Glee Sneak Peek! Watch!!!

I normally don’t post 2 days in a row, but this is too amazing to wait. Last night I was trolling the glee world and I saw this sneak peek video. It was so amazing and epic and I was so happy. I’m pretty sure the Glee people are trying to kill us. First, they make us wait forever and a day to see the new episode and now they overload us with mind-blowing videos? Anyhoo, check it out!

First off, when we see the scene when Blaine introduces Kurt to Cooper, he still doesn’t look too pleased to see him. And why hasn’t Kurt heard of him before? And if you watch carefully, at 0:23, Sue comes up in the background on the right side and stares at something agape. Could it be Cooper? Rumor has it that Sue kisses Cooper in the episode!!!! Ohmagosh! Maybe Cooper is the father of Sue’s baby????!!!!???? Sue did say that it may be a famous person and Kurt recognized Cooper from the ad…..OHMAGOSH. Then we hear Matt Bomer recite the funny ad. They’re saying that maybe Kurt has a crush on Cooper. I don’t believe that one bit.  Then we see Blaine and Cooper sing ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. Gosh, it’s soooo good <3. But then we have to wonder. Glee has a knack for using songs that relate to the story lines really well so we maybe wonder if Cooper and Blaine are possibly estranged from each other a bit. Maybe Cooper kinda ditched Blaine? It’s a fact that we do see some Anderson flashbacks so….maybe?

Anyhoo, if you haven’t seen the longer promo, you must do so. 🙂 I posted it yesterday.




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