Scientist’ (4×04)
This is the saddest song of S4. All my faves breaking up to a really great song. How fun. Ugh, like, the song is so great and the “oh take me back to the start” part is so famous in fandoms and yet all I can think about is how sad everyone looked and how sad I felt. Especially when it followed the Finchel breakup. I love this song, but it hurts me to do so.

‘Homeward Bound / Home’ (4×08)
All our fave grads back to sing such a cute song! I loved this! I loved having them all back and seeing them all hug each other and be back! I wish Kurt and Rachel were with them, as they’re grads too, but c’est la vie. This song was still so awesome. And what a great mash up, too! :D :D :D

‘Some Nights’ (4×07)
Another great group number. The song itself is already great but I think Glee did a really great job.

‘White Christmas’ (4×10)
Klaine doing a Christmas song? Always amazing! It’s not a romantic song, and yet, as they skate around and have fun, it kind of becomes one. So great and even if it’s summer, listening to it will put me in the holiday mood!

‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ (4×17)
You can’t say that you didn’t love seeing Blaine and Sam and ND getting all dressed up in lame outfits and singing this. It’s such an upbeat song! One of Glee’s better ones, and it really is what Glee stands for: rejuvenating old songs! *thumbs up*

‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ (4×14)
It’s not my favourite Klaine duet by far, as it was a bit to electronic, it was stuck in my head for weeks, and the lyrics are cute. Also, Klaine duets. I literally can’t hate any.

‘Say’ (4×18)
After the gun scare (that had me in tears) this was a really great way to calm down, but still express the message of the episode. It was a perfect song for that. I loved it. It was so sweet and a lot of people had solo lines, which was great.

So there we go, my favourite songs of Season 4. As I wrote this, I noticed that Blaine is featured in a lot of them. But I guess he was The New Rachel here, and his voice is so amazingly amazing. So I’m cool with that. What are your favourite songs of S4? Tell me! :)

Favourite Songs From Season 3

I gave y’all some potential spoilers last week but this week we’re back with my lists of favourite songs! This post is all about S3. Season 3 had some great songs. Some of Glee’s bests, if you ask me. Maybe because this was the season with the full Glee club that everyone liked in all their glory so the songs were just so much more powerful and important. I don’t know. Either way, here are my 20 favourite songs from S3.

‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ (3×09)
This is just a fun, cute Christmas song. I like how Santana has a bit of a lead and I like how they sing it as they help out the poor people. The song works well with that.

‘Fighter’ (3×15)
This song always gets me pumped. Blaine nails it and it’s so great. Like seriously, if you’re ever in need of sudden energy and drive, listen to this song really loudly and you’ll feel like you can take on the world.

‘You Get What You Give’ (3×22)
The grads all singing this to the remaining ND members is just great. It’s not a sad song to say goodbye, it’s an empowering one and it’s perfect.

‘Uptown Girl’ (3×05)
Wow, a Warbler song that doesn’t feature Blaine. It was so cool to hear the other voices, like Nick and obviously Sebastian, as this was his debut. It’s catchy and fun and a great song for these guys.

‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot / One Way Or Another’ (3×06)
Having Santana and Finn take lead was new and also very interesting. Their voices work well together and it’s a shame we didn’t hear more from them. The song worked so well with them playing such an intense game of dodge ball.

‘Human Nature’ (3×11)
Every Samcedes shipper has to love this song. Not only was it a super cute song and what Sam did with her name in lights was super cute, but they kissed afterwards and it was so adorable. They also need more duets.

‘I Can’t Go For That / You Make My Dreams’ (3×06)
This is one of my most favourite Glee songs ever. It’s funky and fun, and I love how Quinn and Rory get significant parts. I just really love this song.

‘I Want You Back’ (3×11)
This song never aired in the episode, but it was on the MJ album. I really liked it. Sebastian has a really nice voice and this was just a really great song for the Warblers to do.

‘Smooth Criminal’ (3×11)
Sebastian and Santana going at it through song! A masterpiece. The cellos in it were amazing and their voices worked so well together. Honestly, if Santana wasn’t lesbian and Sebastian wasn’t gay, I would totally ship them together. The tension between these two was just great to watch!

‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ (3×21)
With a song like this, it’s no wonder they won Nationals. It’s upbeat and powerful and fun to watch because it incorporated everyone. I’d say this is one of ND’s best group numbers and maybe their best competition number as well.

‘Saving All My Love For You’ (3×17)
Not going to lie, I totally loved Joe and Quinn together. So when I heard this song, I totally fell in love. It’s so sweet and songs from either of these two aren’t very common, so this was really cool. I miss Joe.

‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ (3×15)
This was a perfect song for Blaine and Cooper to sing. But also a good way for them to reconcile. You got a good listen to Cooper’s voice and obviously Blaine’s perfect one too. I enjoyed this.

‘Take Care Of Yourself’ (3×04)
Rory comes in a stole the show with this number. I totally loved this. It was a great audition song for ND too because it shows his range. Not to mention that it’s a cute song.

‘Tongue Tied’ (3×21)
This song, though not my all-time favourite, is from my favourite scene. It’s a cool fun song, but more importantly, it’s sung when we see ND having fun and celebrating what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish, and I just loved watching that. Seeing them all so happy was just amazing. The song itself is a bit weird, but I overlook that because again, it’s fun.

‘You And I / You And I’ (3×06)
This is my favourite Lady Gaga song and the song it was paired with worked really well. I also liked how Will and Shelby sang it, as they’ve never sung together before.

‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’ (3×09)
Yes! Glee original songs and Christmas music: two things I love. I also love Blaine and Rachel singing it because they’re so preppy and excited that it was so enjoyable.

‘Roots Before Branches’ (3×22)
This song was so sad. Like, it’s not a happy song to begin with, but have Rachel sing it right after Finn ‘sets her free’ and it’s really sad. But she sings it beautifully and I like Finn doing background vocals in the audio (not in the episode though).

‘Rumor Has It / Someone Like You’ (3×06)
TroubleTones lands a spot and they totally deserve it because this song was great. Santana had a lot of emotions to express and this song totally helped. Sung perfectly, too.

‘Here’s To Us’ (3×14)
Rachel’s solo at Regionals was really catchy and cute. She sang it to Finn, which was adorable. Plus, it’s as strong song. I always enjoy hearing Rachel’s amazing vocals in a pop song.

‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ (3×18)
Three of my favourite characters singing. I loved this. There were Klaine bits, an added bonus. And it’s just a really nice song. It didn’t really fit with the not wanting to go to prom thing that was decided right after, but I’m not too upset.

So those are my favourite songs from the wonderful season 3. What are yours? Any songs I didn’t list that you really loved? Leave a comment and tell me; I want to know! Next week will probably be my favourite songs from Season 4 list, unless some crazy new spoilers or news arise, in which case, I will report those! Bye and thanks for being such great readers! :D

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