3×12 The Spanish Teacher

Hola! See what I did there? I used spanish in honor of last nights Glee episode, called ‘The Spanish Teacher’. Yes, I am clever, thank you! So anyways, Glee last night featured lots of spanish word and songs and also Ricky Martin. He played David Martinez. Overall, the episode was pretty good. It had some funny and sad parts and some interesting songs. I give episode 3×12 a 6.5 out of 10. So not the best, but not the worst….here’s what happened!

It opens with Will Schuester and the ND guys in class singing a fail version of ‘La Coucaracha’, during which, Will realizes that he needs to connect with kids differently. Especially so when Figgins says that kids have been complaining about Will’s teaching. Figgins also mentions how there’s a new teaching job also opening up, which Will wants. So Figgins says in order to prove he deserves it, he should take a spanish course to be a better teacher. So he does. And the night-school spanish course is taught by David Martinez (Ricky Martin). After class, Will talks to David. He explains his situation and David says that he loves to sing and wants to even start a night-school glee club and also congratulates Will for teaching kids and helping them live, as he wants to be a day teacher but can only get jobs doing night classes. He also says that in order to teach the kids spanish, they should SING in spanish because it will help them learn.

Sue is talking to the ND boys about donating sperm, because Sue wants a baby. When Will asks her why, Sue says she will be a great mother, but needs a father gene. And she is dead-set on it, too. She even suggests that Will does it. But then Sue is called down to Figgins’ office. Apparently, she’s been getting complaints too. And Roz Washington (Nene Leakes) offers to take over Cheerios and win too.

So Will tells New Directions that they will be doing all spanish songs. And when the kids and especially spanish-speaking Santana are skeptical, Will brings in David to sing with them. All the girls (and Kurt) go crazy. David sings LMFAO’s hit ‘Sexy And I Know It’ with ND. Their dance moves are crazy (….Finn) and, naturally, they sing half of it in spanish. It’s a good and fun version of the song.

Sam and Mercedes who, despite their kiss last episode, are STILL NOT TOGETHER 😦 So they go to Emma for some help. And she gives them pamphlets and suggests that in order for Mercedes to make her decision, that they not talk to each other for a whole week. Ugh, for Samcedes lovers like me, this was sooo upsetting. They NEED to be together and they aren’t!

So Roz takes over Cheerios for a bit and they show off a hip and hopping routine, to Sue’s annoyance and disapproval. So Sue goes up to Roz and tells her off and also brings Sue’s ‘baby’ into it, which shocks and amuses Roz. Roz goes on some rant about Sue is too old and weak and how she will get Sue’s job. But Sue is confident.

Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes are having a movie night and watching some Twilight movie and the girls are being all serious because of their own love issues (Rachel and her engagement and Mercedes and her Sam/Shane triangle). Kurt asks them why and Rachel decides to tell them about her engagement. And of course, they say she is ridiculous for saying Yes. She tries to reason with them and says she loves Finn. They get where she is coming from so they agree to keep her secret. Cute friendship moment! ❤

And Mercedes, inspired a bit from Rachel’s words, sings ‘Don’t Wanna Lose You’ in the choir room and is pretty much singing it to Sam (awwww). Her song is also partly in spanish. She does a good job with it. It’s not Mercedes’ best song, but not her worst one. 🙂

Sam, in turn, sings a mash up of  ‘Bamboleo/Hero’. He also sings it to Mercedes and it is also partly in spanish. It’s good and cute. Plus, all ND boys sing it with him and they are all wearing funny shoes.

Tee-hee! See? Sam explains that David taught them about the shoes (they’re a spanish style) and Santana says that David is the best spanish teacher ever and if Will wants to regain that status, he’d better sing it to win it. Too bad Will ahs no song planned….

Emma, along with a pamphlet, goes to see Sue about her sudden baby want and the fact that Sue had asked Will to father it. But Sue explains to Emma that she asked Will because he is always so nice and kind, which she wants as her baby’s qualities. Smart but odd. Sue seems really heart-set on this and emotional, as she explains this to Emma. Emma leaves saying that Sue should have a baby, probably to make her nicer and all.

Kurt confronts Finn about his proposal. Kurt isn’t too pleased, for Rachel’s sake, but Finn is content. Finn tells Kurt that Rachel is the best thing he has. So pretty much, Finn has given up on himself. But Kurt hasn’t. Kurt tries to convince Finn that he is a star too and should keep trying to shine. It’s a cute brother moment, which we haven’t had a lot of. In the end, Finn sees the light and thanks Kurt for his help. 🙂

Sue, still upset about the fact that some one complained about her, accuses Santana about it. Santana denies it all, but Sue doesn’t believe it and brings her ‘family’ into it. Will has to step in and stop their argument and Sue then takes the opportunity to tell Will that he doesn’t need to father her child because she found someone new and better. At this moment I thought: ‘OMG IS IT DAVID???’ It would make sense, right? :O

Will, taking Santana’s advice, is prepping for an awesome spanish song, when Emma and a box of new pamphlet comes in. Emma tries to lighten the mood, but it only makes Will mad and more stressed. In fact, he gets really mad at her and even gets sorta mean when he insults her pamphlets. I mean, I get that he is in a stressful situation, but Emma is just being nice….. She ends up running off, very sad. 😦 Wemma just got engaged and now they are already fighting?

Santana and David sing a really fun version of Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’ on stage, complete with a light show. They do a really good job with it, too. 😀 So good, that Will (in a matador outfit) gets a bit jealous. David leaves and it’s Will’s turn to sing. It’s not looking good for him…. But he sings anyways. He sings a funky spanish song wearing his shiny matador outfit. He sings ‘A Little Less Conversation’ and it’s pretty cool too. No match for Santana and David’s song, but pretty good. When he is done singing and sees Santana’s disgusted face, he realizes it was her who complained to Figgins about him. Santana doesn’t deny it either. Will and Santana get into a little argument and Santana, who actually knows spanish, is sorta right. Will even says that he only taught spanish because that was the only teaching job he could get. Santana tells him that he is a good glee teacher, but not a spanish teacher.

Beiste and Emma are eating lunch as Will walks in and hears Beiste raving about something. It’s Emma’s pamphlets. Apparently, she gave some ‘ men’s hygiene’ ones to the football team and Beiste showed Cooter (who ordered 10000 copies) and he got several football teams to order copies too. Woah…Suddenly Emma’s pamphlets aren’t so dumb afterall, huh Will? Will is proud.

After the last spanish night-school course, Will talks to David again. Will also offers him a job (in the day) teaching spanish at McKinley. Figgins agreed to it too. Will will be taking open the history spot. David is trilled….does that mean he will be coming back for future episodes? Ooooh, I hope so! 🙂

Sue and Becky are in her office when Becky has a confession to make. But Sue already knows…Becky was the one who complained to Figgins. But Sue isn’t mad at her at all. In fact, she welcomed the feedback. Good thing too, Sue mad at poor Becky would be too sad to picture. But the real sweet moment is at the end when Becky says that Sue will be a good mother. 🙂 Awwww….

Finally, one week of no contact for Samcedes is up. And both of them are anxiously watching the clock. And when they meet in the hall and are about to speak, guess who swoops in? SHANE! Ugh, I HATE him. He is ruining the cute Samcedes moments! So then he and Mercedes leave Sam….they didn’t even to speak after the week! D: And Sam looks to heartbroken, you just wanna run up and hug him….

The last scene of the episode of was a cute Wemma one. Will makes a big fancy dinner to say sorry to Emma for being mean and also for saying how proud of her he is. ❤ It’s cute. He also makes some cute pamphlets to show his feelings. Then they have a super adorable kiss. Yes, Wemma is SAVED!

And that’s all. It was an intense and fun episode. And yes, Blaine was missing…:( but that’s because he is recovering from his surgery. And because Darren Criss is on Broadway.

Here is the promo for episode 3×13 called ‘Heart’ because it is the Valentines episode. It airs on the 14th too! ❤ Finnchel announces their engagement, we meet Rachel’s parents, Brittana kisses, Joe Hart comes in (see at 0:18) and lots of love songs! AHHHH CAN’T WAIT! 😀


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