The songs from the upcoming Christmas CD! *All the songs*

Here they all are! Slowly but surely the songs from the 2011 Glee Christmas CD have been released! This year they are really good (not to say last year’s weren’t) and by clicking the links below, you can hear them all! Take a listen to:

All I Want For Christmas Is You sung by Mercedes

Do They Know It’s Christmas? sung by Puck, Santana, Finn, Mercedes, Artie, Kurt, Rachel and Brittany

Let It Snow sung by Blaine and Kurt

Extraordinarily Merry Christmas sung by Rachel and Blaine (This is a new original song!!!!!)

Santa Baby sung by Santana

Christmas Eve With You sung by Will and Emma

River sung by Rachel

Do You Hear What I Hear? sung by Harmony and N/A (Alex from The Glee Project)

Little Drummer Boy sung by Artie

Blue Christmas sung by Rory

Christmas Wrapping sung by Brittany

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town sung by Finn, Puck and N/A (Samuel from The Glee Project)

Mercedes’ version of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ is AMAZING. She is such a good singer! I actually really hope she sings it to Sam because I ship Samcedes! I was really sad when season 3 came around and Sam was gone! But not all songs in the CD will actually be in the episode so maybe this one won’t.

‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ is really catchy. Like it has been stuck in my head for days! It’s really good too. Plus, Santana and Mercedes are clearly heard with the rest of ND so either this isn’t going to be on the episode or maybe (hopefully!!!) they go back to New Directions! I really hope so! It’s senior year (for some) and they are split up and competing against each other! Not right!

I hoped ‘Let It Snow’ would be as sweet as last year’s super-cute duet from Klaine but this isn’t. But, on the bright side, it is still awesome! Kurt and Blaine can sing anything and I’d probably download it! It’s an up-beat song but it complements their voiced wonderfully! ❤

‘Extraordinarily Merry Christmas’ is a new original song! Yay! It’s pretty good! But I wonder why they gave it to Rachel and Blaine?  The beginning sounds familiar. It’s sorta like ‘Light Up The World’ and ‘Loser Like Me’, right? But Blaine does a great job with this song! It’s epic. My one complaint is that Rachel’s voice sounds a bit synthesised at first and also at the first chorus you can’t hear Blaine’s voice because it sounds like several more people start singing too but it’s actually just Blaine and Rachel. 🙂

‘Santa Baby’ perfectly works for Santana. It is brilliant! That’s all I have to say on that wonderful song!

Wemma’s song, ‘Christmas Eve With You’ is cute, but you can’t hear Emma very well. But this is a very cute song for them and it’s not too slow, which I originally thought it would be.

‘River’ is Rachel’s solo song and OMG it is beautiful! I loooove this song and she sings it soooo nicely! I am defiantly downloading this one! Rachel is such a good singer and this song works perfectly with her voice range! <3<3<3 Three hearts up!

Here is a song sung by Harmony and ????. Alex Newell from The Glee Project hasn’t come in an episode yet so his character’s  name is not listed. But he sings it with his TGP partner, Lindsay. They do a great job with ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ Alex has an amazing voice and so does Lindsay. They are great together, right?

Yay, Artie has a solo song! He hasn’t had one in a while so it’s good that he gets some attention! He does a really swell job with ‘Little Drummer Boy’…yes, I said swell….

Now for my favourite Irish character’s song. Rory sings ‘Blue Christmas’ and, of course, he does a fantastic job with it! Maybe he sings it to Brittany (because he still loves her) or maybe it won’t even be in the episode. I hope it is, though! I love Rory and I will be really sad when his 6 more episodes are up. I hope they bring him back after!

As for Brittany’s song that I thought will be calm and quiet as opposed to her loud and in-your-face songs like ‘Run The World (Girls)’ and ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ but I was wrong as this song is as upbeat as ever. It almost doesn’t even sound like Brittany after a while. And I’m still not quite sure how the title ‘Christmas Wrapping’ relates to what she’s singing about. But Brittany can rock any song so it’s all good!

And lastly is the song that includes the other Glee Project winner Samuel. He is joined by Finn and Puck for a great rendition of ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’. This song is very well done and I can’t wait to see what character Samuel will play. I secretly hoped he would be a Warbler but that’s probably unrealistic…. 😉

That’s all the songs for this CD! 🙂 I’m so excited for the whole CD to be released on November 15th!!!! Who’s with me? 😛


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