What’s to come in Season 4?

Yes, yes, Season 4 news already! 😉

There has been much questions, rumors and possibilities of what going to happen to the lovable cast of Glee come September when Season 4 would start. This year is the senior year for several of the main characters such as Finn, Rachel and Kurt. It wouldn’t be Glee without them and quite frankly, I think they’d lose A LOT of viewers if they dumped them. Then some possibilities of the trio going to New York were offered. A NYC spin-off was suggested too. But would people watch that? Just recently, it was announced that they will NOT be doing a spin-off, but they will indeed be graduation and going on to other schools. Overall, the cast is really happy and excited about Season 4 plans, so obvs, I am too! 🙂

But that’s not all. It’s also rumored that Grant Gustin who plays Sebastian Smyth may be a series regular next season too. Ooooh, maybe he comes to McKinley to chill with Blaine while Kurt’s gone?

As for any other characters, nothing is confirmed as to what they will be doing or where. I guess more will be revealed to us over time and throughout the rest of Season 3.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Johnquisha
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 20:00:58

    what will happen to the other characters??? arent there other people graduating like mike, santana,brit, sam and Mercedes’ hubby???


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