Lovey-Dovey Songs for Heart (3×13)

AHHHHHHH! This year, Glee has another Valentines episode!!!!! ❤ Yayyyyy! And the songs are soooo amazing! 😀 Here they are!!!!

Stereo Hearts (by Gym Class Heros feat. Adam Levine) sung by Sam, Mercedes and Joe

L-O-V-E (by Nat King Cole) sung by Tina and Mike

Love Shack (by The B-52’s) sung by Mercedes, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and Brittany

Let Me Love You (by Mario) sung by Artie


You’re The Top (from Anything Goes) sung by Leroy and Hiram Berry

Cherish/Cherish (by Madonna/The Association) sung by Quinn, Mercedes, Sam and Joe


I Will Always Love You (by Whitney Houstin) sung by Mercedes

Home (by Michael Buble) sung by Rory

Those are the songs…. aren’t they so AMAZING????? I LOOOOOOVE ‘Stereo Hearts’ and I’m so happy that Samuel from The Glee Project is gonna come as Joe. ❤

Tina and Mike’s duet was just plain CUTE! Finally some Chang-Chang spotlight!

Love Shack is so awesome! I love Kurt’s note!

Artie has a song, maybe dedicated to Sugar, his new love intrest? Also Rory has the hots for her, so it looks like Sugar has to choose. And judging by the songs, maybe Rory sings ‘Home’ because Sugar picks Artie so he wants to just go home…?

Rachel’s dads, Hiram and Leroy, sing a funky song, too. They seem like the coolest dads ever!

Quinn’s song with the others is also very nice. Speaking of Quinn, I heard that she wants Finn back…..that could be a rumor, but if it isn’t that’s really bad. He’s engaged!

Mercedes’ song is like WOAH! She is amazing….but we are wondering, is she singing to SAM or SHANE? I hope it’s Sam. ❤ Please, Samcedes, please get back together!

Lastly is Rory’s song. I love the song and I love Rory, but why Glee fans are even more super-excited about his song is because Damian McGuinty sang this song when he was in Celtic Thunder. Wanna see? Of couse you do! 😉

See? I liked his Celtic Thunder version better, but I’m glad he sings it on Glee because it totes works with his situation. Yay, Rory ❤

So those are the songs for episode 3×13 ‘Heart’. I am very very very very very very very excited. 😀 Anyways, I figured I’d take this time to share some super spoilers. 1st, Dave Karofski will be back! There is some speculation that it is him in the gorilla suit with the gorilla-gram for Kurt. All I can say is that if he is trying to break up Klaine too, I will be mad. Karofski will also be in the regionals episode too (3×14). The next tidbit (teehee) is that Blaine gets a brother! Yes, Cooper Anderson will join in after the 7 week break and he will sing a song with Blaine too by ‘Duran Duran’. Cooper is played by Matt Bomer.

Matt Bomer will play Cooper Anderson


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