One Week To Go!!! And More Coolio Spoilers :D (episodes 3×06, 3×07)

Yes the title says it all. Yay! One more week! Waiting sucks big time, right? But never fear, new and shocking spoilers have been released that made me jump for joy! 🙂

Okay so first, resident bad-boy Jesse is coming back! Yaaay! As much as I hate him for what he did to Rachel, he is still an amazing singer who adds suspense to any plot. I still don’t know whether to trust him or not. In season 1 he was totally NOT trustworthy but in season 2 he seemed okay. I guess when he is deep in competition, he gets mean. :S Jesse is coming back to coach Vocal Adrenaline. Uh-oh! So now in the running we got New Directions, Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline. I’d count Shelby’s new club, but you need 12 to compete and they have 4 at the moment. Jesse, with an obviously strong history, will probably do well with his old team and will definitely cause drama with ND and maybe even Shelby. Plus, Jesse will have several scenes with TGP’s Alex Newell as Mercedes’ younger bro. This should be interesting……

Jesse is coming.... (insert dramatic music)

The second tidbit of juicy spoilers is that in episode 3×06 (Mash Off), Finn gets chummy with newbie Rory. He seems to want to help the Irish kid by giving him the big solo and helping him stand up to Santana’s jealous ways. Too bad it ends badly….for Rory, as she hits him with dodgeballs and later a punch in the face. Don’t hit the new kid!!!!!
There will also be a group diva off between New Directions and Shelby’s group (called Pot of Sugar or Troubletones). In other words, It’s Finn and Santana who end up singing the mash up of ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another’. Ooooh this is the first duet between Finn and Santana! Will Rachel be jealous???
As for Sue and her promise to crush Burt in the election, we find some crazy info about her and her musical past. Yes, I did say musical past. Will digs up some old facts on Sue. Apparently, she got the lead role in Oklahoma! in high school. But the HS paper gave her a nasty review and she was done for in the arts biz. Thus, her disdain for arts programs all around. This will be entertaining for sure!
Next on the list: school election news! There is another runner! No, it’s not a ND member. No, it’s not part of Shelby’s group. Then who is it, you wonder? It’s a hockey player named Rick. He is dumb and probably not joining to win. Probably a joke. Maybe it was that hockey player with a mullet who slushied Finn?
Lastly and maybe most interesting, The Glee Christmas CD is coming with some hot new tunes so make this holiday season gleerific!
But what’s better than the pretty album cover, is the AWESOME songs!
  • All I Want For Christmas Is You – sung by Mercedes
  • Extraordinarily Merry Christmas – sung by Blaine and Rachel
  • Santa Baby – sung by Santana
  • Christmas Eve With You – sung by Emma and Will
  • River – sung by Rachel
  • Little Drummer Boy – sung by Artie
  • Do You Hear What I Hear? – sung by Harmony and N/A (Lindsay and Alex from TGP)
  • Let It Snow – sung by Blaine and Kurt
  • Christmas Wrapping – sung by Brittany
  • Blue Christmas – sung by Rory
  • Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – sung by Puck, Finn and N/A (Samuel Larson from TGP)
  • Do They Know It’s Christmas? – sung by Puck, Santana, Finn, Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt, Artie and Brittany
AHHHHH! These song are great and the singers are going to do awesome with them! ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is a great song for Mercedes and-OMG MAYBE SHE SINGS IT TO SAM!!!!!!??????!!!!!! Eeeeeek that would be adorable, right?
And what? Blaine and Rachel sing a duet that’s not part of WSS? That should be cute! The only other duet they’ve sung was when they were both drunk.
A song by Wemma will be obvs cute. 🙂 They will most likely be spending Christmas together, as Emma probably won’t be heading off to her parents anytime soon.
Also it’s great that Lindsay will sing a song with her Glee Project pal Alex. That should be a good song. As will the song sung by Finn, Puck and Samuel (from TGP) will play.
Yaaaay another super-cute duet with Kurt and Blaine. Last year’s rendition of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ was so adorable it will be hard to top it this year. But don’t stop trying!
This will be the first solo sung by Brittany that isn’t dance pop. Christmas songs are usually calmer and quieter than ‘Run The World (Girls)’ so this should be nice to hear for a change.
And finally, Rory’s song should be one of the best because his voice will be GREAT for that song!
This years CD seems to be better than the last. But it has no mash-ups like last year. 😦  Oh, well. C’est la vie!
As for episode 3×07 (I Kissed A Girl) we know that Finn helps Santana come out to her parents. Hopefully it will be as touching as the Kurt/Burt moment in season 1.
That’s all for now! Comment with your thoughts and questions or what ev.
And don’t forget : NEXT WEEK (NOV. 1st) GLEE COMES BACK!!!!!! 😀

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