New Songs, Spoilers and Returns (episodes 3×04, 3×05, 3×06, 3×07)


Rory at school. Heehee cute green leprechaun outfit!

Okay. Two more weeks! Can we hold on? Maybe we can when you read these new spoilers!

1. SAM IS COMING BAAAAAAAAACK! It’s true! Chord Overstreet agreed to some returning episodes. So not every episode but he will be back. So we will probably see drama between Mercedes (and Shane) and maybe even Quinn! Maybe he will even join Shelby’s new glee club? 

AAAAAHHHH Trouty Mouth is coming BACK!

2. New song info have been released! For episode 5 ‘The First Time’, ‘America’ from WSS will be sung by Santana, Brittany, Puck and Rory! Also the Warblers will be back (without Blaine, this time) to sing ‘Uptown Girl’ by Billy Joel, with their new Warbler, Sebastian. That makes the 3rd Billy Joel song from Glee.

The next episode after that (3×06) is called ‘Mash Off’ and yes, there are some EPIC mash-ups! But be aware, no songs are confirmed for sure yet. This episode will air on November 15th.

  • Hot For Teacher (by Van Halen) sung by Puck
  • You And I/Just You And I (by Lady Gaga/Eddie Rabbitt)
  • One Way Or Another/Hit Me With Your Best Shot (by Blondie/Pat Benatar)
  • I Can’t Go For That/You Make My Dreams ( By Hall & Oates)
  • Rumor Has It/Someone Like You (by Adele)

OMG, riiiight? Ahhhh I’m so excited!!!!! I LOOOOOOVE Lady Gaga’s song! And it matches perfectly with ‘Just You And I’! The song’s by Blondie and Pat Benatar are classics. Even me, who only listens to older music if it’s sung by Glee, know both those songs! I have never heard Hall&Oates songs so I have no comments on those. And finally, YAAAAAY ADELE! I love her songs and Glee will do awesome with them! Mercedes or Rachel will sing it, probably. But it’s okay because it will be great either way! 😀

3. The episode after that, yes it’s far ahead, (3×07) is called ‘I Kissed A Girl’. Ohhhh, will we hear another Katy Perry hit? Maybe Tina will sing it again? This episode will air November 29th. 

4. Christmas Episode!!!!!!! There will be one, but nothing has been released for that except that it will air on December 6th. So….No new episodes after that until the new year? Grrrr more waiting….:( There will also be another Christmas album! Yay!

5. A debate! Yep! There will be a class-election debate between Brittany, Kurt and Rachel. Does anyone else find it weird how only Glee people are running and there is a bunch of other students who AREN’T? Anyways, this should be interesting.

6. Alex Newell, from the Glee Project, will (of course) be related to Mercedes. He will play her little brother who still dresses in drag. For those who missed TGP, Alex dressed in drag several times when Ryan Murphy praised him after the first time. So it makes sence he will still be in drag for the show!

Alex in drag (right) with Hannah


That’s all the new news for now! It’s a lot to take in, but it’s so exciting! 🙂 Feel free to comment! ❤


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  1. xoxoGleekxoxo
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 01:10:14

    Thx so much!
    That just made my day


  2. xoxoGleekxoxo
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 01:11:24

    thx for the spoilers!!!


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