3×02 I Am Unicorn

Well episode 2 has come and gone. And I am upset to say that it was even worse than last week. On my scale of 1-10 it’s probably a 5. It had some LOL moments but other than that it lacked a lot of things. So here’s what happened:

We finally learn the meaning of I Am Unicorn in the first scene when Brittany volunteers to help Kurt with his campaign because he is the biggest unicorn. And according to Brit, a unicorn is a pony who has done something good and deserves a horn. So Kurt, being bullied and all last year but still remaining a nice, kind person, is indeed a unicorn. So Kurt agrees for Brittany’s help because she is popular and will get a lot of votes for him.

Mr. Shue gets forceful when it comes to Glee and right away institutes ‘Booty Camp’ for, as Rachel puts it, ”special needs members” of the group, meaning Finn, Kurt, Mercedes and Puck. Also, Blaine joins in too. Mike Chang, the awesome dancer he is, helps run the camp. Also, Emma and Coach Beist have agreed to run auditions to West Side Story. Artie agrees to direct the musical too. More on that to come!

SHELBY IS BACK! Yup, she is! I am so glad. I hoped to see her and Beth last season but we didn’t so I was so glad. She is a part-time teacher at McKinley. But she didn’t come back just for that. Sugar Motta’s rich daddy paid for her to come back and, more specifically, run another Glee Club starring his own daughter. Is he deaf?

Quinn, still being the touch girl she is trying to pass off, is found with her new ‘friends’ in the bathroom giving swirlies to students. Sue, still trying to kill arts programs, want to use Quinn as an example of someone who was ruined by arts. Quinn agrees as long as she gets some couches for under the bleachers.

So we are back with Kurt and his campaign. Brittany has her heart set on a ‘wonderful’ set of posters and theme. Just look of this pic. It says it all. I love Brittany. She would’t hurt a fly and she is so kind in a clueless kinda way :).

Brittany as a unicorn

See? Complete unicorn. And all her posters are pink, glittery and complete unicorns. Kurt, however, is not pleased with the posters and wants to go more elegant and less GAY.

So Shelby talks Puck and Quinn about Beth. Puck is willing to do anything, while Quinn refuses to change. Puck has really matured since season 1. He is much more considerate and less rude.
It’s Booty Camp time! And while dancing, Kurt and Blaine discuss roles for the upcoming play. Kurt is content on the lead role of Tony. Blaine who also wants it, agrees to settle for less so Kurt can get it and try to get into NYADA. Awww, aren’t they the best?
Rachel, who also is auditioning for Maria, is practising with Brad the piano man. Shelby, who hasn’t made contact with Rachel since season 1, talks to her and in the end they sing a lovely song, ‘Somewhere’, as Rachel’s audition. Did you ever notice that when Rachel is nervous or acting really sweet, she stutters?
Sue and Becky get right to work on her video of Quinn. Quinn, being followed by a camera, goes into Mr. Shue’s office and tells him straight to his face that he is the reason that she is a mess. And Will, being usually peaceful, loses it. He stands up and tells Quinn that it is most definitely NOT his fault she is a wreck and she can NOT blame arts for her life fails. Good for him, though. No one dared to say anything to her face but everything Will said was true.
As for touching moments, there is a few. Like this one. Puck shows up at Shelby’s apartment. Shelby is willing to let him be a part of Beth’s life. And Puck, REALLY does. He is trying so hard that has even done better in school. Yes, Puck, Napoleon is a real guy not just ice cream! Puck also draws Beth a clown-pig picture.
Yea, it’s a Pig-Clown! How cute! 🙂

Puck is genuinely concerned for Beth and his face is so heartfelt when he sees Beth for the first time!

See? LOVE!

It’s Kurt’s turn to audition. He sings ‘I Am The Greatest Star’ from Funny Girl, which is a female song. And he can’t just sing. Kurt has to sing aaaand do gymnastics!

He is pro!

 He has this huge structure that he does flips on and he even at the end, he sings while twirling fork things. Like, he was PRO! I was so shocked! But for me, his singing was okay. He picked a sort of stupid song. He did a way better job when he auditioned to be the featured soloist in season 2.

Puck tells Quinn he saw Beth. And you can tell she was hurting when he did. Quinn, your nice side is showing!
So far, we have seen 2 auditions (Rachel and Kurt) but that is enough for the three judges (Emma, Beist and Artie) to discuss them in detail. But they are being heard. Kurt is sitting under the window of Emma’s office, listening to everything. The judges agree Rachel was amazing but they are waiting for Mercedes turn to make a final decision (we have to wait for next episode for that :(). But the judges also agree that Kurt’s song was amazing but it wasn’t manly enough for Tony. Kurt, who is hearing it all makes a decision to change their minds. He stops Brittany from putting up anymore pink glittery unicorn posters and gets Rachel to help him out. So him and Rachel dress up and act out a scene from Romeo and Juliet. Kurt recites his lines and as does Rachel, but the scene itself is so funny that all the judges are trying to hide their laughter. At the end, when Kurt goes in for the kiss, Rachel dodges it and Kurt runs off the stage crying as Rachel apologizes. In truth, it wasn’t a very manyly performance anyway.
So Sugar returns when her and Shelby are trying to practice. And no matter how many times she tries, Sugar still sucks. When Sugar leaves, Quinn appears to talk to Shelby. Quinn wants to see Beth and when Shelby refuses because of her look, she agrees to a picture. So Shelby shows Quinn a picture of Puck with Beth. And that tears Quinn apart. She actually cries!
Finally, we see some Finnchel moments! Finn is working at Burt’s tire shop and Rachel is helping. But the conversation turns to future quickly. Rachel sees potential in him and suggest he also tries for NYADA. But we all know… NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! Finn doesn’t rejects that idea but says he might just wanna hang back and stay at the tire shop. Their scene ends with a cute kiss even though Finn has grease on his nose. That’s true love, right?
As for Kurt, he talks to his dad about the lack of plays for gays. And his dad, who is reasonable and truthful, tells Kurt that he should accept his gay and maybe write his own plays. The scenes between Kurt and Burt are always so nice.
It’s another day of Booty Camp. Finn overcomes his fails and nails his dance moves. But that is not the shock of the scene. The shock is QUINN. She is back and blonde. She joins ND again and joins in Booty Camp. But she does have a scheme, as she tells Puck. She will do anything to get full custody of Beth. But one questions stands- What will Shelby say??? Well, Shelby did officially adopt Beth and I don’t think that can be undone.
Kurt, with his father’s advice in his mind, apologizes to Brittany and accepts her posters and help. But it’s all too late because Brittany, with the help of Santana, is running for Prez too. I love Kurt and all, but I think Brittany will win. She is more popular and nobody bullied her like they did to Kurt (remember prom, anyone?)
Will and Emma eats from lunch boxes. And Beist eats a full chicken. At every meal. But that has no relation to the news that Sue brings during lunch. She is in first place. Will is genuinely concerned for the fate of the arts now and is making plans for someone to run against her. Maybe it will be Beist? She is tough but loving and would make a nice opponent.
The last audition of the episode is here…. BLAINE! He sings ‘Something’s Coming’ from West Side Story. It, like any song he sings, is amazing. Plus it is more masculine than Kurt’s. Which is noticed by the judges because at the end of his song, Artie asks him if he would consider playing the part of Tony. Blaine, at crossroads between his want and Kurt’s want, has no immediate answer. And to make things much worse, Kurt is in the balcony above and hears it all play out. Kurt, teary eyed, leaves before the answer. But for us viewers watching, the episode ends. Yea, there is a CLIFFHANGER! This could be the make it or break it for Klaine!
So what do you think his answer will be? I think he will decline for Kurt so he could get the role and get into NYADA. But it is Glee so anything is possible…..
Here is the promo for next week’s episode ‘Asian F’. Click here to view!
Wait…. Did Brittany say SHE was the new prez? It could be a dream, though! And another diva-off! Yes! Who will get the coveted role of Maria- Rachel or Mercedes? And at the end where Kurt is talking to Rachel, he is probably referring to her kiss-dodge, which maybe cost him the role of Tony.
Let me know what you think in the comments section near the top!!!

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