3×11 Michael

Hello. I realize you may be saying “woah, this is posted really early…and during school hours too *gasp*” But never fear! Today is the day that teachers furiously mark the many exams we have been writing the past few days. So I don’t have school!

But enough about my school. Let’s focus on GLEE! Yesterday was the exciting Michael Jackson tribute episode entitled ‘Michael’. Episode 3×11 was really good too. The music was fantastic, the drama was great and there were plenty of cute couple moments! ❤ I give Micheal a 7.5 out of 10. Yaaaaaaay! Here’s what happened….

The ex-TroubleTone girls were bummed about not being able to do MJ at Sectionals, but Mr. Schue said that they maybe will do it for Regionals. So Blaine gets right into it right away by singing ‘Wanna Be Startin Somethin’. Everyone dresses up and dances with him. Bravo. It was great, and their dance moves were amazing (Rory….Kurt…)

Finn approaches Rachel about his proposal because she still hasn’t answered him. Finn explains how their marriage would signify their love in NYC. Either way, Rachel doesn’t give him a final answer, so Finn gives her a more time. Awww…

So Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Artie and Santana are at the Lima Bean discussing their love MJ, and Rachel admits she hasn’t connected with him, causing a mild disagreement, that is soon forgotten when Sebastian comes over. He tells them that Blaine told him about their MJ plans and now the Warblers will also do MJ. Then Sebastian insults Kurt, Santana gets involved and he insults her too.

ND gets mad at Blaine for telling the Warblers. But Mr.Schue asks them WWMJD (what would Michael Jackson do) and after some clever answers, Blaine say that MJ would ‘take it to the streets’.

So thats what they do. Santana and Blaine meet with the Warblers in some empty underground parking lot. ND comes out and the two groups sing ‘Bad’ and it’s really good.  But that’s not the bad part (…get it? Bad? Ahahah) because after the song, Sebastian pulls out a slushie that’s meant for Kurt. Blaine, being super heroic, jumps in the way and gets a face full of red slush. But it apparently did more damage than normal, because Blaine is screaming in pain. And the Warblers leave.

Later, Kurt tells ND that Blaine’s right eye cornea is scratched and he needs SURGERY (which will be why Blaine won’t be in the next few episodes due to Darren Criss on Broadway). And Kurt looks so heartbroken :(. But Will tells the raging group to be calm and not fight back violently. And of all of them, Artie gets the maddest. He rants and then, when Will tells him to take a breather, he GETS UP, and sings a crazy version of ‘Scream’ with Mike.

It was really just a dream sequence. But it was crazy. Crazy good! 🙂 But Mike and eyeliner are not a great match. He looked like Adam Lambert.

So Rachel decides to get some help for her Finn problem. So she asks Quinn. And Quinn tells Rachel that she got into Yale! But then Quinn says that for Rachel to be happy in New York, she may have to end it with Finn. Then Quinn sings ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ in a gorgeous black dress on stage. She sings mostly to her ex’s (Finn, Sam and Puck). In the choir room when she finishes the song, she tells ND about Yale. They cheer for her and then she thanks them for all they’ve done for her. Sure, it’s about a year too late, but it’s still cute.

Kurt is alone in a classroom making a list of ways to get back at Sebastian. I wish we could have seen the list, because that would be very amusing. Santana, who has also come to loath Sebastian, agreed to help Kurt get him back in a non-violent way. Of course, when Santana gets involved….BE AFRAID.

As for Samcedes, or what they may be, Sam invites Mercedes to the auditorium where he asks her to sing a duet with him, then she can go back to Shane. At first Mercedes says no, but when the music starts, she joins in to a very very very cute version of ‘Human Nature’. It was so cute. And then at the end, they kiss! ❤

Samcedes shippers everywhere…REJOICE! 🙂

Burt brings Kurt a letter from NYADA during school!!!! Finally, Kurt opens the letter. Aaaaaaand (drumroll) HE MADE THE FINALS! So Burt and Kurt have a loud cheering and hugging and crying moment. Burt tells Kurt how proud of him he is and Kurt’s just smiling the whole time. Yay Kurt! ❤ I kinda hoped he’d open the letter with Blaine, because that’s be cute no matter what the results were, but a nice father-son moment like that was cool too.

So Kurt, eager to share the news, tells Rachel, who hasn’t gotten a letter yet. Rachel starts crying about how no she has no future and all she has is Finn, who she’s still unsure of. I feel bad for her. Poor Rachel….

As for Blaine, he hasn’t had surgery yet, but he does have an eyepatch. He is in his room with Kurt, who is reading a magazine to him, when Finn and Rachel come in bringing soup and DVDs. Blaine then offers a toast to Kurt for his amazing NYADA news. And Rachel looks none too pleased. I mean, you can’t blame her. Her best friend is one step closer to their dream than she’ll ever be, right? Then Blaine says he upset about missing MJ songs, so Kurt, Finn and Rachel sing a very cute version of ‘Ben’. I was so happy because my three favourite characters were singing to my other favorite character! Funny story: while this was on, my mom announces that ‘Ben’ is about a rat (I knew that) and my brother, takes the time to say “oh, Dad, I forgot to tell you that there’s a dead mouse in the mouse trap in the garage!” O.o Moment ruined.

So Santana meets with the Warblers and informs them about Blaine’s condition. Then she asks what Sebastian put in the slushie, because red dye #7 can’t do that much damage. Sebastian and Santana then sing an AMAZING version of ‘Smooth Criminal’. It was soooooo good! Fun fact: the 2 cello players are in a group called ‘2 Cellos’. Now they tour with Elton John and they got their start on Ellen. In fact, they were on again on Monday. They’re so pro! Anyhoo, after the song, Sebastian admits to adding rock salt to Blaine’s slushie and then slushies her too, minus the rock salt.

Santana tells ND and apparently had a recorder with her the whole time and now they have proof. But Kurt doesn’t want to do that because the Warblers would still get to do MJ. So Kurt has a plan and they all leave the choir room. Except for Finn and Rachel. They then sing a super-cute version of ‘I Just Can’t Stop Lovin You’. It’s sooooooo cute! During the song, Rachel realizes that she can’t end thing with Finn, and after the song she says YES! And they kiss. So adorable. ❤

ND invites the Warblers over. ND tells Warblers that they understand MJ better, then they sing ‘Black Or White’. It’s really good and then all the Warblers, except Sebastian join them on stage. After the song, Santana shows Sebastian the tape, but Kurt gives it to him and says that winning Regionals won’t be as fun if Sebastian isn’t there to lose.

Finally, Rachel gets her NYADA letter. She shows Kurt and…. SHE MADE FINALS TOO! So her and Kurt both made finals and are very happy. The Kurt asks her is she’s told Finn. And the look on her face says NO.

The end. Yup that’s it. And yes, the Warblers song ‘I Want You Back’ was cut out. 😦 I’m sad because I wanted to see that! Overall the episode was really good. 🙂

As for next week, here’s the promo.
   I don’t think the promo looks that good, to be honest. But I am excited to see Ricky Martin! And don’t get me wrong, I totes love Glee, but Sue having a baby seems a bit….silly. Plus, remember in season 1 when she says she doesn’t menstruate? How can she have a baby, then? O.o

That’s all for now. Feel free to comment, I love hearing what you have to say!

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  1. Audrey
    Feb 05, 2012 @ 13:48:12

    omg! The episode was so good. I’m not sure how I figured out but i was online snooping around and found your blog, its amzing, for me being only 11 i love glee and i agree, Smooth criminal was awesome, i had it on DVR and watched it 10 or more times,WHOO HOO


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