3×01 The Purple Piano Project


YES! Three and a half months of waiting has ended! Yesterday the Season 3 premier was on! I was so excited! I had a bunch of friends over and we played the Glee Board game right before 8. Then we watched Glee with huge smiles on our faces. As for the actual episode, on a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 6. Here’s what happened if you missed it or just want a recap! 🙂

Well first, we see resident reporter-with-a-jew-fro, Jacob, interviewing people about the year ahead. We learn that Finnchel is still together (Woot!) and we also learn that Lauren Zizes quit ND and dumped Puck. 

We then see Wemma (Will and Emma) living together and packing each other’s superhero lunch boxes. They seem genuinely happy! And later on, Will says that he’s thinking of starting a family. Can you imagine little butt-chinned-ginger babies?

As for the cutest couple on earth (Kurt and Blaine), they are sitting at their famous coffee shop talking about the year ahead. Kurt wants Blaine to transfer to McKinley so they can spend more time together <3.

Did you notice in the promos that Brittany and Santana were back in their Cheerios uniforms? That’s because they did indeed join again. And because Sue promoted Santana to co-head cheerleader (with Becky), Santana pledged her alliance to ‘Team Win’ and Sue and turns against Glee Club.

As for Quinn, she went all punk. And I do mean ALL punk. She smokes, quit ND, has pink hair and has a tattoo of Ryan Seacrest on her lower back. She also hangs with smokers (recognize Ivy from the Family show Good Luck Charlie?) and even when Rachel, Brittany and Santana try to changer her back, she refuses. I hope she does go back to the old Quinn.

We finally see Mercedes new boyfriend! He is the male version of her with a football jersey on! But they seem in love which is a good thing! And btw, Sam’s absence is because his dad got a new job and they moved again. In future episodes Mercedes is to go all girly and flirty. I can’t picture that!

Yup, it’s official. Sue is running for congress. On her local news broadcast, she promises to get rid of Arts programs, which of course, infuriates Will. He, in turn, brings Emma and her camera to the cheerleader tryouts to make a video of him throwing glitter at Sue that symbolizes the dreams of kids that she is crushing by her campaign. Will posts the video on youtube and it only helps Sue’s campaign, so fail…. 

To motivate ND to be their very best, Will brings in new purple pianos. So during lunch that day, Rachel urges her fellow glee clubbers to join her in song. They don’t agree (except Finn, sideing with his gf) but in the end they join in an epic song and dance to ‘We Got The Beat’ by the Go-Gos. It’s such a good performance in the lunch room but everyone else is just staring at them as they dance on the tables. Clearly that is not a normal school because if they came to my school, I (and everyone else) would totally join in with them. Not throw food at them when the song ended like the students of McKinley did, which led to an amusing food fight. Rachel cried.

Rachel and Kurt (holding hands….KURTCHEL!) in Emma’s office with a big announcement. Emma believes that they are dating (which would be cute and very entertaining) but the announcement is actually that they are going to NYC after they graduate. So Emma, unable to change their minds, sends them to a party to scope out people who have the same goal as them because only around 10 people can get in to NYADA each year.

In comes Sugar Motta, the new girl with a REALLY BAD voice. She has Aspergers so she claims she can uncontrollably say anything to anyone. So she sings and it’s bad. So bad that Will doesn’t have the heart to tell her no. But in the end, he does and she in none too pleased. But it’s not the end for her…. she will be back in episodes to come.

So as for music, in preparation of their party, Kurt and Rachel sing ‘Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead’. They sing it really well, complete with pointy hats and brooms. But I think the song choice was really bad. The song, for me, is sort of cheesey. I mean, it’s sung by Munchkins!

Now here’s the amazing part! BLAINE TRANSFERS! No lie! He shows up at Kurt’s locker in bright red tight pants and a bow tie. Yup, no more Warbler’s blazer! And at first Kurt doesn’t notice until Blaine points it out! The look on Kurt’s face was priceless! But Kurt makes good points. He says that if Blaine came for him, it’s really romantic (it really is <3) but that could lead to possible resentment and (please no!) a breakup. But Blaine says that he is here for himself. And he is, as he breaks out in song with the Cheerios on the steps of the school. He sings ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones. And he does a really good job too! But at the end, Quinn’s discarded cigarette lands on a purple piano and it catches fire.

So Rachel and Kurt, feeling very confident, go to the party. And when they walk in, they see themselves. The whole place in filled with people who look like them is some way. We then meet Harmony. Played by Lindsay from the Glee Project. I screamed. Harmony, very rapidly explains whats happening and people introduce themselves. Turns out, they have all been in some production or another and have had previous professional experience, which Rachel and Kurt lack. The party-goes burst into song and dance (they sing Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do) with Harmony singing lead and Rachel and Kurt in awe. After the song, Kurt and Rachel are in a car, crying their eyes out. They make a promise to join more clubs and be more involved.

With the episode almost ending, we’re back in the choir room. Will kicks Santana out of ND for putting lighter fluid on the piano after Blaine’s song. She leaves, but don’t worry, she’ll be back! And Blaine officially joins New Directions (I cheered). But the excitement is only showed by Kurt. Finn tells Blaine, point-blank, that ND is not all sparkles and outfits like in Warblers. Blaine agrees, Kurt announces that he is running for school President and the episode ends with one final song, ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’. It’s great episode closer!

That’s what you missed! Some pics are below 🙂 And by the way, today in my school, there were ‘Vote Kurt Hummel for Grade 12 Rep’ posters along with the real posters from my school! 😀

Next week’s promo is out too! Click here to view! I can’t wait to see the episode! Waiting 7 days will be so hard! But I think Shelby is right about Quinn’s look. Quinn probably will change back for Beth.

Lindsay playing Harmony with Rachel and Kurt look-alikes in the background


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