Songs from 3×12 and Spoilers!


Ricky Martin stars in this Tuesday’s episode of Glee called ‘The Spanish Teacher’ as he plays a new spanish teacher named David Martinez. And in honor of this, all the songs include some spanish. So here they are, if you want to take a listen!

Bamboleo/Hero (by Gipsy Kings/Enrique Iglesias) sung by Sam


Sexy And I Know It (by LMFAO) sung by David Martinez and New Directions

Full Video 🙂

A Little Less Conversation (by Elvis) sung by Will

La Isla Bonita (by Madonna) sung by David Martinez and Santana

Don’t Wanna Lose You (by Gloria Estefan) sung by Mercedes

Also Will sings ‘La Cucaracha’, but it isn’t a downloadable song.

Personally, I think these songs are kinda bad. I mean there is spanish in every single one, which can get kinda weird because not everyone knows what it means. The best song is ‘Sexy And I Know It’ and really, I don’t like that song. So overall, I think this is the worst episode for songs. :S Sorry….

As for the episode after that, 3×13, it is called ‘Heart’ because it’s the Valentines Day episode. 🙂 But that’s not all the news! The other Glee Project Winner, Samuel Larsen will be making his first appearence as Joe Hart. Joe will sing ‘Stereo Love’ by Gym Class Heros feat. Adam Levine with Mercedes and Sam!

Samuel Larsen 🙂

Also, Rachel’s dads come in this episode, and one of them sings a song, too! For Brittana fans, there will be some action for you, too! And for Wemma fans, you get action as well, but not GOOD action…Will and Emma get into a fight! :O Over what, I wonder? Lastly, Blaine will be in the episode for a bit (YAY KLAINE ON VALENTINES DAY! oooh….rhyming!) but in a funny way.

Truthfully, I’m more excited for ‘Heart’ than I am for ‘The Spanish Teacher’! 🙂

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