3×06 Mash Off

Glee’s season episode 6 came and is gone. And Mash Off was actually pretty good. Not the best but good ūüôā The mash-ups were fantastic and the plot was great. I give episode 3×06 a 7 out of 10. That’s good, right! So, if you missed the epic-ness, here is (in detail) what happened!

Our fave dude with a mohawk, Puck, in a voice over, is totally admitting his love (yes, LOVE) for Shelby. He says he really likes her and will work for this one, too. But his idea of work is to see her in the hallway¬†then run around the school to see¬†her again, so she thinks she is going crazy. Nice plan! His voice over continues into class, where she is substituting and he goes on about how he can’t even focus in class. Then the class in his dream jump up and into song. They sing a rocking version of Van Halen’s¬†‘Hot For Teacher.’ Everyone in the class is dancing and Puck is playing the guitar. And this is sorta off topic, but just saying, Blaine was wearing a hot pink cheetah print tie. I want one. Only Blaine can wear it well! Anyways, the song is really taking place in the choir room in front of the remaining ND crew. Puck’s playing guitar, Finn is drumming and Blaine and Mike are singing back up dancing wildly. It’s fun. I’m not a fan of it and it is the worst song of the episode in my opinion, but needless to say, it’s cool. After, Rachel wonders what Puck means by the song choice, and Puck obvs¬†says he’s a big Van Halen fan. Nice answer…

We then see one of many congress commercial ads. This one is Sue’s and it’s against Burt Hummel. Her campaign is as crazy as her as it promotes how Burt has a baboon heart. Craaaaazy! Will, at home with Emma, is mad! But Emma tells him not to fight back in a rude way. Good advice…..

Will isn’t the only mad one, as Kurt marches in to her office and tells her off, as if it would work. But Sue tells Kurt it’s not personal and if he wants to win his own campaign, he needs to fight hard and dirty. He agrees, but refuses to be mean and then¬†storms out.

Finally we see a convo between Will and Shelby. Will seems¬†very calm and okay with losing 3 stars. But he encourages (friendly)¬†competition, and even informs Shelby about mash-ups. Which leads to the meeting of New Directions and Troubletones¬†on the stage. And right away the insults are fired. Mostly from Santana, insulting Rachel’s apparent mustache and comparing Finn to a whale. But her rude-ness is interrupted by Will (on guitar) and Shelby as they sing mash-up number one, ‘You And I/You And I’ by Lady Gaga (Yaaaaay!) and Eddie Rabbit. It’s good and Shelby’s voice is AMAZINGGGG! She then plays the piano, gets up and Puck takes over. I didn’t know Puck could play the piano? Anyways, I think the song is awesome and they did such a good job with it! After the song, Will and Shelby announce that the two groups will compete in their first ever Mash Off, hence the episode name. And the battle in ON!

Back to Shuck’s (Puck and Shelby) storyline. Puck, after class brings Shelby a mini pumpkin instead of an apple. Cute, but odd. Puck then completely to her face admits that he loves her and wants to be a family. But Shelby isn’t on board yet. But Puck is persistent and really seems to want this. Shelby says the kiss was a mistake and they will never be together. Puck says he wants to be a family and they could work out just great. But Shelby shows him out of the room and the scene ends.

Now for some ND action. Will tries to get them ready for a mash-up¬†and the group offers artist ideas. Some real winners were offered. Kurt offers Spice Girls, Blaine offers The Police and Puck suggests the Jonas Brothers. Can you imagine ND singing Spice Girls or JoBros? ROTFL! But Finn, once again, take lead and suggests Hall&Oates because the other groups have all broken up and Hall&Oates have stayed together through a lot. Plus they have cool looks. So everyone agrees and the Finn offers a solo bit to newbie (no, NOT Blaine) Rory, who isn’t confident enough for ‘that honor yet’. But Blaine encourages him and Rory agrees to¬†do it!

So as for Quinn and her evil plan to get Beth back, she hasn’t heard from Child Protective Services yet and will now do anything to get closer to Beth, as she tells Puck. So she goes to Shelby and asks to join the Troubletones. But Shelby doesn’t give her an answer….yet… ūüėČ

In the¬†hallway, Rory tells Finn that he¬†has got his back and will stand up for him. Yeah…right. Finn tries to explain ‘trash talk’ to Rory (it is NOT when people discuss trash) and they try it out a second later when Santana walks by and insults Finn¬†again. Finn and Rory both try to insult her back, but Rory’s insult was kinda pathetic. He said she is a skinny as the failed crops on her family farm. Ummmm…. yeah…. So Santana informs them that she was raised in ‘Lima Heights Adjacent’ and she can not be out done in terms¬†of insults. So Finn offers to settle it. DODGEBALL! This will get intense!

So as for Rachel’s plan to get into NYADA, she talks to Shelby and gets her to sign a letter of recommendation. Shelby does and congratulates her, which leads into a touching mother-daughter convo. In the end, Rachel asks Shelby to actually write her own letter of recommendation.

It’s dodgeball time! The groups have assembled in the gym. But before it gets physical, Rachel is trying to talk with Kurt and re-kindle their friendship. But Kurt has been hit too hard by her campaign and walks away. ūüė¶ I want them to be friends againnnn!!!!! Then the dodgeball starts.¬†And, just because it’s Glee, they gotta sing while they hit the heck out of each other.¬†So Finn and Santana sing an awesome mash-up of ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another’. It was really good! I loved it and I really wanted to join in the epic game of dodgeball! It was so funny! The were jumping up and flying around and pelting balls at each other! SO FUN! In the end (kinda predictable) Finn and Santana were last ones standing. And Santana hits Finn. So Troubletones¬†win! So the game is over, right? Wrong! Rory walks up, thinking it’s done, and the girls madly pelt him with dodgeballs. And, just a reminder, that Rory doesn’t know how to play dodgeball, so he kinda an open target. It gets so bad that Kurt runs in to save Rory, and Rory gets a nose bleed! Kurt, very angrily tells Santana and the girls that they are cruel and the people in ND don’t do that. Good job for Kurt because he saved Rory and stood up for ND. But the look on Rachel’s face when Kurt was talking about how they don’t do stuff like that, was interesting, as it seemed to tie into her crushing Kurt’s campaign. Ooooh how will it end???

It’s the next day (or so we assume) and the Troubletones¬†are also discussing¬†possible mash-up ideas. Then Mercedes comes in with a great idea – Adele! Everyone is on board and then Mercedes nominates herself group leader. Everyone agrees too, except Santana and Brittany, but they are outnumbered, so Mercedes is the new Troubletones leader. ūüôā And Santana promises to be nice to people, especially her recent target, Finn. So Santana goes right out and find Finn, who is roaming the halls with new pal, Rory. And Rory, right away steps up to her¬†but doesn’t get a word in. Santana starts to apologize, or SEEMS to, at least, but soon enough, her sorry’s turn into hate insults. She turned what I thought was going to be a nice moment into more insults! ūüė¶ But Finn has a comeback. And it has power. He right out loud tells Santana to come out of the closet and admit she loves Brittany and that she is a lesbian. Dang, Finn! He totally outed her in public! But she has no response and simply walks away, but clearly hurt.

Sue’s next commercial against Burt is only worse than the last as it says he is married to a donkey. Rude, much! And Burt is mad! He is really mad, and he is yelling at Will to do something.

So Puck continues to follow his heart and is chilling with Beth and Shelby. He is playing with Beth, who isn’t crying but isn’t showing any joy either. But after, Puck admits to Shelby Quinn’s plan and apologizes. Shelby believes him and Puck says he wants to be part of Beth’s life. ūüôā

It’s time for the Mash Off. Will picks Finn and Santana (how predictable)¬†to do Rock-Paper-Sciscors. Finn wins, and ND sings their mash-up first. They sing a fantastic mash-up of ‘I Can’t Go For That/You Make My Dreams’ by Hall&Oates. It was awesome! They all dressed up, too. Half of the group wore¬†slicked-back hair and jackets and the other half wore blue shirts, pick ties, afros¬†and mustaches. It was hilarious! Everyone in the afro group had to wear fake afros, except for Blaine, who just un-slicked his hair! ūüėÄ LOL

Finally we see the final school election speeches. The gym was almost empty¬†but they still made speeches. Rick the hockey player was rude and pledged to rule out boring teachers and Brittany pledged to stop tornadoes¬†and go topless on Tuesdays. That got a good response! Then Kurt went up and pledged¬†to stop bullying and rule out the game of dodgeball, as it is hurtful and mean. Wow, at my school, dodgeball is the fun and perfered¬†game! It’s not mean at all! I LOVE dodgeball! Any ways, then Rachel gets up and drops out of the race and encourages people to vote for Kurt, as he is the best candidate. It was a sweet move, and after the rally, Kurt asked Rachel why she did it. But Rachel says she wants to got to NYADA with Kurt and she misses his friendship. It was so cute, then they hugged and made up. Rachel also promised to help Kurt with the rest of his campaign.

Quinn, being all cheery and fake, brings a gift to Beth, but Shelby stops her and tells her she knows about her cruel plan and won’t let her into Troubletones. High-five to Shelby for standing up to Quinn! I’ve never seen Shelby get so mad at anyone before either! Woah…

Santana is called into Sue’s office and is seated amongst Will, Sue and Burt. Sue slowly apologizes for turning her campaigns¬†personal and Will and Burt¬†offers help. Confused, right? So was I! Then Burt pulls out a tape and plays it. It’s a new video against Sue from another no-name runner in the congress race. It’s about how Sue loves lesbians because she has Santana as head cheerleader. So Santana is all over local TV as a lesbian. When we next see Santana, she is fully¬†crying. Then she runs out of the office and down the hall. It was sad. I kinda felt bad for her, but I also think she deserves it all for being mean to EVERYBODY!

Finally¬†we hear and see what many people were waiting for…. The Troubletones mash-up of Adele’s ‘Rumor Has It/Someone Like You’. It was so amazing! Mercedes and Santana have beautiful voices and it was just WOW!

But at the end, Santana is near tears. And she keeps watching Finn who was whispering something to Rachel. Then the trap snaps. Just as the song ends, Santana jumps of the stage and screams at Finn, who keeps calm. But then Santana does it. She slaps Finn. And it ends. No joke. The episode ends with the sound of her hand on his face. :O

All in all it was a super episode. I love Glee mash-ups! ‚̧ But I can’t decide who was better, ND or Troubletones. Like Troubletones was amazing and their song was so heartfelt and powerful, but New Direction’s song made me wanna jump up and dance, which I love; it was a fun song! Who do you think was better?

The next episode (3×07)¬†is not next week. It is in 2 weeks! ūüė¶ It is called ‘I Kissed A Girl’. Watch the promo here!¬†I am so excited for it! More Katy Perry is always great! AndCooter is already cheating on Beiste! SHAME! Puck is sleeping with Quinn? What? I AM SO SHOCKED!

That’s all for now! ūüėÄ


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