Hear ALL The Songs From Big Brother (3×15)

AHHHHHH! After minute by minute checking on my part, all the songs were FINALLY released!  Here we go!

Hungry Like The Wolf/Rio sung by Blaine and Cooper

Fighter sung by Blaine


Somebody That I Used To Know sung by Blaine and Cooper

I’m Still Standing sung by Artie and Quinn

Up Up Up sung by Artie and Quinn

So there are the songs.

I like’ Hungry Like The Wolf/Rio’. It’s catchy. And Cooper and Blaine do a stellar job with it! People say it’s bad, but I like it!

Ohmagosh, Blaine’s ‘Fighter’ song is amazing! That is the song that he sings in front of all those screens or pictures or whatever of Cooper. It’s quite obvs that he singing to Cooper. I love the passionate songs, but I hope the ‘Anderbros’ make up in the end.

As for ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, I LOVE THAT SONG. You can literally hear the anger and sadness in Blaine’s voice and same with Cooper. I love it. ❤ ❤ ❤

Quinn and Artie get two songs, ‘Up Up Up’ and ‘I’m Still Standing’. These ones were released late, making many people sad and completely ignoring the rules of FLF (First Listen Friday) which we follow faithfully, but they were FINALLY released this morning. I’m Still Standing is a great song for Quinn in an ironic way (because of the wheelchair thingy). They do a great job with it. This episode, there will be a Quartie friendship, but no romance. I’m glad because I’m still holding out for Quinn/Rory or Quinn/Joe. 🙂

So those are all the songs. Yes, ALL of them. My faves are ‘Somebody I Used To Know’ and ‘Fighter’. What are yours?



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