3×14 On My Way

It’s day 1 of the 49 Days Of Agony until the next new episode of Glee. Rawr.

On a more postive-ish note, last night’s episode of Glee was great. It was sooooo dramatic, I can’t even fathom it. Yes, I give 3×14 On My Way an 7.5 out of 10. I would have probably rated it higher if there wasn’t a HUUUUUUGE cliffhanger. I’m not gonna spoil it right now. I want to tell you what happens before that. Can I just say: CRAZY!

Rachel and Kurt are at Lima Bean picking wedding decor and dresses when resident evil Warbler Sebastian comes up and, like always, insults them. But he also has a ‘gift’ for Rachel. It’s some inappropriate pictures of Finn that were photoshopped. And unless Rachel doesn’t sing at Regionals, Sebastian will upload them all over the internet. BLACKMAIL, much!

Rachel shows the photos to New Directions. Artie says that the Warblers could be disqualified but Blaine says that if they complain nothing will happen again. Rachel doesn’t care-she says she will perform anyways. Even if the pics of Finn will be uploaded, which makes Finn mad. Rachel wants to win to better her NYADA chances, but Finn is still a bit mad at her, and rightly so, and storms out.

Sue and Quinn have a conversation in Sue’s office. Sue announces that she is pregnant. I was like ‘woah!’ Quinn, although a bit skeptical, gives Sue some advice for morning sickness, which Sue claims to get often. Quinn’s advice may just to soften Sue up because Quinn then asks Sue if she can re-join Cheerios. And Sue says No.

Blaine is on the stage when Kurt comes over, clearly invited. Blaine says that he found a great song to sing that’ll show how mad and confusing life can get. So Kurt sits down (it’s not a cute romantic song) and Blaine sings ‘Cough Syrup’. I Googled the lyrics, because when Blaine sings it can be hard to hear, and as it turns out, the song is all about getting high on cough syrup and seeing the world in a hallucinating way. Random…. But the real sad part is during the song, we see Dave Karofski at his new school. Apparently, that guy Nick told everyone that he is gay and they started publicly bullying him and sending hate messages on the internet. So Karofski gets really sad and at home does a lot of thinking. And in the end, he does suicide. It was so sad. Of all the characters, Karofski plays with my emotions the most. In season 1 and 2, I hated him for what he did to Kurt yet at the same time, I liked him for sending Kurt away and to Blaine. Then when he apologized to Kurt I liked him again and especially when they met up in the bar in season 3. But I never really loved him. I guess the mean things he did to Kurt and everyone else stood out to me the most. But now, as he seriously took his life, I felt soooo bad for him! Super sad.

At the school, Figgins tells Sue, Emma, Will and Beiste about Karofski (where are all the other teachers?). They are all shocked and sad and Sue says she feels partially responsible because they were all harsh on him when dealing with Kurt. But Will reasons that no one knew but couldn’t even do anything if they had.

In the God Squad (yay Joe is back!) they all pray for Karofski who isn’t dead because his dad found and saved him but Karofski is in the hospital now. Quinn says that as much as she had been in low moments, she would never ever consider taking her life. Kurt, who was watching and listening, gets mad at her for saying that, as she clearly doesn’t understand what he went through. Kurt says that he came to God Squad because he also feels responsable. Karofski had been calling him all week since V-Day, and Kurt never answered. Kurt thinks that if he did, maybe things would be different. Mercedes tells Kurt that they’re sending him food and Kurt can go deliver it if he wants.

Finn, who had been mad at Rachel, says sorry to her in the hallway. She says sorry to and also says that she will not sing. But Finn says she can. Rachel then tells Finn that there’s no time like the present and that she wants to get married…like in a week. Right after their Regionals win. And Finn is all in. WHY? I supported their marriage thing because I think they are perfect together and stuff, but moving the whole entire thing to a few days? STUPID.

Sebastian calls some members of ND to the Lima Bean. Those members are: Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Brittany. Sebastian tells them that starting now, he wants a fair game and he is really sorry for everything: the slushie, the blackmailing, the names….everything. They don’t buy it, but Sebastian seems legit. His reasoning? At the bar one day, he chatted with Karofski and told him that he was too fat and ugly and a bunch of other insults. SEBASTIAN HAS A CONSCIENCE! He feels a bit responsible to Karofski’s attempts at death too. Sebastian tells them that the Warblers dedicate their songs to Karofski and will even get the crowd to donate money to help a foundation.

ND meets on the stage for a talk. It starts out great when Mr. Schue lets Rory eat Peanut Butter for the first time (and he loves it!) but it then turns grim. Mr. Schue says that when he was a teen, he wanted to die too. He cheated on a test and didn’t want to face his dad when he got caught. Everyone (Kurt especially) was crying a bit. Then Will says that no matter how sad or lonely they feel, they have to picture their amazing hopes for the future and makes them all say what they look froward too one day. They all had sweet goals. Blaine wanted legalization of sam-sex marriage in all 50 states, Finn wants to get his dad’s discharge changed to an honorable one and Rachel wanted to be friends with them all forever….. It’s nice.

Finally, it’s Regionals time! The Warblers sing first. They sing ‘Stand’ first. It’s good and upbeat and Finn even cheers. 🙂 At the end, Sebastian tells the audience to donate money. Then they sing ‘Glad You Came’ and it’s good too. Nothing super special. Nothing wowing. :S Then the other no-name group called the Golden Goblets sing some slow opera song. Backstage, Finn and Rachel tells their peers about the wedding on Saturday that they are all still invited too and thanks them for their constant support. Then ND does a group cheer and is ready to go! They sing a mashup of ‘Fly’ and ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. It’s not the best and they probably could have done something much better, but it was good. Plus Blaine and Santana rapped, which is always entertaining! 🙂 Then the ex-TroubleTone girls sing ‘Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)’ and it’s pretty great too. I’m glad Will kept his promise to them. Then finally, Rachel comes out and sings ‘Here’s To Us’ and she does a good job. For a while, it’s just her on stage singing, which was odd. But her dads were loving it. Then the rest of ND comes out for the second half of the song and Rachel keeps staring at Finn when she sings.

Then finally, the results were announced by some odd vampire guy….no comment…. In 3rd place, the Golden Goblets. In 2nd, The Warblers. Which means, NEW DIRECTIONS WINS! They go crazy. However, it was kinda obvious. I mean, say ND didn’t win, what would the rest of season 3 be about? And also, 3 songs? Come on. Every year they sing one more song. I mean, it used to be one or two at most, but 3? Hey, here’s an idea, take out one song and put in some more dialogue so you don’t have to keep cutting out scenes!

After the win, Sue talks to Quinn again. Sue says that she admires Quinn and also gives her uniform back. Yes, Quinn is back on the Cheerios to end her highschool career with a bang! Quinn just beams and puts it on. In the hall, she runs into Rachel. Happy from her new Cheerios position, she says that she would love to come to the wedding and support them. Rachel agrees with a smile. 🙂

Like he agreed, Kurt goes to the hospital to see Karofski. It was super sad because they were both crying. Karofski says that he felt to lonely and sad and even his mother didn’t accept him and how he couldn’t stand a week of it. They talk for a bit and then Kurt mentions Mr. Schue’s exercise to picture your bright future. Kurt helps Karofski do it and together, they picture Karofski as a rich sports agent who is taking his son to a football game and he is married too. They even show a blurry picture of it, like it’s a dream. It was pretty cool how they filmed that. But the best part is, Karofski realizes how happy he’d be. Yes, he sees the light! In the end, Kurt and Karofski agree to be friends. Awww, cute friend Kurtofski moment.

It’s wedding time! At the hall, Sue comes and congratulates Will on the win. Then she tells him that she is preggo. Sue even offers to help Will and ND win Nationals too. She is being crazy nice and emotional. I don’t know how long it’ll last and I’m not to sure I like it either. Crazy mean Sue is funny Sue and I enjoy watching that.

As for the parents of the couple, they are still totally against the wedding.  Too bad for them it’s kinda late. Hiram makes all these crazy plans to stop it. He seems like a fun guy. 🙂 But they all agree to a crazy plan and hope for the best.

In the hall, Finn (in his tux) sees Rachel (in her pretty dress). They are so happy and in love, I love them! 😀 At the same time, Rachel has her phone and gets a message from Quinn, who forgot her bridesmaids dress and is running late. Everyone is ready for this wedding to happen and if they don’t start, they’ll lose the chance. But Rachel really wants to wait for Quinn and hold off a bit longer. She is texting her frantically while Hiram formulates new wild plans. We see Quinn driving on some farm road and she keeps getting texts from Rachel but can’t reply. Finally, Quinn, WHILE DRIVING, picks up her phone and tries to send a reply saying ‘on my way’ but as she does, a car rams into the driver’s side door.

And. It. Ends.  Yes, the car hitting Quinn’s side is the last thing we will see for 7 weeks. Sucks. I mean, good for them because they will keep fans hooked, but soooo hard because we have so many questions. Will she die? What will happen if she does? Do Finn and Rachel end up getting married? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

This pic was leaked so we can maybe believe that she doesn’t die but is in a wheel chair. But is it permanent? :O We will find out in 48 days when the next new episode called ‘Big Brother’ airs.

All in all, the episode was great. Very dramatic. I think the topics they covered were deep and powerful and I don’t think they went too far, as some say they did. I’m also a bit upset that the scene from the promo where Quinn says to Rachel that she is ruining her life was cut out.

Until then, stay strong fellow Gleeks!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Audrey
    Feb 23, 2012 @ 11:08:35

    omg. The car crash scene is so insane. I was crying like crazy. Im so sad, i think Quinn lives because in the promo for on my way it showed Quinn tormenting Rachel. Im scared. How can we wait for 7 weeks, I dont have cable. waa


    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 25, 2012 @ 11:47:37

      I know it was so dramatic! I think she lives too. I hope she lives, at least! And 7 weeks will be hard, but we can make it through!:S Darn cliffhangers, making us all crazy!


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