Songs for the Winter Finale (3×14)

Yes, it is the winter finale and that means no Glee for 7 weeks. Plus, there is to be a HUGE cliffhanger and speculation is that it is either (or both) Karosfski does suicide or Quinn gets in a car accident. Like, OMG! How are we suppose to survive 7 whole weeks (49 days!) with an ending like THAT? Ugh, okay well anyways, here is the songs for episode 3×14 called On My Way, which is the Regionals episode.

Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) (by Kelly Clarkson) sung by Santana, Mercedes and Brittany

Fly/I Believe I Can Fly (by Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna/R. Kelly) sung by New Directions

Here’s To Us (by Halestorm) sung by Rachel

Cough Syrup (by Young The Giant) sung by Blaine

Glad You Came (by The Wanted) sung by the Warblers

Video for Glad You Came

Stand (by Lenny Kravitz) sung by the Warblers


Those are all the songs. Now for my criticism :).

I love their Kelly Clarkson song and they do a great job with it! In fact, Santana sounds so much like Kelly at the beginning at the song. But why doesn’t Sugar sing with them? She was a TT girl…?

The ND mashup is okay….I’m not a fan of either of the songs, but they mash up together pretty good. And it’s pretty cool to hear Santana and Blaine rap! 🙂

Rachel finally has another solo, which like always, she does AMAZING with. I wonder if she sings it to Finn? Maybe it ties into her wedding somehow?

Blaine’s song is super cute and in the promo you see him singing on stage to Kurt. This song is cute and he does a fab job with it. The only thing I don’t like, and I know it’ not Glee’s fault, is the name…Cough Syrup? Kinda weird….. :S

The Warblers have 2 songs yet I’m not a fan of them. The Warblers have done much better songs in the past, so I’m not pleased with the song choice. Out of the two, Glad You Came is my fave. I also hope he isn’t singing to Blaine…. because some people say he is.

So those are the songs. I’m super excited for the episode. So much drama and a cliffhanger (not to excited for that) and some cool music. Tell me what you think of the music or the episode or anything, actually. I love to hear it! 😀


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