Big Brother 3×15 Promo

FINALLY! THE PROMO HAS BEEN RELEASED!!!!!!! It’s true. So here it is:

15 Seconds is a bit small considering the weeks of waiting we have to endure, but it’s better than nothing. The song in the background is Goyte’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, which as you can hear is sung by either Blaine or Cooper. For all you Faberry fans out there (honestly, I can’t understand this paring. They are so not right for each other) you may be happy as Rachel seems very VERY upset about the accident. Even saying sorry like it’s her fault. Maybe Finn and Rachel didn’t even get married because of it? AHHHH I want to see the episode NOW!

P.S. It’s day 29 of the 49 Days of Agony.

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