Ugh, waiting sucks! Yes, it IS just a week but the past few weeks seem to drag on more than usual for me. Thank goodness for X-Factor to keep me from going into withdrawal. It’s actually a good show and this week it was during the Glee time slot on Tuesday. Last friday we had a P.A. day so I was home by myself. Morning television is sooooo lame and I am an early riser so I was VERY bored.  So to keep me busy I re-watched 2 episodes of Glee on my season 1 dvds. It’s funny to see how the characters have changed since back then in looks, personality, ect. Then that evening I watched another episode. Nothing says cold and lonely P.A. day like old Glee episodes 🙂

Overall, these two weeks have been quiet in regards to spoilers and new music. I’m excited fort this friday when all the music is released for the upcoming episode (3×07). But for now, we have to wait patiently. My weakness. I have also been listening to Christmas music on the radio. Yes, it is on already. I LOVE it because the songs aren’t about drugs and breakups and getting drunk in clubs. Yes, there are some sad Christmas songs but the majority are great and I love to listen to them. Sorry, I am rambling on. What I’m trying to get to is sometimes the radios play Glee’s Christmas music. I know last year they did and I loved it! And with such a great new X-mas album this year from Glee, it will surely (hopefully) be playing. 😀

Last week I was at the mall and I went into the calendar store. The new Glee calendar is out! I also saw a glee version of Yahtzee. I don’t know to play at all, but if it’s Glee it’s gotta be good!

Well, that’s all for now for my personal Glee news! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Friday, I’ll post all the songs for next Tuesday! ❤

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