Songs and Sectionals! (3×07, 3×08, 3×09)

The glee year is just flying by! It seems like it was only last week when ‘The Purple Piano Project’ aired. But now, this week is going to be episode 6!

But what’s in store for episodes to come? I don’t know about you, but I love to read spoilers so here is what I know for the next 3 episodes.

Episode 3×07 is called ‘I Kissed A Girl’ this is a big episode for Santana, as she comes out to her parents, Sue and Becky. As for the songs, there are some awesome ones. 🙂

  • I Kissed A Girl (by Katy Perry) sung by Rachel, Quinn, Brittany, Tina and Mercedes.
  • Constant Craving (by k.d Lang) sung by Santana and Shelby with a small part by Kurt and Rachel
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (by Cyndi Lauper) sung by Finn, Rory and Artie
  • Jolene (by Dolly Parton) sung by Coach Beiste
  • I’m The Only One (by Melissa Etheridge) sung by Puck
  • Perfect (by P!nk) sung by Kurt and Blaine

Yaaay another Katy Perry song! Glee does awesome with Katy’s songs! But where is Santana for this song? Oooooh Santana sings a song with Shelby? Nice, that should be great because they are both such beautiful singers! And finally, WHY are 3 guys singing about girls having fun? They are good singers and all, but this song doesn’t suit any of them. At all. So, we will have to wait and hear, to make any final judgement, I guess…. :S And ooooh Coach Beiste has a solo! I hope she does good with it. But we all know she sings it because Sue has the hots for Cooter, her new man. I hope Cooter stays with Beiste! And finally, Puck sings a solo song! To whom, we wonder…. 🙂 And OMG A KLAINE DUET!!!!!! Ahhhh! I love them and this song so I am super excited! <333333

As for school elections, (spoiler alert!!!) Brittany wins! I’m actually sad Kurt didn’t win because that means his chances to get into NYADA are that much smaller. But, on the plus side, Rachel drops out of the race and then stuffs the vote box with votes for Kurt and even tells Figgins that Brittany is cheating by bribing students for votes. Woah, Rachel just got devious! But I hope the box-stuffing plan is to make amends with Kurt and hopefully they are BFFs again because they are so fun to watch! Anyways, in the end, despite Rachel’s actions, Brittany still wins. Darn. But, guess who gets suspended and right in time for sectionals? RACHEL! No lie! Due to the box stuffing plan, she is suspended and won’t be able to compete in sectionals. OMG! I mean last year she didn’t sing a solo either with Sam, Quinn and Santana getting leads, but now Santana is competition, Quinn doesn’t care for arts much and Sam isn’t back yet. Even though he will come back in time, Sam alone can’t save the show in place for Rachel!

Episode 3×08 is called ‘Hold On To 16’. So we are left asking: 16 WHAT? 16 people? 16 songs? 16 marbles? 16 dollars? RAWR. On the plus side, this IS the sectionals episode. And, for you people wondering, both New Directions and Troubletones compete. Also, some people return this episode. SAM IS BACK! Yeap, he comes back and we also meet his parents. Take a look!

Above is Tanya Clarke and John Schneider who will play Sam’s parents. None of them have a really obvious trouty mouth like their son, though…. So Sam will obvs join ND, so that’s one more person they get, as their numbers are dwindling.  As for the other character return, (evil) Warbler Sebastian returns to take another shot at Blaine. Will he fall for it this time around?

Here are the songs for ‘Hold On To 16’

  • Red Solo Cup (by Toby Keith) sung by Sam
  • Buenos Aires (from Evita) sung by Harmony and group at sectionals
  • ABC (by Jackson 5) sung by ND
  • Control (by Janet Jackson) sung by ND
  • Man In The Mirror (by Michael Jackson) sung by ND
  • I Will Survive/Survivor (by Gloria Gaynor/Destiny’s Child) sung by Troubletones at sectionals
  • We Are Young (by Fun) sung by New Directions

Sam has a song! Yay! And Harmony is back! This is her last episode so she will obvs sing in it. She is a good singer. But I didn’t know she has a glee club at her school, and they will be competing at sectionals too. Wow, once again, ND changes who they compete against. Anywho, ND gets their Jackson on with a 3-way mash-up. Woah…this should be good! 🙂 And Troubletones sings a mash-up about surviving. Maybe to symbolize their surviving in the completion? I kinda hope they lose so Mercedes, Brittany and Santana will go back to their rightful home, New Directions. And finally, ND has a song about being young. Well, this is just a guess, but it would be extremely stupid if ND lose Sectionals and even Regionals, with three of the main characters (Kurt, Finn and Rachel) graduation this year. Becides, if they lose, it will sorta make episodes after that lame. Who catches my drift? 😀

As for the Christmas episode, it will air December 13. This is episode 3×09. It is also directed by Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Shuester, so things may be a bit different. Sam will still be in this episode too, and will also have a scene with Rory.

That’s all for now! 🙂 More spoilers to come!


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