All New Tunes Are Here (3×10, 3×11)

Yes, it’s true! All the songs from the first Glee episode of 2012  (Yes/No) are here. They are good aaaaaand there is a song from the following episode, which is the Michael Jackson episode. So here are the songs 🙂

First off I LOOOOOOOVE Sam and Mercedes’ Grease song (yes, this is the song from Grease that they are doing). It is cute and sweet plus it’s a great song! I really hope that they get back together! 😀

I’m not a fan of ‘We Found Love’ in the first place, but Santana and Rachel sing it really well. I wonder why those two sing it, however. :S

And as for Artie’s song, I like it. I love ‘Moves Like Jagger’ and it works with the Rolling Stones song really well. It’s catchy and fun and I wonder why Artie sings it. I’m glad he gets some spot light, though!

I love Rachel’s slowed down version of this normally up beat hit. She sings it to Finn, which means they were probably having from Finnchel dramam 😦 I don’t want them to break up! But she sings it sooooo well!

I’m not a huge fan of the song that the girls sing. It’s really slow and haunting. But they sing it so well and Santana has a lovely voice! I heard that at the end of the song, one of the girls announces that she likes another person who she ISN’T dating. I’d love to say it’s Mercedes admitting her love for Sam, because I ship Samcedes, but it’s not for sure!

I actually like Emma’s song. She has a nice voice and we haven’t heard a lot from her in a while! This isn’t a depressing as I thought it was, judging by the song’s title. I hope that they actualyy do get married! ❤

Those are the songs from episode 3×10 Yes/No, which premieres on January 17! But that’s not all! A sneak peek of one of the Michael Jackson’s songs that Glee does in ‘Michael’, which is episode 3×11. There is OVER 10 songs this episode, but only 1 is realeased now. Here it is:

It’s a good song and she sings it well. 🙂

Those are all the songs from Yes/No and the one from Michael that are released now. Whaddyathink? 😉


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