Epic Songs from ‘The First Time’ 3×05

It’s a busy day for Glee lovers as all the songs from the upcoming episode 3×05, ‘The First Time’ have been released. For the Gleek who miss those stylish guys in the funky blazers (yes, I am talking about the Warblers) they are back with a great song! Please take a minute or two to scream with joy. Then read on and click the links to hear all the songs from the episode! ❤

One Hand One Heart sung by Blaine and Rachel

America sung by Santana, Mike, Tina, Rory, Puck, Finn, Quinn and Brittany

A Boy Like That sung by Rachel and Santana

Tonight sung by Blaine and Rachel

Uptown Girl sung by the Warblers

I’m not one for show tunes except for a certain few (Kurt’s version of ‘Some People’ and any song from Wicked to name some….) so this week’s list of songs are not really to my preference but it’s Glee. I can’t hate!  The first 4 songs are from West Side Story. Yes, Tonight has already been sung on Glee (by Tina in season 1) but it’s okay. Rachel and Blaine do a smashing job with it! Plus, in season 1, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ was sung like 4 times (1.Once by Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Mercedes, Tina and Artie, 2.Once by Finn and Quinn with ND backup, 3.Once by the Haverbrook Deaf Choir and finally, 4.once by ND at regionals). See? :p

There are 2 songs by Blaine and Rachel because they got the lead in WSS. They would be adorable together, right? They are really good together so even to the non-show tunes lovers (like me) it’s still wonderful!

But now for my fave song for the episode, by the Warblers 😀 (yaaaaaaaay!), Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’! At first I thought that it would be lame without Blaine singing lead, but I was wrong. And I am glad I was! This song has all the funky Warbler style and more! At first I thought new Warbler Sebastian would get this one as he is to be replacing Blaine and since I’ve never heard him it could have been him, but all the comments on YouTube say it’s Curt Mega who plays an older Warbler at lead, but Sebastian does sing in it too . I’m not sure but who ever it is, it’s great! I guess we will see when it is on TV. 🙂 I hope they keep up the good work and maybe there will be another Warbler CD this year too!

That’s all for now! What do you think of this weeks tracks? ❤

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. alan carter
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 21:20:11

    Too many show tunes, not enough pop/rock. This season sucks so far. Waste of an hour, won’t be watching next week.


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