Goodbye Gleerificnewsstop :(

This is long, but please read it! ^_^

1313 days, 355 posts, over 72000 views…

Glee has been….incredible. Though I’ll try right now, I don’t know if I’ll be able to express just how much the show and this blog means to me.

I think I’ve told this story before, but I’ll tell it again. On January 9th 2010, my brother and father went to a hockey game, so my mom and I decided to rent a movie. When at Blockbuster, my mom held up a copy of Glee Season 1 Volume 1: The Road To Sectionals. I didn’t watch much TV back then myself, but she had heard about Glee and suggested we watch it. She told me it was like High School Musical, so I agreed because why not? So we watched the first two or three episodes and it was unlike anything I had seen before. Teen pregnancies and gay kids and bullying? I was in eighth grade at a Catholic school so this was just super weird to me. We returned the DVDs the next day and I didn’t think about Glee for a while. A few months later, my mother informed me that Glee was going to be back on TV and suggested I watch. So I did. The first Glee episode I saw live was ‘Hell-O’. And since then…it’s been a blast. My love for Glee totally grew thanks to some people I was friends with at the time. They all watched the show too and we bonded over it, which was great. That Glee bond lasted until the start of S3. By then, all my friends either stopped watching it, or continued on for a bit but actively expressed dislike. By the middle of S3, there was just me. But I didn’t mind too much. I loved Glee and I didn’t care if my friends had commitment issues. I’m not friends with most of them now anyways.

This blog is also thanks to my mom. A new daughter-in-law of one of her old friends had a blog and my mom started reading blogs on cooking and whatnot. She suggested that I start a blog because I loved to write and suggested I write about Glee, as that was a topic I cared a lot about. So I did. This blog energized me. I loved writing it and keeping up with it and I am super proud I did. I looked forward to blogging so much. I went out of my way to find spoilers and songs and videos and it was great. I got so involved in the fandom and learned so much about TV and TV production and blogs and humans and news and the internet and social media. This is information that is relevant to me as I am now in a Communications program at University. But overall, I wanted my blog to be a place where Glee fans could go to get spoilers/news all in one place, written by an honest young person with nothing to lose, and for it to be a place for young eager Gleeks like myself or older Gleeks with less time to spend looking for this information. Did I succeed? I think so!

achievement gif

But Glee itself, the show, is just so special. It’s widely known how much of an impact Glee has made on society. I am so proud to be a part of the show’s supporters. I never really identified with a single character on that show (I’m not gay or black or in a wheelchair or have star qualities or…) but I still loved them all. And man, don’t even get me started on Klaine. I don’t know what it was about them (considering I didn’t really love Kurt in S1) but I love Klaine in ways that I’ve never felt for fictional characters before. They are my OTP above all OTPs and I’m so glad they exist. Following their journey for years has been fun. Following the journeys of all the characters and couples has been fun.

I’m not stupid enough to say that Glee hasn’t been weird at times. There have been moments where I seriously questioned the sanity of the writers. There have been episodes that I wish didn’t exist the way that they do. And yeah, more than once I did ask myself ‘what if I stopped watching?’ but each time I decided that I loved my blog too much and the show too much to just stop. I didn’t want to miss the good parts, even if I had to deal with some bad. And I’m glad I stuck around until the end because Glee was not an average TV show. It marked an era and I am so glad I was there to see it all happen.

Glee taught me a lot. It taught me about acceptance towards others, it taught me to be myself and it taught me to enjoy my friends. It opened me up to a whole bunch of new music (I have over 200 Glee songs on my phone and I love them all dearly). Glee taught me that showtunes are cool (I’ve been really into some Broadway shows in the past year). Glee taught me to never stop believing.

And so Glee might be over, but you know what’s not? The cast. Man, that Glee cast is the coolest, most talented people out there. It’s so good that Glee got them so young so we were able to see them grow and we will still be able to. Thanks to the cast, we’ve gotten books and albums and movies and musicals. Thanks to Darren, I was introduced to Team Starkid, which I love so much. We didn’t just get actors, we got idols and I am honoured to have such awesome, talented people to love and to look up to.

And while on the topic of the cast, I will never forget the events of July 2013 with the passing of Cory. I will never be able to forget how I felt on the morning of the 14th when I awoke to find Twitter bursting with sadness and new articles flying. Cory was such an important part of Glee (I loved and still do love Finchel) and I had only ever heard good things about him as a person. I had never experienced the death of a celebrity that I cared for before so I had no idea what to do or say or feel. So I am forever grateful to the fandom for their strength and togetherness. Knowing that there were many, many people out there who felt the same as me and had nothing to do but to scroll through twitter or other social media pages was a huge help. It was on that day that I was glad I had a blog and a place in the fandom because though Cory’s passing was sad, the unity that I saw was beautiful.

Anyways, this post is supposed to be about this blog and the fact that I will be ending it. I struggled with the decision for a while. I knew Glee would come to an end and I had no control over that, but I didn’t know what this blog would become, and I actually I do have control over this. But in the end I figured that this is a Glee blog, so without Glee, it can’t go on. And honestly I don’t want it to. Because I did consider keeping it going to keep the spirit alive. I could post about what the cast does or start posting fan products (art, videos, ect…) but I decided that it would get old fast and I don’t think there’d be an audience for that. So yeah, I’ll be ending this blog. I won’t delete it, though.

This blog has been so fun. I had something that was mine and people liked it. Every time I got a comment or a like or a new follower I was so shocked and happy. Blogging was my first go at something social media-related so followers, strangers who actually wanted continually to read stuff I wrote, was new to me and I loved it. I make a point of replying to every comment I get because sometimes it’s spawned great conversations and debates. I could talk about Glee for ages, so having people willing to engage in conversation with me, even for a bit, is awesome! Also through blogging I’ve followed some really cool blogs as well. There are millions upon millions of blogs out there and I know I’ve stumbled upon some really cool people with awesome blogs.

If you’re reading this now and you’ve been reading my posts since I began, then I thank you so much. I also apologize because sometimes I go back and read my old posts or cross-reference and I am honestly disgusted at my writing, full of errors or nonsense. Ew. I’m glad I improved, but to anyone who’s stuck with me, you deserve the biggest of big hugs. That being said, anyone who has read my blog, even once, deserves a thank you. I check my blog stats all the time and I am seriously so shocked when my stats are even over twenty a day and from countries all over the world (sometimes places I’ve never even heard of!). One day I had over 600 views and I almost cried. Sometimes I wonder how many readers are real humans. Sometimes I wonder if they’re just bots or something, y’know? But I know that some of you have to be real and so I thank y’all so much. I seriously love you guys and can’t express how much your support has meant to me. Fun blog fact: I am, to the best of my knowledge, the longest running consistent Glee-only blog on WordPress, so that’s awesome.


So what’s next? Is this the last you’ll see of me? As Mercedes Jones would say “Heeeeeeell to the no!” You see, I love blogging. I love the blogosphere and I want to explore it more. I want to keep blogging. I’ve wanted to do some un-Glee related blogging for a while, but I decided to wait until Glee finished. So Gleerificnewsstop is ending, but my blogging career is not. I’ve decided to make a new blog. This time, it won’t be about just one thing though…unless you count me as that thing. It’s not going to be a sappy ‘dear diary’ thing, it’ll be a fun place of reviews and funny things and my sparkling personality. I did consider just revamping this blog, but I decided to give it a fresh go.

My new blog is called Coolbeans4. Follow it (or at least check it out?). There’s not much there yet as I just started, but it’ll grow…. For the first time in forever, I have total freedom as to what to post and when. With Gleerificnewsstop, I posted when news/songs/episodes were released. I knew the schedule and I planned for it. I also knew the content. Perhaps this freedom on my new blog will take some getting used to or some time, but I am sure I’ll figure it out.

Side note: I don’t know how many of you follow my Twitter, but I have no idea what will happen with that. I’ll keep it going, that’s for sure, but it may get a little makeover too. I also don’t know if I’ll have my new blog automatically post on my Twitter. We’ll see…. But follow me if you want to, or on Tumblr.

Well, I don’t have much to say now. I hope you all understand how much this blog means to me and how much I’ll miss it. And how much I’ll miss Glee. That show will forever be my favourite. I can’t express how big of an impact Glee has had on my last six years, or this blog on the last four. So, now, for my final goodbye. Again, thank you so much to everyone who’s read my posts, commented, liked a post, followed me or shared a link. Every view was important to me. I’ll be forever grateful for letting me enjoy my first blogging experience. To those who’ll follow me to Coolbeans4, then see you soon, but to those who are not, this is the end for us, so like Coach Beiste said to Puck in ‘The Quarterback’, “have a good line.”

That’s all for now.

What The Cast Will Be Doing Now

The Glee cast is so so so so so talented. There’s literally no argument against this. We had the pleasure of seeing some of them do some new things during Glee, and that was awesome. With Glee over now (I’m still sad) the cast is completely free to start new projects and be a part of new things. Share their talent with more people! As much as I will forever love them on Glee and I will forever know them as the characters they played, I am excited to see them move on and do magnificent things. For the past few weeks I’ve been compiling this masterlist of what the whole cast (literally, everyone!) has coming in the foreseeable future. Some of this information is from IMBD, so it could be wrong. Don’t sue me if it is! Most of it seems legit and I did my best to cross-reference though. Keep an eye on the cast’s twitter for more news. So let’s find out what the cast will be doing now:

Darren Criss: He’s staring in Hedwig And The Angry Inch on Broadway this summer! I wrote about that news here if you missed it. His run is from April 29th to July 19th. Hopefully after that, we’ll finally get an album from him (you know, the one he was working on when he did his mini-tour two years ago?).

Matthew Morrison: As I previously reported as well, Matthew will be on Broadway in Finding Neverland. He’ll also be in an upcoming movie called Tulip Fever, but he isn’t a main character and there are very little details on this movie. Lastly, he’ll be in a movie called After The Reality, also set for some time in 2015, but there is a lack of info on that too.

Lea Michele: Lea will be in the Glee creators’ new show Scream Queens, which has already begun filming. She’s also got her second book coming out in October 7th and it’s called ‘You First’, so that should be neat. Lastly, Lea is apparently going to be in a movie with Kate Upton that’ll be called Layover and filming starts at the end of April. I don’t know how she’s managing that with Scream Queens but I guess it’s Lea and she can do it all!

Chris Colfer: Chris is busy writing as he has TLOS4 coming out on July 7th and his kids picture book The Curvy Tree coming October 27th. I think he’s got one or two more TLOS coming, so those need to be written. Chris will also be in a biopic about Noel Coward, playing Noel, so we’ll hear him sing a bit, hopefully. Filming for that hasn’t even started so it’ll be a while until we see it all. He’ll also be voicing a character in an animated movie called Robodog and appearing on Hot In Cleveland again.

Naya Rivera: First off, Naya is recently pregnant so her new job will be a mother, which is crazy exciting! She’ll also have a recurring role on the show Devious Maids, which airs on Lifetime. She’s already begun filming.

Heather Morris: Aside from being a new mother as well, she’s filmed/filming several small movies. Folk Hero And Funny Guy and Most Likely To Die are the two where she has starring roles, and the TV movie Romantically Speaking, she is just in the cast.

Melissa Benoist: She’s following the likes of Grant Gustin and staring in a DC superhero show. She’ll be playing Supergirl in the upcoming CBS show Supergirl. Filming for this just began and it’ll air this fall. (Also Jeremy Jordan is in the show so take that as you will).

super girl 1super girl 2

Blake Jenner: He’s starring in an upcoming film called That’s What I’m Talking About.

Amber Riley: She’s got an album in the works, but there are no details on its release date.

Chord Overstreet: He has a small role in a movie called Fourth Man Out and I thiiiiink he may be working on some music too.

Jane Lynch: Jane is in the movie After The Reality with Matt, but she’s not lead. She is, however, lead in a new CBS show called ‘Angel From Hell’. She is also continuing to host Hollywood Game Night which just started filming again. S3 will air on July 7th at 10. Lastly, Jane is doing a small comedy tour that’s already in progress but will go on for another month.


Becca Tobin: She’s doing a stint on NCIS:LA as a computer hacker.  An episode has already aired, but I don’t know how many more will. Also her fashion blog is growing.

Alex Newell: He was signed to make an album, but I don’t know what the status is on that.

Dianna Agron: Dianna loves doing no-name small movies that never hit theaters. I feel bad for diehard fans because I’m sure tracking down these movies for viewing isn’t easy. Dianna has filmed and is filming the following movies: A Conspiracy On Jekyll Island, Headlock, Bare and Tumbledown. She is also starring in McQueen, a play about Alexander McQueen the fashion legend. It starts May 12th in NYC.

Kevin McHale: Kevin was in the movie Boyhood (about male choirs so more singing, yay!) that premiered at TIFF late last year, but it’s not out yet. I think it’ll be in select theaters in the next few months. Kevin will also be in a movie called They Might Be Kennedys with Aaron Tveit, but filming hasn’t started. Lastly, Kevin hosts a comedy TV show in Britain called Virtually Famous, which finished its first season and soon will begin its second.

Harry Shum Jr: Harry will be in two upcoming small movies, Fire City and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend. He’ll also be returning as a judge on Season 2 of Fake Off on True TV.

Jayma Mays: Jayma is voicing a cat in the animated TV series The Adventures Of Puss And Boots that is running n Netflix. She’ll also apparently be in the Netflix show coming this summer called Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp, which has a pretty cool cast (the same people from the movie Wet Hot American Summer, though that movie sucked IMO).

Marshall Williams: He has a role in a movie called Headcase.

Iqbal Theba: He will have a small role in upcoming HBO show The Brink as well as a small role in a movie called The Tiger Hunter.

Max Adler: He was on a recurring role on the show Switched At Birth, but I don’t know if that is still happening. He’s also going to have a lead role in a small movie by the name of The Binding and a smaller role in The Midnight Man.

Ashley Fink: She’ll be in an upcoming webshow called Zombie Basement

Damien McGinty: He’s been doing a bit of touring and working on his music career.

Samuel Larsen: Samuel will be starring in a small film called Recovery and a film called The Remains. He also has a small role in a movie that is either called Claire’s Cambodia or The Breakup Girl (…idk). He’s also always working on new music.

Vanessa Lengies: She has a small upcoming role in a Zefron movie called We Are Your Friends but I don’t know when it is coming out.

Jonathan Groff: Jon had a starring role in the HBO show Looking that recently got cancelled (but it will have a closing movie), as well as a large role in an upcoming webshow called O.T.P. (air date not known). He’s also presently doing an off-broadway run of Hamilton as King George.

Mark Salling: Apparently he’s been working on his own TV show that he’s trying to get picked up. Considering that very little information is known about this, I doubt it’ll exist this fall.

Jenna Uskowitz: She was recently the executive producer on a small indie movie called Twinsters and she said she wants to produce again, but so far there’s nothing in progress.

Mike O’Malley: Mike has a role in a movie called Concussion and it may be out at Christmas.

Romy Rosemont: She’ll be in a couple episodes of Silicon Valley and Grimm and a role in a movie called Welcome To Happiness

Jacob Artist:

Laura Dreyfuss:

Noah Guthrie: More music making? Maybe?

Billy Lewis Jr: Also maybe more music?

Samantha Marie Ware:

I have no information on the last few, just like how I have little info on some people. Maybe they’re just taking a break. Like I said, keep an eye on their Twitters for news. So overall, the cast seems to have no troubles finding new jobs. I can’t wait for some of their projects. Some of them could become huge A-list celebs and I’ll be so proud to say that I supported them from the start by loving Glee. I wish them the best of luck!

This has been my second last post. My very last post will be up in a few days so keep an eye out!

New Deleted Scripts (2015)

Last year, thanks to the Box Scene Project, Gleeks were given access to some scripts, which revealed some fascinating deleted scenes. Since Glee ended, we were given some more deleted scripts, courtesy of the mystical GleekOutBR. For the scripts, some of it are just deleted lines, not the full scene. Anyways, enjoy! (click the picture to enlarge if you can’t read them)


From the very first script, before Kurt existed, an Indian character named Rajeesh was there


Quinn and Rachel from 3×08 ‘Hold On To Sixteen’
faberry 3x08

Quinn and Rachel in 3×11 ‘Michael’
faberry 3x13

Finn and Rachel in 3×13 ‘Heart’
finchel 'heart'


Klaine in 3×14 ‘On My Way’
klaine 3x14


Quinn and Rachel in 3×14 ‘On My Way’
faberry 3x14


Brittana in 4×04 ‘The Break Up’
brittana 'the break up'


Bram in 4×14 ‘I Do’
bram 4x14


Burt and Blaine in 4×21 ‘Wonder-ful’
blaine burt 'wonder-ful'


Brittany line in 5×12 ‘100’
brittany line '100'


Rachel and Kurt in 6×01 ‘Loser Like Me’
rachel kurt 'loser like me' 1 rachel kurt 'loser like me' 2 rachel kurt 'loser like me' 3


Klaine Breakup in 6×01 ‘Loser Like Me’
klaine breakup LLM 1 klaine breakup LLM 2 klaine breakup LLm 3


So those are the scripts we were given. Cool, eh? I mean, the part about Kurt feeling like he had to say yes to the proposal bugged me because he made the choice to say yes and furthermore, he made the choice to even go to Dalton because he knew Blaine was going to propose.

GleekOutBR also had some songs that were previously duets/trios but they gave us the solo versions (like, Lea and Melissa’s solo versions of ‘New York State Of Mind’ that was sung as a duet-thing), so I won’t link them here because it’s not really new, but if you’re interested in giving them a listen, you can find them here. GleekOutBR may also release more scripts or something later on, IDK, so the page I just linked would be where to find that stuff.


****Bonus update as of April 5th****

The people from The Box Scene project released the script from 6×08 ‘A Wedding’ so here are some more deleted lines!


The girls at the dress shop
brittana wedding shop


The Vows
vows 1 vows 2 vows 3 vows 4 vows 5 vows 6

The Moms conversing
moms 1 moms 2

Yay for scripts!

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