3×10 Yes/No

Here it is! The first episode of 2012 came in with a bang! Yes, bang! The episode was great! it was cute and sweet and fun and more! On my scale of 1-10, I give Yes/No a 7, which is good. Now keep on reading to find out all that happened :).

It begins with Mercedes and Sam singing Grease’s Summer Nights when the girls ask Mercedes about her fling with Sam. The song was so cute and fun! I ship Samcedes so I was happy with this. Plus the song was so prefect for their situation.

We haven’t seen or heard much of her, but Becky Jackson is here! In her voice over (which is British, so take that haters!), she says how she needs a new boyfriend, but is really picky. But she settles on Artie, who just judging by facial expressions, is none to keen. But Sue encourages her to ask him out so she will.

As for Beiste, we thought her chances with Cooter were over, but alas, THEY ELOPED! Yeah! Beiste is showing off to Emma and Sue (who admits defeat!) and is smiling like crazy. But then Emma gets sad because seeing Beiste’s ring, makes her sad that she doesn’t have one and Will doesn’t show any signs of getting there. So Beiste and Sue tell her to ask him. It was odd seeing Sue be nice, but Emma takes the advice and sings ‘Wedding Bell Blues’ with Sue and Beiste on back-up. You see them get all dressed up and walk around with rose-petals and stuff like such.

 Then Emma comes back to reality and was singing in front of Will in the staff room. So she asked him to marry her and then, when she realizes that she did, she runs out embarrassed. But she got the message across, because Will decides to propose. He tells New Directions, who cheers like crazy. He says that they are his family so they deserve to know. Then Will tells the teens that he is going to meet with Emma’s parents and wants the teens to find some good proposal songs for him.

Artie, who maybe has a crush, goes up to Sugar and suggests that they work together on the song assignment. But she turns him down in a slightly insulting way. Leaving Artie free…for Becky, who comes up and asks him out on a date. Artie looks scared.

As for Sam, he asks Beiste to join the basketball team. He wants a school jacket, to impress Mercedes, because he thinks she likes that. But Beiste says he can’t join. Buuuuut, he CAN join something else….SYNCRONIZED SWIMMING!!!!! Yes, Sam, minus his shirt ;), was at the pool, when he is approached by Roz Washington, the swim coach, (played by Nene Leakes) and Roz gives an odd speech about how Sam is odd and how she had a dream to swim. Or something. Honestly, I lost track several times….maybe because off the royal music in the background. In the end, Sam agrees to be on the team and he’ll get his jacket. He’s proud of this too, as he tells Finn in the hallway. But Finn tells him sync swimming and glee is like a death wish and it is not sexy. Too bad for Finn, millions of fan-girls disagree. But then Sam sees Mercedes and while on his way to show off to her, he is slushied ‘in sync’. Mercedes begins to help him clean him off, but Shane (gosh, I hate him more every time I see him) takes her away.

The first proposal song is suggested by Artie. He suggests ‘Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin Jack Flash’ and then he sings a great rendition of it too, with Will and Mike dancing with it. I loved the song and the dancing was super. But Will found it too sweaty, so it was a no. But during the song, Becky comes in to watch, because Artie invited her….as the date. Clever way to get out a date, but Becky sees through it and wants ‘part 2’ at Breadstix.

So Will brings Finn along to buy a ring for Emma. Finn, completely clueless when it comes to this stuff, is browsing then Will asks him to be his best man, because Finn know a lot about how to be a man. Finn accepts with a hug :). But then Finn tells Will that he wants to enlist in the army, like his dad. Will seems concerned because Finn seems convinced.

The girls (well, Rachel, Santana, Mercedes and Tina) ask Will about Emma to get some ideas for the perfect song. Will tells them that he first liked her when he saw her face for the first time, leading the girls to pick a great song. They sing a very emotional version of ‘The First Time I Saw Your Face’ on the stage in pretty dresses. During the song, each girl thinks of their love. Rachel thinks of Finn, Tina thinks of Mike, Santana thinks of Brittany, but Mercedes thinks of SAM and not Shane. Yes! And after the song, Mercedes runs off the stage crying. So the girls follow her, where they find her in the bathroom. She tells them that she may still like Sam. Rachel tells her to follow her heart.

So Will invites the Ginger-lover parents of Emma over to ask for their permission. And right away, they say no. Rude, much. But they have a somewhat valid point when they say that if they get married, what will Emma do when there’s a mess with kids or something? It leaves Will thinking….

New Directions has an intervention for Artie about Becky. But apparently Artie had a good time on his date with her. But no one in ND likes her, so Artie gets very defensive and says they are mean for judging her based on looks.

Will calls Finn for a meeting with Emma, Burt and Carole. Finn seems surprised at first but then Will says it’s because of his army plans. Will and the adults are concerned for Finn, but Finn seems calm and wants to be a war-hero like his dad. Then Carole, who is crying, tells Finn the truth. Apparently, Finn’s dad didn’t die in the war. Apparently, he had come home, had a drug addiction and ran off. He died in Cincinnati. Finn gets mad (and rightfully so). Carole tells Finn that she didn’t tell him because she wanted him to remember him for him and not his last few months. But Finn storms out, obvs mad, sad and disappointed. I felt bad for him.

Becky then wants to go all the way with Artie. Pretty bold, right? But Artie, even when he gets some….desturbing pics, goes to Sue for advice. Sue tells him to tell her off like a normal person. Then she insults him. Naturally.

At the Wemma house, Emma is still taking down the Christmas tree, by cleaning it slowly. So Will sits her down and talks to her about how he loves her and the possibility of marriage. But he, taking her parents warning to heart, asks her what she’ll do when/if they have kids and there’s a mess. Emma cries, but stays strong. She tells him that it’s who she is and if Will doesn’t want that anymore, to be honest. Good for Emma, for being strong. But Will says nothing….

Kurt, Rachel and Finn go to Breadstix. I’m glad it’s just them 3 and not anyone else, because they are the three main people graduation this year. They are all ranting about how they hate the future. Finn goes on to say how now he has nothing special in his life and how he’s a mess. The sad part was that Rachel was sitting next to him too. He pretty much told her that she doesn’t matter to him and she’s not special to him. 😦 Awww…. But then Rachel sings a very moving and powerful version on the normally up-beat hit ‘Without You’. She begins to sing in her head at dinner, but she ends singing it in the choir room for ND. At one point, she is singing directly to Finn, who is close to tears too. During the song, Kurt and Blaine were giving each other cute smiles ❤ and Brittany was holding Santana’s hand. It was cute for all the couples. At the end of the song, Finn kisses Rachel ❤ and Santana insults Rachel. I thought she was being nice for once, but no.

Anyways, Will isn’t too sure about the song still. We see him watching Emma clean things and almost cry. Then Sam gives Will a great suggestion. Will brings Emma to the pool, and on the way random students, Beiste and Sue hand Emma roses. At the pool, Will sits Emma on a chair and ND and some swimmers so a great cover in the pool of ‘We Found Love’ with Rachel and Santana on lead. I’m not sure why they all wore ugly bathing suits, but nevertheless, the dancing in the pool the did was great. Near the end of the song, Will comes out dressed in all white and swims across the pool to Emma. Then he proposes after a short but cute speech. Emma says yes and all the teens cheers. So cute! I have officially decided that, one day, when someone proposes to me, there better be cool dancing in a pool with live singing. That’s be so fun! 😀

So Artie breaks up with Becky, who seems strong on the outside, but is upset on the inside. She goes to Sue in tears, and Sue, who is being really, really nice this episode, takes Becky’s hand and gives her ice cream. Sue is upset about losing Cooter too, so together, her and Becky will eat away their sadness and watch TV. I feel bad for Becky, but Sue was only using Cooter, so she shouldn’t be too upset.

The last scene, and by far the BEST, is when Finn asks Rachel to come to the stage. He shows her a picture of his father, but then tells her that he was going to set up a picnic like she did on their first date (in season 1) but he couldn’t find the right cups. -_- Lame excuse. But then he sits her on a stool and tells her to just listen and not speak. Then he gives a very CUTE speech about how he loves her and wants to be with her. Then he does it. HE PULLS OUT A RING AND PROPOSES TO HER!!!!!! I was freaking out! It was so sweet and he totes meant it! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Yay Finchel. But then the episode ends. With no answer from Rachel. Her face wasn’t too promising, but then again, it may be because she was super shocked. I know I was. 😀 

I hope she says Yes. I love Finchel all the way. And as much as saying Yes would be kinda stupid for someone her age, I really want her too. Then they can go to New York together. Who agrees?

That’s all. Overall it was a good episode. Not as funny as it could have been, but very good. And very shocking.

The next episode, called ‘Michael’  is in TWO weeks. Sadness, because we were left with a HUGE cliffhanger and now we have to wait 14 whole days. But, the promo is out. Click here to view!!! So. Much. Awesomeness. Okay, first off, when Rachel is saying “my answer for now is…” she is smiling. And she wouldn’t smile if it was a No, right? Also Micheal Jackson songs plus ND plus Warblers? I’m dead. And then Sebastian and Santana face off? Omg. BTW, Puck, it’s Benedict Arnold, not eggs Benedict. :S

That’s all for now. 😀 Whaddya think?


Awesome, huh? 🙂


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