Season 3 is coming!!!!!

In 15 days the mega hit tv show Glee returns with its anticipated season 3. I am super excited and  have watched the promo several times over!!!! Over the summer, many spoilers and shocking news were released that caused controversy for Gleeks. So far, here’s what I know. Please note that all my info is second-hand and may be just a rumor!

The biggest shock of the season was that Finn, Kurt and Rachel would be graduation at the end of season 3 and would leave the show. I was sooooo disappointed because those are three of the main characters and it wouldn’t be Glee without them! Luckily, producer and creator of the show Ryan Murphy said that the trio would NOT be leaving Glee just because they would graduate. There has been talk of a possible spin-off in NYC! That would be so cool, right? 🙂  Another sad happening is that Chord Overstreet who plays Sam would not be returning for season 3. That was very sad because at the end of season 2, we saw Mercedes FINALLY getting some love with Sam since her broken heart over Kurt in season 1. So now we find that Sam is not coming back at all. I’ll sure miss that blonde Trouty Mouth! And as for Mercedes love life, a new character played by Lamarcus Tinker named Shane will be introduced. Personally, I thought that Alex Newell from the Glee Project would play her bf. However, he is only going to on Glee for 2 episodes. Speaking of the Glee Project, I am sooooo happy that both Damian aaaand Samuel won. I loved them both and I seriously couldn’t decide who I wanted to win more! Plus it’s just released that Damian will be playing a foreign exchange student who lives with Brittany and her family! That should be bunch of laughs 🙂

As for the much view promo, we see some shocking clips like Quinn with PINK hair and Blaine dancing with the Cheerios and ND without a warbler uniform!!! I really really really hope he transfers to McKinley to be with Kurt <3333333! We also see Sue getting GlitterBombed…..BY WILL!!!!!!! And also Brittany and Santana are in Cheerios uniforms again and there is an epic food fight too. I am super excited!!!!!

Finally, there is so far no plans to break up Finnchel and Klaine! And also for season 3, we will learn more about the other back ground characters like Tina, Mike, Mercedes and Artie! They deserve some spotlight!                                    


The Glee Project Top 4 (in order) Samuel, Damian, Lindsay and Alex. Both Damian and Samuel get 7 episode arcs & Lindsay and Alex get 2 episode arcs!


Lamarcus Tinker who will play Mercedes new bf

The season 3 yearbook pics….hands down Brittany’s pic is the BEST!

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