3×03 Asian F

Asian F was the title of the third episode of season 3. And it sure got mixed reviews. Some loved it and other hated it. I personally found it okay. Not great and not awful. On my scale of 1-10, it was a 6.5. It had some really sweet moments and a lot of game changes and surprises. So here is what Asian F was about ūüėČ

It starts off with Wemma (Will and Emma). Will finds Emma’s stash of wedding magazines and he wants to meet her parents first. Emma is clearly ashamed of something (Will?) and disagrees.

As for the episode name, we meet the father of Mike Chang. He is in the principal’s office with Mike and Figgins¬†discussing Mike’s A-¬†in chem. And an A-¬†is an Asian F. Mr Chang thinks Mike is getting distracted by Glee and Tina, and won’t get into Harvard because of it,¬†but Mike promises to do better if he gets one more chance. Remember last week when coach Beiste¬†said that the football players would be dancing in the musical? That still stands but they can’t dance so they look to Mike for help. Another thing to distract him, right?

As for Mercedes and bf Shane, they discuss Mercedes audition for Maria¬†and how she¬† needs to want it¬†more and show it too.¬†In other words, no hugging the enemy. So Mercedes gets into a snazzy black dress and belts her amazing audition, ‘Spotlight’.

Mercedes singing her audition for WSS

As for the class prez campaign, Rachel promises her vote to Kurt. But Brittany and Santana don’t approve. They think it’s time for a girl prez and that leads into the amazing cover of Beyonc√©’s hit song ‘Run The World (Girls)’ ¬†in the gym, with a lot of screaming, dancing girls. That pretty much secured the girls’ vote for Brittany S. Pierce. Poor Kurt, as he watches his potential voters change their minds.

So we have heard the two auditions for Maria, and like most of us viewers, Emma,¬†Beiste and Artie can’t decide between Rachel and Mercedes. So they have a call back. Yes! One more song from them ‘On My Own’! And the Diva-off begins. ūüôā

Emma, Beiste¬†and Artie aren’t the only ones who can’t decide something…. Mike Chang¬†can’t either. On his way to meet his chemistry tutor (he never goes), he stops by the dance room and tries to decide between his dad and Tina. His dad wants Mike to be totally devoted to his studies and get into Harvard, but Tina wants him to do what she (and Mike) loves best-¬†DANCE!¬† He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone and most importantly, he doesn’t want to give up dance. With talent like his, how could he even think about giving it up? If only I could dance like him….. Anyways, Mike auditions for the musical too, with the dance stylings of the football team. And yes, he does sing! Mike Chang has his first ever solo. He had been practising with Tina for months and he is good now.¬†He sings ‘Cool’ from West Side Story. At the end, when Beiste congratulates him on his performance and helping the football team, he says that it’s what he loves to do. I think he has made a decision!

In the Staff Lounge, Shelby briefly talks with Beiste, while she stuffs her face with ‘disgusting creamy pasta’. But Shelby soon leaves and Will comes in and talks to Beiste¬†about Emma and her parents, or the lack of them. Beiste tells Will that he is perfect and Emma has nothing to be ashamed of.

Okay, you might have seen the picture of Blaine, Kurt and the bouquet of flowers. It looked as if Blaine got Kurt the flowers as a I’m-sorry-I-stole-your-role-in-the-musical present. But really, Kurt got Blaine the flowers to celebrate his awesome audition. If anyone has to get it instead of Kurt, it might as well be Blaine! That was a cute moment. I’m glad Kurt took it well because he could have been really angry.

During another session of Booty Camp (btw, Santana is back!!!), Mercedes keeps pulling injury stunts. I don’t know why she was acting like that,¬†but I found it really immature. That led to Will getting into a huge argument with her. Another argument for Will. He seems to be really pushing them. During their fight, Mercedes tells Will that he obviously likes Rachel more because she gets all the solos and isn’t at Booty Camp. Finn comes to Rachel’s defence but only to get sass from Mercedes. That leads into a song by the ND (excluding Rachel). They sing ‘It’s All Over’ from Fame. But lyrics were changed for this particular problem (like ‘Rose’s Turn’, sung by Kurt in season 1). It was well done, but in the song, Mercedes was playing the victim again. That is really starting to bug me. She thinks highly of herself, as does Rachel, but in a way where she will pull diva stunts often. Mercedes has been getting more solos than Tina, and she isn’t acting like a diva. Rachel acts like a diva too, no doubt (remember when she quit ND in season 1 because Mr Shue gave¬†a solo to Tina?) but her diva stunts aren’t nearly a match for Mercedes. Anyways, when Mercedes walks out on Booty Camp, Will tells her that is she leaves she’s out of ND. Yes, It’s All Over.

Back to the Asian F problem, Mike’s mom finds him dancing his problems away and they have a touching moment too. Mrs Chang accepts Mike’s dancing dream and sides with her son as opposed to her husband. She had a dancing dream too, that was never fulfilled. So Mike dances with her. It was a wonderful mother-son scene.

Now for the Diva-off. It’s time for the call back and Rachel (with Finn) and Mercedes (with Shane) are on stage ready to sing. The whole ND gang is watching too. Emma flips a coin, Rachel wins, and Mercedes sings first. But they film it so it’s sort of like a duet (similar to ‘Defying Gravity’ sung by Rachel and Kurt in season 1). So we hear both of them at the same time. And like their original auditions, it’s hard to decide who was better, even though Rachel believes Mercedes was. That leads to Rachel’s new plan to get into NYADA, as she is sure the role of Maria isn’t going to be hers.

We also get to meet more parents this episode too! We meet Emma’s parents when Will secretly invites them over for dinner. Emma comes home to find this and tells Will that she wasn’t embarrassed of him, she was embarrassed of THEM. They are die-hard¬†ginger lovers. That was even the cause of Emma’s OCD, as we see in Emma’s flashback, where¬†she¬†went to a restaurant as a child and her parents would only be served by the ginger waiter and made¬†young Emma clean her cup where the other waiter touched it.¬†¬†When they were blabbing about gingers to Will, Emma’s OCD kicked in and her mother noticed it, which hurt Emma. Will immediately stood up for Emma and tells them off. They then criticize the food, as Emma and Will hold hands. ‚̧ They are cute!

So Rachel’s new plan for NYADA entry is class elections. Yup, she signed up. And Kurt is not happy. He knows he will now lose even more votes, despite the fact that Rachel said that she would appoint him vice president if she wins. But Kurt knows that not going to happen and he leaves her to feel guilty.

Finally, the role of Maria is revealed. And, of course, it’s the fair way. BOTH Rachel and Mercedes get to play Maria for the same number of shows. But Mercedes declines. She would rather have all or nothing.¬† Her loss, I guess. I think Mercedes should have taken the half role. So Rachel gets the full role ‘by default’ as she tells Finn, but she won’t drop out of class elections either. I hope that the friendship between Rachel and Kurt isn’t ruined because of it.

Back at Will and Emma’s apartment, Will finds Emma on her bed wringing her hands. He apologizes to her for inviting her parents over. Emma, still upset, begins to pray and Will joins in and sings Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ with ND, to symbolize that he is trying to fix¬†her¬†OCD and other¬†problems.

Finally, the list is posted for the roles. Blaine is Tony, Mike is Riff, Rachel is Maria and Santana is Anita. We never saw Santana’s audition, although I would have loved to. She is a great singer!

So Mercedes, now out of Glee Club and the Musical, turns to the one other place where she could go-¬†Shelby’s new Glee Club. She figures that with Sugar’s lack of talent, she would get all the solos. But I think she will go back to ND at one point because they need 12¬†members to got to sectionals, right?

And that’s what happened¬†in Asian F. ūüôā

As for the next episode, called Pot o’ Gold, Click here to watch the promo. I can’t belive Santana will go to Shelby’s club too! And of the two songs you hear in the video, ‘Candy Man’ and ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’, I love them both! But the episode doesn’t¬†air until NOVEMBER 1st!!!!! That’s almost a whole month!!!!! I am very upset about that! Plus, the Glee Project winner Damian comes in this episode too, as Irish exchange student, Rory Flannigan. I love his accent and¬†I am disappointed that he was not mentioned in the promo, as seen as he is the reason it’s called ‘Pot o’ Gold’.¬†

¬†And OMG I can’t belive Burt is going to run against¬†Sue!¬†He would also be great against¬†her! Okay, who is slowly getting really annoyed by Quinn? In season 1 when she was pregnant, she still wasn’t the nicest person but she was kind. Her moments with Mercedes and Puck were kind. But after she gave birth, she went back to being mean. Then she met Sam and she was kind again. They she cheated and got all mean after that. And when Finn dumped her, she became extremely mean. Now she is devious and cruel. Quinn+bottle of hotsause=trouble!!!!

Thanks for reading and leave a comment telling me what you think! ūüėÄ

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mlpr
    Oct 06, 2011 @ 10:00:21

    I am impressed with the dignity and maturity that Kurt displays in tough situations. I think we can all learn something from him and his respect for himself, for others and his genuine kindness. He appears to really understand that everyone has feelings and what you contribute to how a person feels about themselves is really the only thing that matters.
    I am a fan!


  2. Johnquisha
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 19:07:18

    what is going on with everyone????? brittney was amazing ūüôā
    Let the Unicorns…..RUN THE WORLD ūüôā


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