More Spoilers for 3×16 Saturday Night Glee-ver

After the 7 week break is over we get episode 3×15 called Big Brother. And after that, we get episode 3×16 called Saturday Night Glee-ver. Cute pun. This episode is all about the disco music. I’m excited, but I’m not totally thrilled with the UNOFFICAL song list that has been released. Here is the list:

  • Stayin’ Alive (by the Bee Gees) sung by Kurt and Santana
  • More Than A Woman (by the Bee Gees) sung by Mercedes
  • Boogie Shoes (by KC and The Sunshine Band) sung by Rachel and Finn
  • You Should Be Dancing (by the Bee Gees) sung by Blaine and ND
  • Disco Inferno (by The Tramps) sung by Joe, Tina, Puck, Mercedes and ND
  • Night Fever (sung by the Bee Gees) sung by Sam
  • If I Can’t Have You (by Yvonne Elliman) sung by Brittany and Santana

Those are the UNOFFICAL SONGS. There are 3 songs by the ‘Bee Gees’, which is a lot considering it’s not really a tribute episode to them specifically. Also, I’m a bit sad that Artie isn’t singing Boogie Shoes because in season 1 he said he loved that song. There is also a Brittana duet! Yaaaaay! They haven’t had one in a while! Also this combinations is a bit odd: Kurt and Santana? Why them, I wonder?

That’s all for now!

P.S. It’s day 10 of the 49 Days of Agony

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  1. Gleek Me
    Mar 03, 2012 @ 17:01:47

    dear day 11 of agony


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