Newest promo(s) for Pot O’ Gold (3×04)

So in order to captivate and ensure viewers for the newest episode of Glee on November 1st, a new promo was released! It is super awesome!

This was the first older promo again (also posted in ‘Asian F’ recap) if you want to refresh your memory 🙂 Older 3×04 promo

And here is the newest promo with different scenes!

Rachel is back to her ego-manic ways, Will still fights for Arts sill (really, Sue? $4000 each month for pom-poms?), and clearly, Puck has a thing for Shelby! Will she fall for him, though? WWGlee? Yes, BRING IT ON! 😀

But that’s not all! Here is a sneak peek with full scenes and an interview with Damian… Isn’t his accent awesome? Watch the sneak peek!

Ahhh Damian! He’s so cool! Blaine Warbler and Rory Leprechaun. Does anybody on that show know anybody’s real last name? Awww Rachel looked at Finn when Rory sang “I love you…” But when Rory was singing and Rachel was poking Kurt, Kurt didn’t look too pleased. And that’s because Kurt is jelly of Rory and his falsetto. But Kurt never hates anyone….Not even Karofski! So this could get ugly. And we all just saw Brittany kiss Rory so that could also get ugly with Santana. :O Ahhhh I want to watch it right now, the episode looks so good!

But I need help. Does anybody know the song at the end of the sneak peek? I have absolutely no clue what it is but it’s so catchy! HELP!

And finally, one more video for you to hear. This is the full version of Rory’s ‘Take Care Of Yourself’. It’s so good and we can understand why Kurt is jealous!

That’s all for now! 😉

But seriously people, does anyone know that song name?????? :S

*Update! The song is called ‘Lightyears’ by Mica Javier. Don’t look for it on Google, it’ll be almost impossible to find, but it’s really good so listen to it on Youtube!*


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