3×05 The First Time

This was the one episode that Klaine and Finnchel lovers everywhere were waiting for for a while. It was also the most awkward episode to watch with your parents at home. This episode dealt with hookups….straight and gay. Cutesy couple Kurt and Blaine finally had some bumps on the road of love 😦 and WSS was in full swing. This episode, for me, however awkward, was cute in some parts and on my scale of 1-10 got a 6.5. The episode lost points for its awkwardness and not-family friendly content.

It starts off with Artie expressing his love for power while directing WSS. I’m glad Artie, even for such a short time, got a bit of spotlight. Rachel and Blaine do one more quick practice of ‘Tonight’ in front of Emma, Artie and Beiste (who, btw, cried again). I liked their version better than Tina’s version in season 1. But Artie says that if they are going to sing about being ‘sexually awoken’ they gotta use their own experiences to play the part. At that time, Emma and Beiste rapidly left to avoid the awkward teen talk. Rachel and Blaine quietly explain that they are both still virgins and Artie seems to disapprove.

As for Finnchel, Finn is helping Rachel put up posters (well, actually, Finn is putting them up and Rachel is pointing out where) and Finn invites Rachel over for dinner. Rachel obvs accepts (who wouldn’t?) and their scene ends with a cute kiss.

Now for the first REALLY awkward scene. Kurt and Blaine are in Kurt’s (I think) room and Blaine is dancing to old music, while Kurt sits on the bed. Then Kurt asks a series of questions ending with ‘getting the urge to rip off their clothes and just do IT’. But Blaine, who always seems to know what to say, says he just want Kurt to be comfortable so he can be comfortable. It also ends with a joke, by saying that ripping off the clothes would be extremely time consuming….because of ‘all the layers’. Glad to know that even the awkward convos end with a laugh.

Artie gets another short scene when he approaches Coach Beiste (who is welding and loves it) and asks her why she left the sexual talk earlier. Why he asked an adult that, boggles me but I guess because they are working together on WSS, they sorta grew close. But Beiste tells Artie (when he asks her if she has found someone special yet), says she has met a guy (Cooter the football recruiter) but he isn’t interested in her. Sadness….But conseidering her first kiss was with Will about a year ago in season 2, I’m not surprised she hasn’t moved forward yet.

Eric Bruskotter who plays Beiste’s love, Cooter

Finally we see Blaine visit his old buddies, The Warblers when he goes to Dalton (and sticks out by wearing gray in the sea of navy and red) and hears them sing Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’. And naturally, they do amazing with it even without  Blaine on lead vocals. We also meet Sebastian, the new Warbler who has his eyes on Blaine.

Sebastian meeting Blaine

After the Warblers song (which you can watch in my older post, Super Shocking Sneak Peek Video From ‘The First Time’ It’s the second video), Blaine gives his old pals tickets to WSS and sadly, tells them that he is not back to come to Dalton again. If he wasn’t with Kurt, then I’d be all for it but Klaine sorta overrides Warblers. But Sebastian doesn’t leave the room like the rest of the boys, as he heads straight for Blaine. You know, to introduce himself…and stuff… But then they sit down with a coffee and it becomes TOTALLY obvs he likes Blaine. But Blaine stays strong and even when Sebastian asks him why he left, Blaine says it’s because his heart (KURT!!!<33333) is at McKinley. And while they have this chat, in between sentences, Santana and Rachel practice for WSS and sing ‘A Boy Like That’. I love Santana’s voice! She does such a good job…And Rachel does too… So then Sebastian has to go to lacrosse practice (oooh!) so he leaves but not before asking Blaine to meet again…you know, to exchange Warbler tips….

Back at McKinley (in the locker room, to be exact), Finn asks Puck to recommend a good brand of condoms, but Puck doesn’t use them and is proud to admit it works 99% of the time. So Quinn is the 1%. Nice. Their convo is interrupted by Coach Beiste and Cooter who makes a brief announcement then get distracted when Cooter complement’s Beiste’s new tube socks. They are soooo perfect for each other!
Here is another Klaine scene, this one less awkward than the first. Blaine wants to be adventurous every day, and do the best every day in life…. cheesy! But Kurt, being all supportive and stuff agrees and shares his bucket list, that includes things like ‘arrive to school in a hot air balloon, get into Julliard’….. and do it in a lilac field with Taylor Lautner before he gets fat. Blaine finds THAT hot? But in Kurt’s defence he apparently wrote that before he met Blaine, so….. (Btw I would SOOOOO love to arrive to school in an air balloon too!)
Artie (what is this boy thinking????) approaches Cooter and tells him to ask out Beiste really obviously after he admits he likes her but SHE seems not interested.
For those new Sebastian lovers, here is the coffee shop scene with Blaine. (You can also watch this in Super Shocking Sneak Peek Video From ‘The First Time’. It’s video number 3 :)) For those who missed it, Sebastian hits on Blaine who tells him about Kurt who just so happens to come in at that moment, and they agree to go to the gay bar with Sebastian the next night.
The next Finnchel scene is at Finn’s house when he makes dinner for Rachel (who is a vegan, but Finn forgot…. lol!). After dinner, Rachel suggests to ‘cuddle’ by the fire, but what they do (or begin to do) is NOT cuddling. Then Rachel makes the mistake of telling Finn she is doing it now just to enhance her performance in WSS. Not a good move, and Finn gets a bit angry and gets up to…make dessert.
We haven’t heard much from Mike and his parents since 3×03 ‘Asian F’ but here we go! Mike’s dad finds out about his dancing and the musical from his mom secretly (ummm, weren’t Mike and his mom going to tell him together when he got the part?) and gets MAD. But Mike doesn’t back down and refuses to stop dancing. So his dad sorta ‘dis-owns’ him. That’s immature and sad. Luckily, Mike still has his mom on his side!
So Cooter follows Artie’s instructions and asks Beiste out on a real date. At first Beiste uses sarcasm as a way to hide that she really like him too, but when he gives her flowers and sits down with her, she loses the tough girl act and cries. She says that he could have any pretty girl so why her? But Cooter says he want’s her. Awwww! Too bad we don’t see the date…. But I don’t understand why Beiste was crying. It wasn’t a cute or charming act. Not a turn on, but I guess Cooter sees through it. ❤
Rachel needs her girl’s advice and calls a girl’s meeting (consisting of Tina, Quinn, Brittany and Santana) to ask if she and Finn should wait or not. Mercedes wasn’t there so she is probs still mad at Rachel :(. Anyways, everyone tells Rachel to wait so she was going to until Tina pipes up and says that when she did it with Mike it was great because they loved each other. In the background, Rachel sings ‘I Had A Love’ with Santana as another rehearsal for WSS.
Now for the anticipated gay bar scene! Kurt and Blaine have their fake ID’s (which are soooo not realistic and not even close to correct) and get in. Sebastian meets with them and gives Blaine a beer and Kurt a Shirley Temple. Because he is the driver. I think when Sebastian said that, he was hinting that Kurt is never drunk and no fun at all, which is really rude. So Blaine, just like in season 2 at Rachel’s party, goes all out and is dancing with Sebastian. That’s when Kurt talks to Karofski who comes in.
Karofski has switched schools (Who knew that???) and enjoys going to the bar because he feels accepted. This was very touching and I’m glad Karofski found a happy place. But for the record, I do NOT think that Kurt and Karofski should ever date, even though there are people on team Kurtofski. I am not one of them!
Kurt, motivated by his chat with his old bully, goes out on the dance floor and pushes Sebastian out of the way to dance with his bf. Hahah it was good to see Sebastian lose!
So when Kurt and Blaine leave, Blaine is so obvs drunk and pulls Kurt into the car and wants to do it right then and there. But Kurt (Go Kurt!) stops him and they get into their first fight. In the end, Blaine gets mad because Kurt yelled at him and Kurt is mad because he didn’t want their first time to be when Blaine was too drunk. So Blaine walks home and Kurt looks all depressed. Awwwwwwwwww….. D:
It’s finally WSS time! It is opening night, and Blaine and Rachel confess to each other that they are still virgins. I kinda half expected THEM to do it right there just before the show, but that would be sooooo weird and not realistic.
Artie gets before-show jitters and thinks everything is wrong. But when the cast give him flowers and thank him for all his work, he feels better and gives a nice speech.
The cast (minus Rachel and Tony) sing America, which is very well done! Rory is in this scene and gets one line too. I’m sad he didn’t get a bigger role this episode. In the audience is Mike’s mom, the Warblers and Mercedes. She is smiling too. Hopefully she is not too mad anymore!
Rachel and Blaine then get nervous too but Rachel re-assures him and herself and they go on.
Now for the cutest scene of all. It’s after the show and everyone has left….except for Blaine. He is practicing a dance step by himself on stage when Kurt comes in. They clearly haven’t spoken since their fight so it was a bit awkward at first. Kurt congratulates Blaine on his performance (and vice versa too). But finally, Blaine takes ahold of Kurt’s hand and tells him that Sebastian means nothing and he is really sorry for being drunk and wanting to almost ruin their first time. In the end, Kurt tells Blaine that he will always be ‘silly romantic’ and Blaine kisses him. It was (dare I say it?) even cuter than their first kiss.
Then Kurt says “You take my breath away…” IT WAS SO CUTE. <3333
Then Kurt expresses how proud he is of Blaine (Blaine was crying…of joy) and Blaine invites Kurt to the cast after party at Breadstix buuuut Kurt says he’d rather go to Blaine’s house. Hmmmmm…… ❤
As for Finnchel <3, Rachel goes to Finn’s house. Coincidently, Burt and Carol are gone for the night and Kurt is out too. Thank goodness because that would have been awkward, right? Anyways, Finn was really upset because Cooter the football recruiter offered a scholarship to Shane and told Finn that his football career is probably over. Finn loses it and almost cries that he will be stuck in Ohio for ever because he isn’t good enough for anywhere else, nevermind New York! But Rachel tells him that he just need new dreams and he is special. Then she wants to give him ‘something that no one else will ever get’. But when Finn asks why, Rachel says she loves him and apologizes for acting stupid before. Yay all my fave couples are on good terms with each other!
So then in the background we hear (and see a few scenes) of Rachel and Blaine singing ‘One Hand One Heart’ at a showing of WSS while Klaine and Finnchel do IT. actually the scenes were not graphic at all (it IS 8 o’clock prime time TV after all) and really cute. 
What I don’t understand is, we see Finn and Rachel suck face like everywhere (the choir room, the hall way, the locker room, each other’s houses……), I mean, they make their relationship QUITE obvious. As for Kurt and Blaine. They had one kiss last season and it was THE kiss. It was so cute but it was the only one. This season, we got 2 more kisses this episode only. So 3 kisses we see in total. And next thing we know they have gone all the way. Glee shouldn’t be promoting that at all…. Who agrees?
And that is all that happened in episode 3×05 The First Time. Overall, I’m glad it was not all ‘hands on’ and more cuteness. And it probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal if it was just Finnchel but Klaine raised all the attention really.
Anyways, next episode, 3×06, called Mash Off. The promo (click here to see it!!!) is pretty good. It could have been better, and that mistake might cost some viewers, but I for one can’t wait to see it! Mostly for the super intense dodge ball scene and we know that Finn outs Santana and Santana hits Rory in the face! Glee violence it kinda hilarious…. I’m not sure why, but Will and Shelby sing ‘You And I/Just You And I’. They have never had a song together so this should be cool! We also see young Sue! Plus we see Puck totally admit he LOVES Shelby. Does she love HIM, though? We also know that Puck tells Shelby everything about Quinn’s plan. But does he do it to get with Shelby or for Beth? Tune in to see!!!! Btw, the other day, Taye Diggs (he is married to Idina Menzel who plays Shelby) was on The Ellen Show (which I watch everyday, faithfully :)) and they put up a pic of Shelby kissing Puck. It was funny beacuase Ellen was like “Your wife is kissing young students!”
Sorry this is so long and sorry it wasn’t posted yesterday…I had math homework to do 😉

2 Comments (+add yours?)

    Nov 22, 2011 @ 21:36:33

    a mi me encantan blaine y kurt son la pareja mas linda y preciosa que hay lo que mas me encanta de ellos es que no temen mostrar su relacion en publico por que ellos se aman con todo su corazon y se nota al ver la serie yo personalmente estoy orgullosa de ellos por que lo que estan haciendo en la serie es una leccion de vida ya que hay muchos que son gays y por verguenza a lo que van a decir o por miedo no muestran lo que son verdaderamente y esto es lo que tienen que aprender que mientras sean ellos felices no les tiene que importar nada sino su felicidad, yo creo y espero que esta relacion de blaine y kurt siga por mucho mucho tiempo me encantan se lo merecen , por que se aman mucho y seven felices aunque con su primera pelea se distanciaron un poco despues la reconciliacion va a ser mas fuerte y con mucho mas amor me encantan <3.


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 23, 2011 @ 17:36:51

      For those who want to read the comment above, here is what it says:

      “I love my blaine and kurt are the couple most beautiful and precious is what I love about them is not afraid to show their relationship in public that they love with all your heart and it shows to watch the show I personally I’m proud of them because what they are doing in the series is a life lesson as there are many who are gay and ashamed to say what they will show no fear or what they are really and this is what they have to learn that while they are happy they do not have to import nothing but your happiness, I believe and hope that this relationship of Blaine and Kurt continue for a long long time I love you deserve, because they love very much and happy even with seven first fight a little later distanced reconciliation will be stronger and with much more love I love <3”

      I had to google translate it to read it, so it is not grammatically correct 🙂 But yes, Kurt and Blaine are awesome and brave and I love them too! I ship Klaine!


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