Final Glee Relationship Chart

Yes, the final Glee relationship chart is here! Updated in all its glory!

Like always, I may have missed something, though I’ve spent ages just staring at it and trying to remember anything I may have missed. But if you notice anything missing, let me know and I’ll fix it.

relationship chart as of end

What a mess. A cool mess, but a mess nonetheless. The newbies are all shoved at the side because moving everything over a bit would be a pain. I also considered adding a family line so characters like Burt and Carole could be there, but that’d mean also adding Quinn’s parents and Sam’s family and people like such and I was not down for that. It would have been a huge pain to reshuffle it all to accommodate so many more people. However, if Glee had gotten another season, I probably would have taken the time to redo this so it’s not as messy and crazy and then added in the family line. Oh well.

So that’s it for my relationship chart. It’s been fun. I made this years ago and have been updating it regularly since, so it’s really neat to see the final product, as complicated as it is. :P

That’s all for now!

Glee Season 6 In Review

I really wanted to write this as soon as I had posted my reviews of the last two episodes, but I needed sleep and decided I needed to process the whole thing first anyways.

So Season 6. I didn’t know what to expect. We got half as many episodes and had no idea where it would pick up from S5. And like you probably already know, with Cory’s death, they had to seriously reconfigure their plans.

S6 went back to Lima, back to McKinley and back to ND. It was a bit odd considering in S5 they ended ND and the last several episodes were set solely in New York. I liked the New York thing, but ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’ ended with Mercedes on tour, Sam in Lima and Rachel in LA. Jumping between more than two places would have been silly, so in a way, going back to Lima, and just Lima, was okay. It is where Glee started and the goal was to go back to the start as much as possible.

In terms of Rachel, I am glad her TV show failed. I never supported her random and sudden TV show idea, and I knew it was a bad idea to quit Broadway like that. Her starting up ND again was okay. It was clear that she wasn’t the best at it and that she shouldn’t do it for a living, but she tried. In terms of her relationships, I did not like Samchel. As I’ve said, Sam is a nice guy and under different circumstances, maybe they’d be okay, but he was not the leading man she needed. He was just a sweet homeboy. The brainwashing thing was weird and never really resolved. Sam belongs with Mercedes, and after that huge buildup all through the end of S5 (and late S2/S3 as well), I’m upset that nothing came out of that. Not even in the end. Though I guess Mercedes has never really needed a man, so it was somewhat slightly fitting in that way. But back to Rachel: I liked Jesse. I mean, not too much in S1 because she belonged with Finn and Jesse was a bit of a jerk then. But it was clear he cared about her, and that remained when he did an episode in S2 and S3. I’m glad they ended together as Rachel seemed really happy, but I wonder why they spend 80% of S6 building up Samchel for nothing when they could have been reconnecting St. Berry. Was Jon not available or something? Because even if that was the case, I still can’t understand all the Samchel. Even minor background Samcedes would have been better and they could have just mentioned her relationship with Jesse like “oh, we text because he’s in New York and I’m here.” Anyways… also there was so explanation as to what happened with Samchel in the end. They were together and then Jesse came and we never got a breakup or anything.

Klaine. Like with Rachel, I’m glad they ended up together and happy, but their buildup was sucky too. Their breakup was unnecessary. If it was all for the goal of a sudden wedding, they should have had them together but upset about the wedding planning so when it came to Brittana’s offer, they would have jumped the chance. But, however, the breakup did allow them both to be in Lima and have Blaine coach the Warblers (I would have liked to see a bit more of that, too, btw). But they could have both done the same thing Kurt did and go to Lima as part of a NYADA course (Blaine was doing upper year courses anyways).

And Klaine brings me to Sue and how utterly ridiculous I found ‘The Hurt Locker’ episodes to be. They were hands down my least faves of the season. And Sue’s downfall was weak too. I didn’t mind her going down, she needed to. But the way it was done, with her mom and Becky and all, was bad.

There was a new group of newbies this season too. I was worried because the S4/5 newbies weren’t really liked by the fandom in general, but luckily, these ones were. I never hated any newbies so I was okay with this season’s batch, as I said in my post about the newbies. However, I was glad that there was minimum drama with them and very little unresolved plots. Having Kitty back was cool too.
I guess the ending of Glee specifically is also a large topic. While I am very grateful for the happy endings and the episode we got, I did have some complaints. Glee, in general, ended up being the Klaine and Rachel show. Not that I am complaining too much because I love Klaine and Rachel. But I do also love the other characters and unfortunately, most of them were shoved aside. We spent years falling in love with them, but their stories weren’t tied up properly. I mean, in S4 we had that whole bit of Santana not knowing what she wanted to do and then in S5 she convinced Brittany to leave school…so what did they do? What jobs do they have? Are Quinn and Puck still dating? At a Paleyfest interview, Mark Salling said that if he had it his way, he would have had them get married right away. What about Mike? These are all questions that I need answers too. Sometimes I wonder if our lack of knowledge is to represent real life, like after high school you lose contact with people and don’t find out how their stories end. But, sorry, no, this is Glee and I demand closure.

So in general, how did Season 6 of Glee go? Pretty good, I’d say. Out of the 13 episodes, I only really didn’t like three of them (‘The Hurt Locker’ ones and ‘The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester’) and there were five or so that I really loved. There were some great songs that I consider some of Glee’s best and not many that I didn’t particularly enjoy. The plots weren’t toooo farfetched and not many from this season were left hanging. The finale was amazing and seeing everyone back was spectacular. Bringing the show back to Lima and bringing in the Warblers and the flashback episode and the whole ‘trying to recruit members’ was a nice way to bring fans back to S1 and S2, which everyone loved. All in all, Glee ended on what I think was a good note. Season 6 was good. And I am glad. Was Season 6 as good as past seasons? I don’t know…I think it was better than the first half of S5. Nothing can top the first few seasons. I am glad we got a sixth season and I am glad it was good. I am glad the finale rocked and I am glad I had Glee in my life!

What did you guys think? Now that you’ve had a few days to process the end and think about S6 as a whole, I’d love to know your opinions. Leave a comment or do these fun polls below or do both! :D

6×13 Dreams Come True

This post is about the very last Glee episode, 6×13, which was called ‘Dreams Come True’. To read my post on the episode that aired right before this one called ‘2009’, click here!

Glee is over. Forever. I’m at a loss for words, really. I don’t think I have ever cried this hard about a TV show. And even as I type, just thinking about it brings me to tears… ‘Dreams Come True’ was the last episode ever and it was great. Honestly. I loved it. And I’m not just saying that. Yes, there were some parts that I didn’t love or bits I wish had happened. Either way, I give the episode a 4.5 out of 5, because yes, as perfect as it was, I did have a few small criticisms. Don’t hate me too much for saying so, because y’all have to know that I did love the episode and I will always, always love Glee. So here is what happened in the last episode of Glee.

It starts with Will, fixing his tie as he thinks about when he was in high school and won Nationals. We get quick flashbacks to his team being coached by Lillian, the lady from the plaque. He snaps out of his memory as Kurt, Blaine, and Rachel come in to take him to the stage where the current ND (including Mason and Spencer and them) are on stage awaiting their Nationals results. Yes, that club (including the Warblers) made it to Nationals. As the announcer speaks, we see the team waiting. We also see Jane and Mason holding hands, which I appreciated because I was wondering what had happened with them after ‘Child Star’. It is then announced that ND/Warblers win Nationals and I, along with everyone on screen, cheered. I didn’t think we’d see ND anymore, so I’m really glad we got some closure in that.

Later, we see Will sitting down with the Superintendent, and he tells Will that the District Board Of Education has decided to make McKinley a school for the arts. Will is shocked. The Super explains that despite budget cuts, Will managed to successfully run Glee club at McKinley, and it’s been so great that McKinley shall now be a full time arts school. And what’s more is that Will is going to be the principal.

Three months later, Will is packing lunchboxes with Emma (like they always do, aww!) and Will says he’s so happy to be principal now. However, he is scared. Emma says it’ll be fine and she’ll have his back and he needn’t worry. She leaves for work and Will sits down with adorable baby Danny and says that dreams do come true.

In the choir room, Will rushes in to see it full of people: old ND, present ND and people who want to be future ND. He informs them all that he’s decided to have four show choirs at the school: normal ND, a girls group (The TroubleTones), a boys group (called Duly Noted) and also a juniors group for people who want a bit more practice before they join the big leagues. Will then proceeds to take out his ukulele and sing a really sweet song, ‘Teach Your Children’. During it we see Mercedes, Klaine, Rachel, Tina, Artie and Sam and they all cry quietly (especially Rachel).

In the locker room, Sam is pumping footballs so they can be sold (they won’t be needed at an arts school). In comes Blaine, who offers Sam a room in New York, should he choose to return. But Sam likes the quieter Lima life. Blaine says he misses his best friend, and Sam says he does too, but he’s got a new job now. That new job, as we find out, is coaching ND. Will says he’s best for the job and Sam’s first lesson is on Country music (the genre that was barely touched on Glee!).

In the auditorium, Mercedes has called Rachel, Tina, Artie, Klaine and Sam in. She tells him sadly that she got picked to open for Beyoncé on her new world tour (OMG that’s fantastic!) and afterwards she’s doing an album. So she says she’ll be away and busy for a while, but she loves them and couldn’t do it without their support over all the years. She then sings ‘Someday We’ll Be Together’ and hugs them all. After the song, she just leaves. I mean, I’m so happy for Mercedes, but why did she have to go in such a somber way? She made it seem like she won’t be in contact with any of them at all? Yeah, I cried here. And yeah, I’m crying as I type now.

In what is now Will’s office, Sue is poking around when Klaine come in. They sit Sue down and honestly thank her for getting them back together. In a rare nice Sue moment, she says that getting to know Kurt has been a pleasure and she thanks him. Then Sue says she has to do something and sends Klaine out. We Sue go in the hall and spot Becky down it. They run to each other, hug and apologize for all the random drama in ‘The Rise And Fall Of Sue Sylvester’. I’m so glad Sue and Becky ended on good terms. Lastly, Sue has one more person to see. On the stage, Will finds Sue. They don’t even speak. They sing. They sing ABBA’s ‘The Winner Takes It All’ which is a great song for the moment. They don’t even talk at the end, Sue just leaves. Time jump to five years later. Sue is back on Geraldo Rivera’s show. Only now she’s the Vice President of USA (with her record? How?). She seems happy and tells Rivera that she plans to run for present in 2020.

In the hallways of McKinley, Kurt opens a locker, his old one, to show Blaine a time capsule he’s made in there from his high school days. He has pictures and costume bits and more. It’s lovely. Blaine thinks so too as he starts to cry and laugh at the same time. He declares his love for Kurt again and they kiss/hug <3

Time jump five years for them too, where they’re in New York on their way to a fancy art elementary school as special celebrity guests. Yes, they’ve somehow made names for themselves. The class’ teacher says they recently did a LGBTQ version of ‘Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf’(I don’t know what that is, but okay). They go in and tell the kids that it’s okay to be who they are and to dream big. That leads to them singing ‘Daydream Believer’ and the kids join in later on. It’s cute and fun! I do wish we saw Klaine doing something else for their time jump though. The school thing was cool and all, but it kind of came out of nowhere….idk…

It’s time for Rachel’s last solo. On stage she sings it, and it is ‘This Time’, a Glee original written by Darren Criss. The song is beautiful and sad and sweet and important and it sums up everyone’s thoughts about Glee, which I love. As Rachel’s last solo, it’s perfect. <3

Five years later for Rachel goes as follows: Mercedes meets up with Tina and Artie outside in New York. Artie made a movie that Tina stared in and Mercedes gives them permission for her songs to be used in it. Klaine arrive outside too and hurry them all inside, to where Rachel is at a mirror, putting on earring in a snazzy black dress. Before they went inside, however, we see Tina kiss Artie (Tartie endgame! After seeing ‘2009’ and his crush on her, I am more than okay with this!) and also Klaine tell Mercedes that Sam has a new girlfriend (to which she responds “then why does he keep texting me?” Unfortunately, that is as far as it goes for Samecedes all episode. We learn nothing new after that so Imma pretend that those texts led to marriage and happiness.) Anyways, inside, Kurt tells Rachel it’s time (for what?) and helps her stand up because Rachel is largely pregnant! And we find out a second later that the baby will be Klaine’s, as Rachel is their surrogate! KURT AND BLAINE ARE GOING TO HAVE A CHILD! Rachel tells Tina that she agreed to have their baby as a thank you for all their support over the years. Bonus because she was born to two dads via surrogacy so she knows how important it is.

In comes Jesse St James, who Rachel greets as HER HUSBAND(!) and Jesse says that after the baby is born, he wants one of his own! Jesse and Rachel then leave. Where are they going? Oh, just THE TONYS, where Rachel is nominated for an award! We see them arrive there and take their seats as Jesse tells Rachel what to say when she inevitably wins. (BTW, Jesse directed the show!) Back in Lima, Will watches the awards on TV as Sam plays with two children (and Emma holds a child….how many baby Schuesters are there now?). Real life Broadway star Andrew Ranells goes on stage to announce the nominees for Rachel’s category of Best Actress In A Musical. Klaine, Tartie, Mercedes and a few others (including Kitty and Roderick, but not together) watch on TV too and cheer when Rachel is announced for a show called Jane Austin Sings. And the winner is, of course, Rachel Berry, who is stunned. Cue another burst of tears from me at this point because she did it. Rachel did it. She got a Tony. She got what she said she wanted this whole show. She did it! Rachel goes on stage and thanks Jesse and her dads and Carmen Tibideaux and her high school friends. Then she dedicates the award to Mr. Shue for his constant support from the start and closes by saying that dreams do come true. I thought she would have mentioned Finn somehow, but no. As far as St. Berry endgame goes, I’m okay with it. Rachel seemed super happy here and Jesse ended up being a great guy. Obviously, Finn is the real endgame and I’ll always know that, but considering what Glee had to work with, this was perfect. I just wish we had some St. Berry build up all S6, not just in that one episode…

The last scene (ever…) takes place in the auditorium still five years in the future, year 2020. Sue goes on stage but the only people in the audience is the ‘elders’, so Burt, Carole, Will, Beiste, Emma, Figgins and Terri. Sue says that for years and years, Glee has been a place where kids can be happy and sing and think they’re going to be special. And while Sue knew that in the real world, that was all silly and illogical, she understood that the hopes and dreams and beliefs should still have a place to thrive. So she renames the auditorium the Finn Hudson Auditorium. Sue then thanks Will for his hard work in Glee club and a successful McKinley Arts school. Sue closes by welcoming the New Directions to the stage. Will joins them all as they sing ‘I Lived’. And by “them all” I literally mean it. Everyone came back. Santana to Puck to Joe to Ryder to Lauren to Matt Rutherford to Jake to Myron to Jane. Everyone. Well, there were two missing people, but their absences weren’t really noticed too largely. Marley and Rory (and Sebastian but he was never in ND and IDK if Grant was even invited back) all had large roles but were not present, all due to schedules on the actors’ part. Unfortunate, but understandable.

‘I Lived’ was fun and upbeat and so, so, so sweet. I mean, I cried, but I had reason too! Pretty much everyone I loved was on that one stage being happy together. :D The show ends as we see Finn’s, Lillian Adler’s, and a new plaque commemorating the Glee club and auditorium up on a backstage wall as we hear the cast laugh and chatter in the background.

The new plaque says “See the world not as it is, but as it should be”

Yeah. Glee is over. Forever. That was the final episode, which I loved. I loved seeing all the time jumps and seeing all the happy endings. I loved the music and having everyone back for one last song. I loved the tribute to Finn. I loved it, plain and simple. I could go on for ages about it and what Glee means to me, but right now I won’t. In terms of this episode, the things I wasn’t 100% thrilled with was Samcedes (I really wanted that…), Klaine’s time jump (we could have had them do so many other things than sing with random kids), and the other originals (what happened with their lives???). I would have really loved and appreciated a two minute bit where everyone’s stories are summed up, like at the end of movies. But, y’know, the episode was still amazing, and I will forever be grateful to Glee for ending the fantastic series in such a way. All my shed tears were deserved as it was beautiful.

I’m sure y’all have thoughts on the episode, or just need a place to cry, so leave a comment and I will cry with you surely.

Here’s the promo for next week…No, I’m just messing with you. There is no next week. It’s a mean joke, I’m sorry.

So I guess you may be wondering what’s happening now, with this blog specifically. I have answers. First off, don’t unfollow or delete the bookmark or close the tab just yet. I do have several posts coming within the next few weeks about Glee and S6 and the cast and more. I’ve already written as much as I could before seeing the finale, but I’ll space out the posting dates. After that, this blog will be ending (not deleted, but just not updated). It’s sad for me to say, but without Glee I have nothing to say here. More info will come on the end and what I plan to do with my free time soon, but for now, keep an eye out for my posts. And also, provided I get a response, I thought it’d be fun to do a little Q&A before I end the blog, so if anyone has any questions about me or Glee or blogging or anything, leave a comment or tweet me. Start the question with Q: so I know it’s for this and not a comment/question you want answered right away. Thanks for reading this and this post and this blog!

That’s all for now.

P.S. If you’ve seen the episode, check out this video from Harry Shum Jr!

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