3×13 Heart

HEEEY! I hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day <3! I did….especially at 8:00! The newest episode of Glee was amazing! 😀 I give episode 3×13 called Heart a 8 out of 10. It was funny, cute, sad, surprising, amazing……BRILLIANT! So here’s what happened.

Will tells ND that they need a bit more money for Regionals and suggests V-Day caroling, which is rejected by the teens. Instead, rich girl Sugar simply pays it all. She carries over $250 to school? Sugar also announces that on Valentines Day (her fave holiday), she is renting out Breadstix and having a wild party, which they are all invited to. But they must bring a date. Cue stares from Artie and Rory…. 😉

Rachel and Finn are called to the auditorium by…..RACHEL’S DADS! Yes, they make their first appearance!

Jeff Goldblum (left) plays Hiram Berry and Brian Stokes (right) plays Leroy Berry

They called newly engaged couple Finn and Rachel and totally support their engagement. Burt Hummel told them and they are so happy for their only daughter. They want to plan the wedding too. They invite Finn and his parents to the Berry house for Valentines Day dinner. BTW, her dads bicker like an old married couple (which they are). It’s so funny!

Mercedes, Quinn and Sam are members of the ‘God Squad’ which is a Christian group at school. But it’s not just them. New member Joe Hart is also there. Joe is played by The Glee Project winner Samuel. 🙂

Joe Hart 🙂

He is a Christian who was homeschooled. He can play guitar and named his dreads after bible books. Isn’t he cool? Anyways, the God Squad decide to sing and play music for anyone who pays. Kinda like candy-grams, but with music. Joe agrees to sing and play guitar.

During lunch, Kurt shows off his most recent V-Day card. Kurt says their from Blaine, but they are all signed ‘Secret Admirer’. Kurt then gets a gorilla gram and yet another card. Also, Rory and Artie both admit that they want to ask Sugar out for V-Day. They agree to fight for it (in a non-violent way).

Mike and Tina, in the choir room, sing ‘L-O-V-E’ to each other. It’s super cute. Chang-Change all the way! ❤ Anyhoo, during the song, Rory and Artie try to outdo each other in wooing Sugar. In the end, it seems pretty even. I don’t know who I want Sugar to be with. I think Artie needs some loving, after Tina and Brittany didn’t work out with him. At the same time, I love Rory. He is adorable and I love his accent and he liked Brittany and that didn’t work out either. I’m not a fan of Sugar. I think she is too crazy and tries too hard to make friends. I think Rory and Quinn would be cute. Or Artie and Quinn.  But between Artie/Sugar/Rory, I think Artie and Sugar would be best…

Brittany gives Santana her gift, which is a cute playlist and an e-card. And just when they are about to kiss, Figgins stops them (Brittana fans all over get mad). Figgins says that because they are lesbian, they can’t kiss in the school. How rude. And naturally, Santana gets mad at him. But Figgins won’t change his mind. 😦 Ugh, that’s just mean of him. He bugs me.

In the choir room, Rachel and Finn announce their engagement to their peers. Kurt admits that he told Burt because he still thinks it’s a horrible idea. And siding with Kurt is Quinn. Rachel firmly tells them that they are all invited to the wedding if they support them, but if not, mind their own business, because they can’t change anything. Artie, Tina and several others agree to be in the wedding party and will support Finnchel. I still love Finnchel and I’m super glad Rachel said Yes, but I hoped they would hold off the marriage for a few years or something… Anyhoo, after their announcement, Artie takes the floor and sings to Sugar. He sings ‘Let Me Love You’. It’s fun and cute and the boys join in to dance and sing backup. In the end, to Rory’s annoyance, Sugar picks him and they wheel off. :S Poor Rory, he looks heart-broken.

Outside, the God Squad sing their first song to Rachel from Finn. They sing an AMAZING version of Stereo Hearts. Joe sings solo at parts too! Sam raps and Mercedes’ church choir joins in at the end too! It’s a great cover and the best song of the episode. 😀 Rachel clearly loved it too. Anyhoo, at the end, Santana pays and wants them to sing to Brittany, her GIRLFRIEND, which she knows will upset the God Squad (the whole gay thing).

In the choir room, Rory tells ND that at the end of the year he has to go back to Ireland. Awwww 😦 Rory says that ND has become his second family and he’ll miss them a lot. Then he sings ‘Home’. It’s so cute and he does a great job with it (I still like he Celtic Thunder version better). Anyways, at the end of the song, Sugar hugs him and says that she felt so sad for him. Then she asks him to be her date for V-Day. :O And Artie is MAD, especially when Rory says yes.

In the next God Squad meeting, they discuss if they should sing to Brittany from Santana. Joe says he isn’t comfortable with it and has to think about it. They also say that 1 in 10 people is gay….is that true?

As for Samcedes, Sam gives Mercedes a V-Day gift. And she tells him that she told Shane about them and that she cheated. And apparently, Shane CRIED. Mercedes feels so bad about it and says that if she dates Sam, she’ll always feel upset. Awwww Samcedes is slowly slipping away! D: Mercedes sings a super sad Whitney Houston (R.I.P. <3) in the choir room and everyone, especially Sam is crying. During the song we also see Shane in tears. As much as I don’t like him, it is good to see that he really loves Mercedes. At the end of the song, Sam runs out crying. D:

At the Berry’s, Rachel and her Dad’s put on a little show for Finn, Burt and Carole by singing ‘You’re The Top’ and playing the piano. Then they all eat dinner and Hiram keeps making awkward jokes ;). Then they make a toast to Finn and Rachel. Also, the parents agree that Finn and Rachel are adults and they let Finn stay over at Rachel’s. In her room. Crazy, right? Finn and Rachel agree that with Rachel’s dads downstairs, they’ll only sleep. Rachel decides to do her nighttime bed routine (shower, moisturizer….), but after a while, Finn needs to use the washroom. Rachel doesn’t want him to with her in it also and they get in a tiff about Finn’s plans in NYC. In the end, he leaves the room in a huff and Rachel throws a hairbrush at the door. But the most interesting part was that you see Hiram and Leroy (her dads) making a toast with sly smiles as they hear the yells from upstairs. Ooooohhh…. 😉

Kurt gets to Breadstix early to meet with his lover who has been sending him cards all week. Kurt is sure it’s Blaine. I hoped it was Blaine (sorry, I ship Klaine). Then Kurt sees the gorilla again, holding cards and candy. Kurt reads the card and it says ‘I think I love you’ which makes Kurt question why it says ‘I think’. Then the gorilla takes off the mask to reveal KAROFSKI! Yes, David Karofski is back and he likes Kurt! I knew it was coming and I knew it was him, but at the same time, I really hoped it wasn’t him. I mean, I love Klaine and I don’t want another person getting in the way! Ahh! I freaked out. Anyways, Karofski says to Kurt that he has helped him a lot and likes him. And Kurt wants him to be happy and all, but Kurt isn’t about to leave Blaine (yay <3) and that’s what he tells Karofski, who gets mad and leaves. And on his way out, he runs into some guy named Nick, who I’m guessing goes to Karofski’s new school?

Rachel and Finn make up (you don’t see it), agree to try again and be more better for when they actually are married and living together and are ready to sleep. Then they notice it is only 7:30 so they agree to head over to Breadstix to be with their friends on V-Day. Downstairs Rachel’s dads hear the quiet and realize that they must have made up, meaning that their plan failed. Yes, Hiram and Leroy set it all up so that Rachel and Finn DON’T get married. How devious. And smart. 😉 Their discussion is cut off by Finn and Rachel on their way out to Breadstix. And before they go, they say that they decided to push the wedding up to May, after Nationals! Boom…Dads are shocked.

At Breadstix, Sugar welcomes her attendees and give them all gifts too. Then the God Squad announces that love is love so they will indeed sing to Brittany from Santana. So with Quinn on lead, they sing a mashup of ‘Cherish/Cherish’. It is catchy and cute and Sam is totes staring at Mercedes the whole time. Plus, there’s a cute Brittana kiss at the end. ❤ After their song, Sugar takes the mic again and introduces another person…..BLAINE! He comes in wearing an eye patch, which he soon rips off. Kurt’s face just lights up! ❤ Then Blaine sings ‘Love Shack’ with Mercedes, Brittany and Rachel and Kurt. It’s fun and loud and cute and Klaine is soooooo adorable! <33333 There are heart balloons and lots of red. Plus, it may mean nothing, but Quinn was dancing with Joe….they’d be cute together, right….?

And then it ends with a simple but meaningful Whitney Houston memorial at the end. They had to go back in and put that in this weekend, which is pretty much not allowed, but then again, they re-did the entire Grammys in a day so….

Overall, the episode was really good and I only wish the Samcedes story line wasn’t so sad. But other than that, it was really great. 🙂 As for next week, the last episode before the 7 week break, here is the promo for 3×14 called ‘On My Way’.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Isn’t this craaaazy? I mean Sue is preggers? Rachel and Finn tie the knot? Blaine serenades Kurt? More Sebastian drama? ND sing Kelly Clarkson? Regionals? Quinn ranting at Rachel? Her dads trying to stop the wedding? I’m gonna die. I, no lie, watched this promo 20 times in a row! I’m so excited!

That’s all for now! Any comments? 😀


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