The Bad News…

Hey Gleeks!

I got some bad news…. but first, I just wanna say how super-excited that I am for the next two episodes! The past week I have been watching season 2 of Glee on DVD, which I bought. I love watching them in order, even though I know what’s going to happen. So now I am on ‘Night Of Neglect’. Nothing says ‘fun times’ like curling up in a chair with a blanket and re-watching the amazingness that was season 2. I also own season 1, but I’ve seen each of those episodes several times too. 🙂

But enough of this blabber. I bet you are all dying to know what the bad news is. And belive me, it’s pretty terrible, meaning I wanted to punch something when I found out. Are you ready for this? Well, the next new episode of Glee airs on the 7th and the one after that (the Valentine’s Day one, 3×13) airs on February 14th. Then comes episode 3×14 called ‘On My Way’ (which is the Regionals so the Warblers will be back!). But after that, the next new episode won’t air until APRIL 10th! Yup, there will be a 7 week break! Isn’t that horrible? D: What are we gonna do for 7 weeks? I mean, yes, summer is longer, but that isn’t in the middle of the season! And knowing Glee, it’ll probably leave us with a cliffhanger so we will be sure to tune in 7 weeks later! It’d be a clever way to keep fans, because my guess is that they will lose a few, but for those who will no doubt remain faithful (like me), it will be sooooo hard. *Sigh* If it wasn’t for American Idol, I’d probably lose sanity because that’s going be what I watch through the 7 long weeks. The upside to this is that Glee probably won’t end in May like it did last year. It will probably stretch out to June. There is going to be the normal 22 episodes so if we are going on episode 12, we have a while to go. :S

Well, that’s the *sob* bad news…Sucks, doesn’t it?

Stay strong, Gleeks! As Blaine would say, ‘COURAGE’.

P.S. Speaking of Blaine, the actor who plays him, Darren Criss, it’s his 25th Birthday today. ❤ Woot! HAPPY B-DAY!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Audrey
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 09:41:15

    Thats not fair! $!@$!$#$%@$# I hate american idol, so now im a person going INSANE!!!!!! Thank you for this awful news 😦


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