Girly Songs from 3×07 I Kissed A Girl

Yay finally something to keep us busy while we anxiously await for the next new episode of Glee. 🙂 This week’s awesome songs focus on one thing: GIRLS! That’s right! These songs are by girls for girls but not necessarily sung by girls on Glee. Yes, the boys get in on the action. So by clicking the links below, you can hear the songs!

I Kissed A Girl sung by Rachel and Santana

Jolene sung by Beiste

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun sung by Finn

I’m The Only One sung by Puck

Constant Craving sung by Santana and Shelby

Perfect sung by Kurt and Blaine

So these are the songs. I love ‘I Kissed a Girl’ however I do miss hearing Blaine’s gorgeous voice sing Katy Perry songs! But Santana especially does a great job with it and Rachel, naturally is awesome too. This is my fave song of the episode! 

Coach Beiste has a voice that matches her personality – manly at first (no offence) but girly in the end. I think it’s so sweet that she sings this to try and get Cooter back from Sue. Sometimes I enjoy Sue’s antics to bug people but stealing someone’s love (especially when that someone is a person as nice and kind as Beiste) is really low. Here’s hoping Beiste gets her man back!

Now for the real shocker song – Finn’s acoustic slow version of the normally upbeat dance song, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. Finn does okay with it. His voice doesn’t suit slower songs too well, but it is still great none the less. He sings this song to Santana, in an effort to make amends for his behavior. We also learn that Santana is going to get suspended but Finn saves her in an attempt to blackmail her into getting the girls and coming back to ND. As much as his plan is somewhat stupid, I REALLY hope they go back, but considering we know Troubletones sings at sectionals, we can guess his plan fails.

 Puck also gets his girl-groove on with a cute song that he OBVS sings to Shelby. Will she fall for it? Does the song have anything to do with the shocking fact that Puck sleeps with Quinn? These are the questions burning in my mind… :p

Now for my second fave song of the episode, ‘Constant Craving’. Santana takes this song to a whole new level of emotion and awesomeness. Plus with Shelby it’s that much better. Love it!

The last song, and by far the cutest, is ‘Perfect’ sung by the super-cute couple, Klaine. 🙂 Their voices are so cute together and I love them! Plus the song has a really great meaning so it’s great for them!

So now I am like really hyper and want to see the episode really bad! 😀 That’s all for now! TTYL!


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