3×09 Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Well Glee’s second Christmas episode has passed. And it wasn’t so good. In fact, it was one of the worst ever. On my scale of 1-10 it was a 6. Not good. But I’ll be honest, it wasn’t all a fail. The songs were good and some parts were great. 🙂 So here is what happened in 3×09, Extraordinary Merry Christmas…

It opens with a killer song by Mercedes in the choir room while the rest of ND dance around and decorate the room with garland and gifts and lights! The song was great, even thought she didn’t sing to Sam.

As for election-rejection (LOL) Sue, she gathers Artie, Kurt and Blaine in her office and ask them and ND to perform a song at a homeless benefit luncheon. Naturally, they agree, even after Sue somehow insults them/forgives them at the same time. Sue has an odd way of seeing things, but when she said she is doing this because this is her first Christmas without Jean (:( awww…) I sorta forgave Sue.

So this is Finchel’s first Christmas and, as Finn tells the boys in the change room, he has no ideas for Rachel’s gift. And Kurt, for some reason, tells Rachel so she gives him a list of 15 things she wants and tells Finn to pick 5. How rude! So Finn tries to guilt her out of it by saying all he wants to Christmas is her, but she is too persistent and firmly stands by her list.

Back in the choir room, Rory sings a song for his family back in Ireland because they can’t come over for Christmas and he misses them. So he sings ‘Blue Christmas’ and he does really good with it, despite its sadness, which Santana very rudely informs him of. But ND are determined to have a happy Christmas this year. And it only gets better when Will comes in and says that they will be doing a holiday special on the local TV station because the station lost its ‘yule log deal’. Will also says he recommended Artie to be director, but Artie doesn’t want to do TV. This could be his big break and he has to think about it? He is crazy!

In the hallway, Rory has locker problems and Sam comes to his rescue and when he sees the pics of Rory’s family, he inquires about his holiday plans. Brittany’s family is travelling (were they really going to leave poor Rory home alone on Christmas???) so Sam invites Rory to his house for Christmas. Rory accepts and this is the start of a beautiful bromance! 🙂

So Artie decides to take the director role and he meets with the manager, who makes some very rude disability comments, but Artie, being the better man, forgives him and tells the manager his demands for the show. He wants some Star Wars tie in (yes random but okay….) and he wants it in black and white. The manager, a bit confused, agrees.

Rachel ‘auditions’ for her role in the TV show by singing ‘River’, which is a slow, sad song. But she sings it great. Artie, however, says it’s too sad and she needs to make it happier for the happy show he has planned or else. Sam is opposed to the sadness however and leaves.

So Rachel gets her present from Finn early when he gives it to her in the hall. But it’s not the earrings she was hinting for. Instead, it’s a pig. Finn got her a pig that feeds people in other countries. It was cheaper and means more to people. Rachel is NOT pleased. So she convinces Finn to get her something better.

Rachel shows Artie her ‘happy’ side when she sings ‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’ with Blaine, which is in fact an Original Song! It was great too! And Artie likes it (DUH! It was great!). But then Sue comes in all cheery and confirms that they will sing on friday, but Artie has to decline because of the TV show. Sue gets mad, but ND doesn’t care. Well except Quinn, who looks a bit sad….

So the TV show is in progress in black and white at some fancy house set. Kurt and Blaine sing a nice version of ‘Let It Snow’ in their house. BTW, I totes want a fireplace like that! 😉 After the song, they welcome their ‘guests’ into the house. Then Kurt goes online to bid for some jewelry but can’t due to the snowstorm. But his sadness is interrupted by Rachel and Mercedes who come over bearing gifts. They give Kurt the jewelry he was bidding for (knock-off) and they give Blaine a Christmas Tree bow tie and candy-cane capri pants. Lol I want to see him wear those! Then they sing ‘My Favourite Things’, a song that wasn’t on the Glee Christmas CD, all together. After the break, Finn and Puck come over. Finn is dressed as Luke Skywalker, but it is a meer coincidence because that would be ‘copy right infringement’. Puck and Finn then sing ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’. On the CD The Glee Project Winner Samuel sings in it too, but not in the episode. When the song ends, Mike and the Cheerios come in dressed up. Brittany sings ‘Christmas Wrapping’ as they dance around the house. After that, Rory comes in dressed as an elf and was going to read Frosty the Snowman, but to show the true meaning of Christmas, he reads from the bible about Jesus. This all happened in about 20 minutes. Too long….

At Sue’s party, Sam and Quinn help serve food, but they are running out. And then ND comes in with more food. They lost 10 mins of their air time so they sing a great song all together at the party, to Sue’s delight. They sing an amazing version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ and we see the group play and help the kids. It’s a cute Christmas scene.

Rachel also embraces the Christmas spirit and keeps and names the pig….Barbra! But Finn also got her something(s) else. He gets her a star named Finn so when she needs support, there is a star watching over her. But then he also gets her the earrings she wanted. But she says she doesn’t want them and it’s too much. So they do good. They return the earrings and give the money to a Salvation Army stop that Sam and Rory are running. They also take bells and help gather money. It ends nicely.

That’s all that happened. Their TV show was way too long and boring. Also their acting was too odd. It was a poor was to leave viewers for a month. :S

Even though Glee doesn’t return until sometime in January, the promo is out. Click here to view it! Episode 3×10 is called Yes/No. It was originally to be called The Proposal, but it recently got changed! :O It looks good! Will proposes to Emma! ❤ Yaaay! Becky hits on Artie (ooooh), aaaaaaaand Sam joins synchronized swimming to show Mercedes how awesome he is! BTW, anything Sam does is awesome, despite what Finn says! 😀


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