3×08 Hold On To Sixteen

It’s sectionals time! 🙂 Yes, last night’s episode was all about sectionals.  Not only that, but it was a good episode too, with some killer songs. Over all, on my scale of 1-10, I give Hold On To Sixteen a 7.5! It was good and I like the results. 😉 So here is what happened…

Rachel, who we know got suspended and can’t perform at sectionals, is giving a pep-talk to Quinn. Quinn tells Rachel that Shelby is hooking up with Puck and she is going to tell Figgins and get her fired. Rachel tells her not to, though. Even when Quinn tells her that Troubletones will probably lose without her, Rachel still advises that she doesn’t.

In the choir room, ND is down in the dumps because they know their chances are pretty low. So self-appointed group leader, Finn says that he knows where Sam (yes, Trouty Mouth Sam) is and he wants to bring him back.

As for Klaine, they are getting coffee (again) at Lima Bean, when sneaky new Warbler Sebastian comes and  oh-so-subletlyhits on Blaine. BTW, we don’t see it, but the Warblers won their sectionals. Anyhoo, Blaine gets up to get more coffee, and right away, the hating begins. Kurt says he doesn’t like Sebastian and he doesn’t like how he hits on Blaine. And Sebastian says Kurt has a gay face and by the end of the year, he will have won nationals and have Blaine too… and all Kurt will have is a gay face. His insults are real creative. But then Blaine returns and they act like BFFs again and Sebastian leaves.

So Finn and Rachel go to a bar, in hopes to find Sam. And sure enough, he is there. As….

…A stripper!!!! So Rachel gets a dollar from Finn and goes up to Sam. So after his ‘performance’ Finn and Rachel talk to Sam in some office room. Sam got this job to make some money, not because he likes it. His parents think he works at Dairy Queen. So Finn asks him to come back to McKinley at least for sectionals. So they return to Sam’s house and ask his parents. They end up saying yes! 🙂 So Sam comes back to ND and they celebrate/sing about cups when Sam sings a great version of ‘Red Solo Cup’. It was really good and everyone (except Kurt) was into it. Then Santana comes in and insults Sam. I love Sam but these insults were soooo funny, I laughed so hard! 😀

And after, psycho Quinn corners Sam in the hallway, and wants him back. And to help her raise Beth, when she gets her back. But Sam doesn’t fall for his ex-lover and tells Quinn to enjoy life and enjoy her last year at school.

As for Mike and his family drama, he tells Tina that he doesn’t want to tear apart his family, so he applied for Med School. And Tina, the loyal gf, gets mad at him. Mike gets just as mad and questions their relationship 😦

So ND is practicing dance moves. Blaine steps up to show a cute spin move, which Kurt likes. But Sam wants a more provocative move, which Finn, Puck and Artie like. But Blaine fights for this, as he doesn’t want to sell sexuality on stage. Which leads into an argument, with Finn taking cracks at Blaine again, who ends up leaving in a huff.  He ends up going to the boys change room, to take his anger out on a punching bag. Finn walks in and Blaine tells him he is punching Sam and him. Finally, Blaine loses it, and confronts Finn. Finn, seems genuinely sorry, says he was jealous of Blaine. But Finn apologizes and they make up. ❤

Now for Samcedes, or what used to be, Sam takes Mercedes’ hand in the hallway (<3) but she stays faithful to her bf. She tells Sam that she has moved on from their fling but has a place in her heart for him. Awwww….. But he tells her (as she walks away) that he will fight Shane for her love. And Mercedes walks away blushing and smiling.

Tina takes a stand when she approaches Mike’s dad and gives him a dvd of Mike’s performance in WSS. But Mr. Chang refuses and tells Tina that chances are, she won’t be a performer either. After a short heated discussion, Tina leaves disappointed, but tells Mike’s dad that he isn’t honoring Mike’s amazing talent of dance.

It’s finally sectionals time, and ND are getting ready when they are greeted by TroubleTones, who say that when they win, anyone can join TroubleTones. But New Directions stand up for themselves, especially Quinn, who says (to Shelby directly) that Puck will do great.

So the first group to perform is the Uni-Tards. And lead singer of that is Harmony, played by Lindsay from the Glee Project. And like normal, she does amazing with a great version of ‘Buenos Aires’ from Evita.

They do amazing, and Kurt even recognizes her.

At the end of the song, Quinn leaves the seats and Rachel follows. BTW, why is sectionals at their school????? Anyhoo, Rachel tells Quinn (who is on her way to see Figgins) to be mature about it. Quinn, seems to consider it, but Rachel also tells her to at least tell Shelby first and that by telling Figgins, she might ruin Beth’s life too.

So Quinn talks to Shelby, who has to leave to tend to Beth. Quinn tells her that she will tell Figgins. But Shelby, who seems oddly calm, accepts the threat and tells Quinn to enjoy life and to enjoy being young. Quinn remains very quiet during Shelby’s small speech. Then, as Shelby leaves, Shelby says sorry to Quinn, who is on the edge of tears.

TroubleTones do an amazing mash-up of ‘Survivor/I Will Survive’. It is great and I loved it. 🙂

They also wore very pretty dresses. It was a great performance and they got a lot of cheers at the end.

But then New Directions sing. WOAH. They first sing Jackson 5’s ‘ABC’ with Tina, Kurt and Mike on lead. It was very good. Plus, Sam even got to do some of his more provocative dance moves (to Mercedes’ enjoyment) and Kurt had an amazing flip on stage when he saw Sebastian in the audience. Also, Mike’s Dad came in to watch too. Awww!

But after that awesome song, they sing Janet Jackson’s ‘Control’ with Quinn, Blaine and Artie on lead. That was also good. Then after that, they sing MJ’s ‘Man In The Mirror’ with Finn, Blaine, Puck, Sam and Artie on lead. It was good too. ‘ABC’ was the best and ‘Control’ came second, for me. But all in all it was great and the audience loved it too as they all cheered after.  I just have 1 question. Why did ND sing 3 complete songs when TroubleTones and the Uni-Tards only sing 1? That happens every year and it’s ridiculous.

After ND, back in their choir room are all jumping and cheering and hugging each other when Mike’s dad comes in and talks to Mike and Tina. He says that Mike did well, he accepts his talent and will let him go to dance school instead. But when Mike says it’s too late, Tina says that she already sent in applications for him. That’s illegal but the scene was cute.

So now for the results. In third, the….. UNI-TARDS! Which was expected, obvs. And after when Kurt congratulates Harmony, she gets all mean and brags more about her self. Ruuuuuude, much!  In second place is………… TROUBLETONES! Yep. New Directions wins. I was so happy! They were all cheering on stage. But TroubleTones weren’t they were sad and just stood there. It was sorta obvious because ND needed to win or else the show would kinda have to end, right?

Anyways, the next day, Rachel has another 1-on-1 with Quinn. Quinn says she isn’t going to tell on Shelby because she loves Beth. She also says she wants to got to Yale. It was a happy moment to them. 🙂 Then Quin asks Rachel to do something….

Quinn confronts Santana, Brittany and Mercedes in the bathroom. They refuse to re-join ND,  but Quinn says if they do, they can do one TroubleTone song at each performance and that Mr. Shue and Rachel already agreed. So Quinn leaves but tells them that ND will be practicing for regionals if they wanna come. 🙂

And sure enough, ND sing a great version of ‘We Are Young’ with Rachel finally taking some song time. 🙂 It’s a good song and what makes it more is that Brittany, Santana, Mercedes and Sugar come in to join ND. It’s a very happy moment and I am very glad they are back together. ❤

So that’s what you missed. 🙂 It really was a good episode!

As for next week, it is the Christmas episode (3×09) called Extraordinary Merry Christmas. Click here to watch the promo! It’s good, right? Yaaay I’m so excited. I want to know more about this TV thing that they do, though. 😀 If I learn more, I’ll be sure to share it here with you! ❤

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  1. Johnquisha
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 19:06:12

    it is a very…..informative review of the episode. i have to say that i am a fan of your blog. #1 FAN 🙂
    I WANT Samcedes. they were cute together. santana is so amazing and when is the AMAZING cat coming back on the show????
    GLEE ❤


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