News for the Break :) (episode 3×04, 3×05, 3×06)

Ahhhhh! That was my scream of anger because Glee wasn’t on this week! We waited 3 whole months for it over summer and now, just when it is to get really good, we have to wait AGAIN! I was very disappointed and had nothing to do at 8 on Tuesday. There was an empty void in my life for that hour…. 😦

But, never fear, the song list is released for the upcoming episode ‘Pot o’ Gold’. So we can occupy ourselves until November 1st by listening to these awesome tracks!

Songs for episode 3×04:

  • Last Friday Night (TGIF) (by Katy Perry) sung by Blaine and ND
  • It Aint Easy Being Green (from Sesame Street) sung by Rory
  • Waiting For A Girl Like You (by Foreigner) sung by Puck
  • Candyman (by Christina Aguilara) sung by Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and Sugar
  • Take Care Of Yourself (by Teddy Thompson) sung by Rory

Well, first, Last Friday Night is an awesome song and the fact that Blaine sings it is really ironic because he was in Katy Perry’s video (as was Kevin McHale).

Also Rory gets 2 songs! Yay! I love his accent and had a conversation about it with a girl in my class at school. But why he sings songs from Sesamie Street, still boggles me. However, it must tie into the whole Irish-leprachan thing.

As for Puck’s song maybe he  sings it to Shelby? He is into cougars (remember when he joined Acafellas to get with PTA moms?) but Puck and Shelby would be very awkward and, if it turns into something, really confusing for Beth, right?

Here are all the songs from Pot O’ Gold. New and updated!

Last Friday Night


Take Care Of Yourself

Waiting For A Girl Like You

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

As for episode 3×05, it’s called ‘The First Time’. So far, this seems like the awkward episode of the season. They seem to have one every season (The Power of Madonna, Sexy…)

It’s rumored that both Kurt and Rachel lose their virginity. And Kurt and Blaine go to a gay bar (with fake IDs, shame!), where they run into Karofski. We also meet Sebastian the cute new gay Warbler. He is played by Grant Gustin. Sebastian has a crush on Blaine, which might break apart Klaine (NOOOOO!) He is support to be devious and a bit cruel.

Grant Gustin

Goin' to work as a Warbler!

As for Finnchel, aside from their fling, Finn is maybe offered a football scholarship in Ohio by Cooter, who will be a major character for the rest of the season. Finn might then has to decide between a football scholarship in Ohio or drama school in NY with Rachel. Biggest choice of life, right?

Cooter will also be coach Beiste’s new love. That will be cute! They can eat ‘disgusting creamy pasta’ together! 🙂

The episode after that is called ‘Mash Off’. Yeah, first we have Mash Up in season 1 and now we get Mash Off. Real creative Ryan Murphy. But if we get some cool new mash-up songs then I’ll be okay. 😉

As for songs, it’s far ahead to say, except for one song sung by Puck called ‘Hot For Teacher’ by Van Halen. Omg maybe he DOES lave a thing for Shelby because she is a teacher now, right? Also a young Sue Sylvester sings a song. This could be interesting.

Well, that’s all I know now. When I learn more, I’ll share it with you all! 😀

BTW who thinks Mercedes is preggers???? She has the symptoms, but who knows. :O

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    Oct 13, 2011 @ 22:31:39

    I luv ur blog
    I just have one request, could u maybe do a blog about lea michele?
    SHES MY FAV!!!!!!!


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