I guess our reward for having to wait a whole extra week without any new episodes, is we get to hear the cool songs from the sectionals episode, 3×08, called Hold On To 16! Yay I’m actually so happy and I kinda want to see the sectionals episode now even more! 🙂 So here are the songs. Hear the awesomeness my clicking the links below!

ABC sung by New Directions

Control sung by New Directions

Man In The Mirror sung by New Directions

Survivor/I Will Survive sung by TroubleTones

We Are Young sung by New Directions

Buenos Aires sung by Harmony

Red Solo Cup sung by Sam also here is the video for it 🙂 Red Solo Cup Video

Ahhhhh aren’t they FAB? ❤ Finally Tina gets some spotlight in ABC and I LOVE Kurt’s voice in the song too! ❤

And Quinn gets some creepy lines at the beginning of Control. The song is great and I’m glad Blaine is singing in it too! 🙂

Man In The Mirror is also a great song by ND. They do a good job with it and if they sing the above 3 songs for sectionals they will probs win, cause they are so good! I like how they showcase other people’s voices instead of just Rachel, Finn and Blaine.

Now for TroubleTone’s SPECTACULAR song. They do such a good job with this I love it! Mercedes, like always, its great and Santana is awesome too. It’s songs like this that make me wish they went back to ND because then they would be literally unstoppable and will crush any competition!

And now for the last song by ND, which at first is sung by Rachel and Finn, who I love and their duets are gold! But then ND joins in and overall the song is great!

Harmony and her creepy look-alike group are back (this is Lindsay’s last episode :() and they are competeing in sectionals too. Too bad they are gonna lose! (Cuz either ND or TroubleTones are gonna win). Either way, Harmony has an amazing voice and did well with this song.

Okay at first when I heard Sam’s song I was like this isn’t Sam! BUT IT IS! And I posted the video to prove it. All in all it’s a VERY catchy song and I love how into it everyone is. And if you watched the video above, you see Kurt looking very confused at the cup and the idea of singing about red plastic cups. Hahahah. Aaaaand also we see Sam’s intereaction with Santana. Then she pulls out her insult book (yes, classy!) and I laughed so hard as she insulted him, especially when she said “your family packed their bags, loaded them into your mouth…” and the baby head sucking thing again was hilar! 😀

That’s all for now! Bye!


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