3×07 I Kissed A Girl

This episode was all about girls. Well, Santana mostly. But none the less, it had great songs, a great message and was plain fun to watch! I give this episode a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10. That’s good. So for those who want to know why I think so and also what happened in the newest episode, keep on reading! 🙂

It starts out right where we want it to, at the slapping of Finn. Or what happens AFTER that. In the office. Finn, Santana, Will, Shelby and Figgins are there discussing the slap. Santana denies it, but it’s kinda 4 against 1. So Santana gets shifty and crazy by trying to blame her evil self ‘Snix’ who takes over. But no one especially not Figgins, is falling for it. Then Finn, in the corner, pipes up and says she didn’t actually slap him. Sure, okay…. But Finn is content and Figgins doesn’t end up suspending her. When the teens leave the office, Santana right away asks why. And I’m sure us viewers want to know too, right! Well Finn says that he and the rest of ND are worried about her. And she must get her TroubleTone girls and come to the choir room or he’ll go and get her suspended. So she agrees, but is not too thrilled.

Rachel is storming down the hall and expressing her worries for Kurt and his election. She sees Brittany doling out Pixie Stix and tries to tell Figgins, but he is busy enjoying the sugar himself to care. He bugs me so much sometimes. So when Rachel approaches Kurt, he tells her he is so desperate to win he is considering cheating. Yup. Sweet innocent Kurt is ging to cheat. *gasp*

In the choir room, both groups have gathered. Finn, taking lead again, tells them all that this week they are singing Lady songs to help Santana, who makes it clear she doesn’t need help. But that’s not stopping them, as Kurt and Blaine get up. They sing the cutest version of P!nk’s ‘Perfect’ even including Blaine trying to rap. So cute! It was sweet and heartfelt and I loved every second of it! But, at the end, Santana insults them both, Blaine’s bow ties and Finn. How rude! And BTW, his bow ties are adorable!

Sue, in her office writing in her beloved journal, says she needs a man to prove people wrong. She claims to love men and goes through her ‘little black book’ to pick one out. She picks one out and seems pleased. But Sue being pleased is never good!

Beiste in the staff room is happily eating a ‘Turduckin’ which is a chicken in a duck in a turkey. Yum….. Emma and Will are talking to her and she tells them how much she loves Cooter. So cute, right?

More lady-loving songs are sung like Puck’s awesome version of ‘I’m The Only One’. It was good and I had it stuck in my head this morning! Puck, a little too obviously was making eye contact with Shelby who stares back at him with an emotionless face. And while Puck was watching Shelby, Quinn was watching Puck in a creepy attention-seeking way. But aside from all the staring, Puck’s song was great and at the end, he dedicated it to Santana, obvs.

And we then learn what Quinn’s creep stares mean, when she approaches Puck after in the hall and acts all nice. But she then invites him over on friday night to rent a movie but not really watch it. And even when Quinn makes it really quite clear what she is offering, Puck refuses and says she is crazy and mean. Good for him, I suppose…

As for the complicated relationship between Finn and Santana, Finn once again lets Santana know she is loved and they are worried about her. Finn then tells her he cares for her especially because she was his ‘first’ and that means something to him. That’s cute and all, but kinda weird too as she completely doesn’t care for him. It also is slowly leading us to believe Finn might have deeper feelings for her (don’t worry, he doesn’t!). To prove he cares, Finn sings a very nice acoustic slow version of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. I’ll say it again, but Finn’s voice isn’t perfect for slower songs like that, but it is still very moving and cute. And what made it even more emotional, is at the end, Santana was crying! Yes, in all her evilness, she has a heart and was crying. That alone made the song so much better. Then just to add on, she hugged Finn and thanked him after he was done singing. So cute!

Beiste, at Breadstix, is picking up a monster load of chicken (with a side of chicken) when she spots Sue and her ‘booty call’ Cooter getting close in a booth. So Beiste goes up and confront them. Cooter doesn’t even seem upset that she came and Sue right away jumps in to rub it in her face. But when Sue gets up, Cooter tells Beiste that he likes her but she doesn’t seem interested and he wants a lover not a pal. Awww I felt so bad for Beiste because she loves him so much!

It’s voting day, and Kurt is super nervous because he know everyone is going to vote for Brittany. Except Brittany who say’s she will vote for Rick, wh0 BTW, is out in a coma. So the people cast their votes and most ND people vote for Kurt except for Santana and Quinn. But ND alone can’t win it for Kurt. Also at the voting room, Beiste is there watching Sue kiss Cooter for pictures. Will and Emma try to console their friend, but it’s not a very good attempt. Beiste ends up singing a sad version of ‘Jolene’. It was good and her first solo!

Next, Santana is walking down the hall feeling self-conscience. And then gross rugby player comes up and offers to turn her straight. Uh-oh! But it’s girls to the rescue as Tina, Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Brittany and Sugar come to her aid and very rudely, turn him down and send him off. And that leads into a killer version of Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed A Girl’ hence the name of the episode. It is great and up-beat and fun! They dance their way into the choir room where the guys stare excitedly at them. In the end, Santana tells the group that she came out to her parents and they were okay with it! She just hasAbuela to tell her . Yay! But that happiness is soon stopped at a grim Figgins walks in and requests to talk to Kurt.

And we learn what he has to say soon after when Burt, Kurt, Beiste and Figgins gather in his office. He tells Kurt that he won, but someone cheated to do so, as there were more ballots than voters. Kurt right away denies it, but he is stuttering as he speaks. He is on the edge of tears and he firmly denies it, and even (bad mistake) lets it slip that he had considered it. No one seems to believe him. I was so sad because I really wanted him to win so he could get into NYADA. We see Kurt come up to Finn and Rachel and explain how someone cheated, he lost and he will get suspended and will never get into NYADA now. It was so sad, and especially when he runs of to find Blaine in tears. Finn right away tells Rachel he didn’t do it and Rachel tells him she DID. Yup, Rachel Berry stuffed the box for Kurt, without telling him! Finn tells her to turn herself in, but she doesn’t want to get suspended either. So Finn leaves her with his last words a warning that if she didn’t Kurt will get suspended. What will Rachel do?

Later, in math class, the math teacher asks who knows the Quadratic Formula. I can! It’s funny because 10 mins before Glee was on I was doing math homework all about the Quadratic Formula as we learned about it that day! No lie! Anyhoo, Puck answers it correctly and, like normal, the teacher doesn’t believe he learned that himself. But before they can argue much about it, Puck gets a phone call and just leaves class with a family emergency! And next we see, he is at a hospital and he rushes to a sobbing Shelby. Apparently, Beth cut her lip and needs stitches. Puck requests a plastic surgeon, to protect her face. We don’t see Beth at all, and in the next scene, Puck is laying on a bed back in Shelby’s apartment. But Shelby stands strong again and rejects Puck again. And Puck gets mad and leaves in a huff. I’m glad  she didn’t fall for him because they weren’t cute at all, but I hope Puck can still interact with Beth, because he cares for her and she does need a father!

Now for the best/saddest scene of the episode. Santana is at her house with her Abuela, who is giving Santana food. But Santana wants to tell her something, so she sits her down and comes out. She tells her that she loves girls and wants to be herself and not hide. It is so heartfelt and sad and I’ve never seen Santana so innocent and vulnerable. At the end of the lovely speech, her Abuela doesn’t say anything, but when Santana asks her to, she says the worst possible thing. She kicks Santana out and refuses to accept her. She was so rude and I wanted to throw something at her! Then she gets up and leaves Santana alone and crying. It was so sad, I wanted to just give Santana a hug, despite how she is normally so mean to everyone. I sort of expected it to happen but I didn’t want it to at all. I almost cried.

So Puck, in order to get over Shelby, takes Quinn up in her offer. And Quinn is totally okay with no protection, as her whole goal is to make another perfect baby. But Puck doesn’t want to do that and tells Quinn that she could do something great with her life if she tried and got over the baby drama. In the end, Quinn seems to have let go and is back to her normal non-devias self. Then she wants to be hugged by Puck. When he hugs her, she asks him why he has been so angry. And he proceeds to tell her a secret, probably about Shelby.

Now for some good news in this sad episode, Burt beat out Sue in the election! 😀 I’m glad because Sue shouldn’t have won especially when she has been so mean to Beiste. But both Beiste and Cooter now wonder, does Sue still want Cooter? Beiste, takes an opportunity to have her say and she tells Cooter, through tears, that she loves him and won’t give up with out a fight! And I think Sue might take that battle!

As for teen elections, Kurt sadly congratulates Brittany on her win. Every one cheers for her and Artie notices Rachel wasn’t there. Finn tells him she has some ‘issues’ to deal with. 😉 Finally Santana sings her own lady song with Shelby, a wonderful and touching version of ‘Constant Craving’. During the song we see several things. First, Quinn is giving Shelby some horrid death stares, Shelby seems to stare (longingly?) at Puck and also, Kurt sends his application to NYADA that is sadly, somewhat blank :(. At the end of the song, Kurt sings a line too <3. Then Rachel comes in with a tear-streaked face. She tells the group that SHE stuffed the ballot box, she will be suspended for a week and it will go on her permanent record and she is NOT allowed to sing at sectionals. And then it ends with a groan from ND.

So that’s what you missed. It was intense and sad but good overall.

As for Sectionals, it is next week! Here is the shocking promo! So lets take a break and analyze what we just saw. New Directions rocking out to some Jackson music while wearing dashing outfits, oooh a mad Blaine working out and finally confronting Finn, who has been a real jerk to him <3, Kurt dancing in an awkward but cute way…. missing anything? Oh, yes SAM! The blonde trouty-mouth is back! But he isn’t right back into ND either. He is in ‘White Chocolate’. That is just a tad bit racist. And Finn is so right. You just can’t un-see some things. That is one fine example. Anyhoo, Sam will be back with ND because pics like this have been released.

 I am so excited for episode 3×08, Hold On To Sixteen. I ship Samcedes so I hope they get back together! ❤

That’s all for now! Buh-Bye! 🙂

P.S. Don’t worry about Blaine and Finn because this picture proves they seem to make up 🙂

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  1. willsports
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 20:07:10

    This is a great blog and I love this song by Katy Perry


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