New Promo!!!!

 A new season 3 promo was just released and I saw it after I watched a replay of a season 2 episode. It is (dare I say it) even  better than the last! This promo shows Kurt and Blaine at their iconic coffee shop talking about senior year, Will planning revenge on Sue’s ban for Public School Art programs, a big announcement from Kurt and Rachel, Blaine dancing at McKinley with the Cheerios and finally, Sue attacking Mike and Tina in the hall on the second day of school. I am so excited! Click the link below to see the awesomeness for yourself!

Also, not regarding the promo, it is rumored that Gwyneth Paltrow who plays eccentric substitute teacher might be coming back next season. Nothing is for sure, but I for one, really hope she does!

It’s just my prediction, but it IS the senior year for several of the main characters and it would be very unfair to let them graduate without a win, right? After two seasons of loss, hopefully this season is a Nationals win! Chances are, and again, this is just my prediction, but I think they will win as an epic close to their highschool career! 😀

Click here to the newest season 3 promo video!!!

Holly Holiday

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