Super Shocking Sneak Peek Video from 3×05 ‘The First Time’

There are 3 new videos I want to share with you all. There’s not a particular order really, but for some it might make more sence if you watch in the order I give you. These videos are the kind of videos that make you really wish Tuesday came faster and make you jump up and down screaming, even thought on of the videos is so sad for Klaine lovers everywhere!

Sneak Peek Number One  This a behind the scenes video with Darren Criss and his old perfectly-dressed crew, the Warblers who will be back in action this week!

Sneak Peek Number Two (Full Video) This is the full and amazingly awesome Warblers Video where they sing ‘Uptown Girl’. We also meet the newbie Sebastian (the one who spot Blaine and brings him in). As for the girl in the video, I’m pretty sure she is a teacher. If she is indeed a staff member, well…we can see why all those guys would rather go to Dalton vs a Public School. Ahhh it is virtually impossible to hate the Warblers.

And now for the most shocking and epic video of them all…. Sneak Peek Number Three  I watched this (no joke) over 10 times on repeat so I can now perfectly recite the lines. AHHHH I know I shouldn’t judge or hate Sebastian right of the bat, but he is trying to break up the cutest couple in the history of life! KLAINE-KILLER! The video isn’t the best quality but it is still super crazy suspenseful. I am surprised Kurt wanted to go to the bar. I kinda thought it would be Blaine who wanted to go more. I also want to know why Kurt was in the coffee shop alone and just-so-happens to run into Blaine and Sebastian. That seems a little odd. The funny part was how guilty Blaine looked when Kurt walked up. I laughed in spite of the sadness. And just by watching Kurt’s facial expressions, actions and attitude, you can SO tell he didn’t like Sebastian and he knew something was up. Like when he said “And how do we know Sebastian?” it seems a little forward in hinting that Blaine was cheating. Or when he held on to Blaine’s arm as if to show Sebastian that they are dating. It’s so obvious that Sebastian wants Blaine and is willing to hurt Kurt to do so. I want to know this plays out. I really really REALLY ( plus 10000000 more reallys) hope that Klaine stays together. ❤

This Tuesday(November 8th 2011) is when epsiode 3×05 The First Time airs. So excited!

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