Hear all the MJ songs! (3×11)

Boom. Instant happiness.

Yes, the crazy exciting MJ episode of Glee is just NEXT WEEK! Yaaaay! So here is all the songs from episode 3×11 called ‘Michael’. Just click play! 🙂

Smooth Criminal (sung by Santana and Sebastian)

Video 🙂

Ben (sung by Kurt with Rachel and Finn)


I  Want You Back (sung by the Warblers)


Black Or White (sung by New Directions)


Human Nature (sung by Sam and Mercedes)


Scream (sung by Mike and Artie)


I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (sung by Finn and Rachel)


Never Can Say Goodbye (sung by Quinn)


Bad (sung by New Directions and Warblers)


Wanna Be Starting Something (sung by Blaine)       


     Video 😉


Okay….. OH MA GOSH!!!!!!!! These song are so freaking amazing!!!! 🙂 There are also the videos for 2 of the songs so be sure to watch them! 😉

My fave songs are ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘I Want You Back’. But really, all the songs are all awesome. Personally (don’t hate me), I think the worst song is ‘Scream’. In case you want to know, Kurt, Finn and Rachel sing ‘Ben’ to Blaine. Awwww <3<3<3<3<3  And also, Quinn’s story line has a twist, which is probably linked to the song she sings. Also, SAMCEDES DUET!!!! There is a new promo that has a clip of a near Samcedes kiss… wanna see? 

Anyhoo, I’m super excited!!!! Are you????? 😀

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mavis
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 10:58:58

    SO DAMN EXCITED! AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Thanks for the comment on mine 😉


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