3×04 Pot O’Gold

AHHHHHH! One month of waiting was finally over! And good thing too! Waiting was the worst! But never fear, Glee was back, bigger and better! So Nov. 1’s episode called ‘Pot O’Gold’ due to the much anticipated arrival of The Glee Project co-winner Damian McGinty who plays cute Irish exchange student Rory Flanagan.  This episode was good. It has some cute, shocking and sad scenes. Out of 10, I give Pot O’Gold a 7. That’s pretty good.

So it opens with Brittany at her locker. Rory comes up to talk to her and we learn that Brittany thinks newbie Rory is indeed a leprechaun and will grant her 3 wishes. I was sort of disappointed that we didn’t see Brittany’s mom or the whole Welcome-Rory part. Instead we have to learn that they already met. So back to wishes, Brittany’s first wish is an all-marshmellow box of Lucky Charms. Rory, who has other motivations, tells her that he can most defiantly get that, as he is cousins with the iconic leprechaun from that box.

As for Quinn and Puck, they volunteer to babysit Beth by telling Shelby that she needs some time off. So Shelby agrees. I suppose she trusts Puck and she can’t go back on her word about wanting them to be part of Beth’s life, so she sort of had no choice but to say yes.

Sue, like normal, is dead set on crushing arts and on her TV segment, she reveals that the production of West Side Story will cost $2000. In Sue’s eyes, that’s a waste of money and she will stop it by any means necessary. And thus comes another meeting between Sue, Will and principal Figgins. Apparently, Sue’s pom-pom budget is $4000 a month but that is totally okay. Does anyone else see a problem with that other than Mr. Shue? But Figgins, being semi-resonable, says that he is under pressure from parents to cut the arts too. Remember that person in the promo throwing something at Figgins? No it wasn’t Mercedes. It was an angry parent. Throwing a brick. Will says he can get the money to save WSS. It seems like a huge feat, so no one tries to stop him. For now 😉

Now for the teen drama. Mercedes, now out of ND and into Shelby’s new group, tries to recruit Santana who would be all-in except for one thing. Or one PERSON. Yes, it’s Santana’s love, Brittany. She can’t just leave her. But Mercedes has a solution- get Brit to come with. Uh-oh! That means 2 more people out of ND. Oh, and by the way, Finn, being the ‘male leader’ of ND is overhearing all of this and seems concerned.

So Will’s big plan to get the 2 grand to save WSS is to sell ad space in the brochures. The problem is that they need to sell 200 of them. ND seems to be falling apart. Tina cries because Mercedes is gone, Kurt insults Rachel, Santana is all mean still… but Mr. Shue tries to keep them together. And so does Finn. He stands up and tries to keep them from ‘turning on each other’. It’s brave and all, but once again, Blaine steps in for some Dalton wisdom, which is not appreciated by Finn. So really, they still turn on each other. Finn seems to have a problem with Blaine. Maybe he knows he is slowly losing male lead to him?  Anyways, Kurt supports Mr. Shue’s ad selling idea, and Finn, not-so-obviously, asks Santana if she is ready to help ND too. But she (obvs) says yes. Does she know that he knows her plan? Oooooh suspense….

So back to Rory. He is trying to fulfill Brittany’s first wish by taking marshmallows out of several boxes and putting them into one box. Pretty smart, right? And in comes Finn. I’m not sure why, though. But Rory know exactly who Finn is. Apparently, he has seen the video of them at Nationals and the big kiss. Finn is famous in Ireland. So Rory tells Finn that he loves America, and most especially NASCAR, Obama and Victoria’s Secret. Nice stuff, huh? Rory explains the whole leprechaun-Brittany thing and how she promised him that if he grants 3 wishes, he can ‘get into her pot of gold’. So Rory, who ‘really wants to snog her’ pretends to be a leprechaun. Umm, isn’t ‘snog’ a British word? All the kids in Harry Potter say snog. Why is the Irish kid saying it? :S Anyways, Finn agrees to be Rory friends after he ever so politely asks him, if he lets Finn know if Brittany ever mentions leaving ND too.

Quinn and Puck, ready to babysit Beth are at Shelby’s apartment. Shelby, eager to leave, hands over crying Beth with some tips to help. Puck calms the baby down, and Quinn gets right to work. Cruel work. Yup, Quinn is trying to get Beth back by setting up Shelby. Quinn did her reasearch and sets Shelby up by putting baby sacrifice books in the bookshelf, hot sauce in the cupboard and cream in the bathroom. Then she wants to call Child Services and get her baby back. Puck seems on the edge but he wants Beth back too and seems to afraid to cross with Quinn.

Kurt gets straight to work selling ads. But the real progress comes when Kurt asks his dad (Burt) to buy an ad space to save the musical. It’s Burt to the rescue. He gathers three rich business men (all in death-related business) to pay the full $2000 and get ad space. They present it to Figgins (Will, with a smug grin on his face) and the musical is saved. On the way out of Figgins office, the run into Sue who very rudely insults Burt and Will and she also promises to use Burt’s heart to power her own car. Her insults are getting crazier all the time.

Remember how the football players used to be the bullies? Now it’s the hockey players. They seem to have a problem with innocent Rory, as they push him into lockers and hit away his phone. But enough about bullies! Let’s focus on Rory…. Aaaaand Brittany. He gives Brittany her all marshmallow box of cereal and she is genuinely impressed and thankful. She also gets right on her second wish. Her super-cuddly and loveable cat, Lord Tubbington. She very much wants him to poop candy bars and uses her 2nd wish to get it. But she also turns down Rory’s offer to go to dinner. 😦 Sad face because they would be cute together and he is clearly head over heels in love with her. But his small heartbreak leads to a cute song ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ from Sesame Street. He sings it very well and it applies to his situation very well.

So Brittany turn down Rory’s dinner date for her other lover. Santana. They go to dinner at Breadstix and talk about their relationship. Santana gets very emotional and Brittany admits to Santana that she thinks Rory is a leprechaun and explains how she wants her wishes. Santana brings up going to the new club and asks Brit to join her. But Brittany, concerned for her campaign, doesn’t want to be a quitter. For a dumb girl, she’s pretty smart. But it’s not a definite no….. But this scene doesn’t end there! Santana tells Brittany one of her wishes is to hold hands with Brittany, who right away, obliges… but ‘under the napkin’ as Santana is still not out yet.

Puck, the hardworking softie he is, is still at the pool cleaning business.  But is sorta in it for the cougars. Which is sorta creepy. But his softness takes over when he shows a cougar a pic of Beth. Major turn-off for a cougar, right! But he needs the money to support a baby, which is why Quinn urges him to get a better job. She (I can’t believe she really actually did it) called to get her baby back says that she will probably get Beth back within 2 weeks. WOW! Quinn said that Beth is perfect and needs to be all hers even if it’s the only thing she ever does in life. Woah. She is REALLY determined. But Puck isn’t all in. Especially when Shelby offers him a possible pool job year round.

Now for some more fun. The next ND meeting starts off with Will announcing that the musical is back on and then an epic and fun song by the ex-Warbler. Yeap, Blaine sings another awesome Katy Perry song, ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’. Everyone seems totally into it as they madly dance around the choir room. Everyone except Santana. She clearly also has a problem with Blaine and announces her leave right after the song ends. 

Santana, threatens Rory afterwards when she catches on that he likes Brittany and is leading her to believe that he is a leprechaun. But she does ask him for a wish. She doesn’t say what it is but we an tell it’s not a good wish.

Brittany’s second wish is granted after Rory sneaks into her room and puts some candy bars in Lord Tubbington’s litter box. When she comes in to her room, he alerts her to the fact and she is overjoyed and shares the poop candy bar with Rory on her bed. Then he tells her that Santana made a wish- to get Brittany to quit ND and join Shelby’s club with her, Brittany feels that she must do it because it was a wish. So it is official. Brittany is going.

Burt isn’t done in the episode yet. Will comes to him to thank and recruit him to run against Sue. He will be a relatable and kind person to vote for. But Burt is already on board. He agrees to do it and lets Will be the campaign manager (with Kurt). This should be great. 🙂

Puck’s sweetness and heart of gold take over as he comes to Shelby’s apartment and very sneakily undoes Quinn’s planted items. Yay Mr. Nice Guy comes through!!! ❤ And to calm Beth down, Puck sings ‘Waitin For A Girl Like You’. But is he singing to Beth or Shelby? Well, we learn soon after when Puck promises Shelby he will help her anytime she needs help. Who else thinks Puck and Shelby are cute. It’s sorta creepy, right.

Rory, the obedient and kind friend he is, does indeed alert Finn of Brittany’s plans to quit ND with Santana. Finn approaches Brittany who admits it but Santana comes to her defence. Finn gets pretty mad at Brittany and calls her an idiot for believing that leprechaun exist ect. But Brittany has grown since Artie called her stupid because she didn’t run off crying. Instead, she stands up for herself! Good for her!!!

It’s Burt’s time to shine when he goes on local TV to take down Sue. And his laid-back and informed speech shows that he is the best one to vote for! Yay! Finally Sue may go down!

It’s Troubletone time! That is the name of Shelby’s glee club. And they get straight to work singing ‘Candyman’. It is great and I am not the only one who agrees! Will and Finn are watching and they are now scared of the new group. Trouble is right!

Finn, in an attempt to get the girls back in ND, apologizes to Brittany, but they are not leaving anytime soon. Rory tells Brittany that Santana’s wish is complete and so is her final wish. But Brittany informs Rory that he does not exist. Aww heartbreak! 😦 Rory looked so depressed and sad.

The Hummel/Hudsons are at Breadstix (is that the only decent restaurant in Ohio???) and they are talking about the future. Kurt is going to college, Finn could take over the tire shop and if Burt wins, they might have to move. But their chat is interrupted by Sue who gives Burt a huge sandwich. Which Finn eats. Sue has a plan brewing. :S

The last few scenes revolve around Rory. He is being bullied by the hockey players and Finn comes to his rescue. Then he  brings Rory to ND where he auditions by singing a super-adorable version of ‘Take Care Of Yourself’. It was very very very well done and my fave song of the episode. 🙂 Even Rachel loves it! That means it’s really good. But Rory does not close the show. Instead we get a HUGE shocking scene. PUCK AND SHELBY KISS! Yes, you read that right. They did. Then it just ended. Cliffhanger! 😦

So next episode (3×05) will be crazy. Here is the promo. ISN’T IT AWESOME???? I am so excited! It’s called ‘The First Time’.  OMG! 😀

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. popmessiahblog
    Nov 04, 2011 @ 09:23:08

    Great recap! I am not on board for the Puck/Shelby stuff, but I’m still a little upset that they ditched Lauren and Sam so easily at the start of the season and I wanted Zices and Puckerman to reunite. I can’t see that happening now, but we’ll see I guess. I hope that Shelby just rejects him and the storyline halts, personally. I think we need to get back to Karofsky’s storyline, but given the stuff I’ve read about what is coming, I dunno if he’ll be back or not ;(


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 04, 2011 @ 20:17:32

      Yes i agree that Shuck (Puck and Shelby) are not the cutest of couples. I also liked Pizes! It was hilarious whenever Puck tried to woo Lauren! And Karofski is coming back next episode in ‘The First Time’! Kurt and Blaine cross paths with him in the bar! :O This should be interesting….


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