3×15 Big Brother

AHHHHHHHH It FINALLY happened! After 7 weeks of complete torture, Glee came back! My fangirling was so crazy my father was like “What’s your deal?” and I was like “Glee! It’s been seven weeks! And now it’s BACK!” followed by a loud squeal. Any ways, the episode was called Big Brother. On my scale of 10, it was a 7.5. I mean, at the time, I thought it was fabulous, but I was really just so hyped up on Glee that even if the episode was complete junk, I still would have loved it. But, really, it was pretty good. Here’s what happened 🙂

Rachel and Finn didn’t get married in the end. And Finn suggests that because Nationals is in Chicago, maybe they should tie the knot there. Rachel, however, is preoccupied with thoughts about Quinn, who comes wheeling up with Artie. Quinn says that she’s happy to be alive and is doing fine. Then she and Artie sing Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ in the choir room. It’s an ironic song for them, but uplifting. It’s the best Quartie song of the episode. After the song, Quinn tells ND that she’s doing fine and it’s all temporary. She’s even got some feeling in her legs again. She also swears to be fine in time for Nationals. Was it just me or did Artie look a bit jealous?

In Figgins’ office, he tells Sue that he is making Roz Washington, the swim coach, co-captain of Cheerios. Roz then goes on a big sass rant at Sue. But Sue makes a deal with Figgins. If she can help ND win Nationals and get the school a $10000 prize, she can coach Cheerios alone. And right away she goes at it – teaching Booty Camp for ND. But, naturally, she is super mean to them all. So when Will confronts her, she blames it all on her baby hormones. Emma and Will also volunteer to go with Sue to the doctor to find out her baby’s gender.

Now for what the episode is named for, Blaine’s older broski. Cooper, played by Matt Bomer, comes in and meets Kurt, who is in love with him and the ‘Freecreditratingtoday.com/savings’ commercial. We even see the commercial. It’s hilar. 🙂 Even Sue, who pulls Cooper away to get an autograph, compliments Cooper on his work. And the whole time, Blaine looks jealous.

ND plan their Senior Ditch Day. But then Rachel just starts crying and apologizing to Quinn. Quinn WAS texting her and going to her wedding, so Rachel feels responsible. But Quinn doesn’t blame her and gives her a hug. Then she suggests Six Flags for Ditch Day. As they all leave the library, Puck pulls Finn aside to offer him a partnership in his pool cleaning business in California for after they graduate. Finn refuses, because he’s headed to NYC with Rachel. But Puck asks him to at least help him fix a local jacuzzi. Finn agrees.

In ND, Sue introduces Cooper to them. Cooper also kisses Sue 😉 Cooper says that the next day, he will teach an acting class because he is so talented and successful. Then Cooper and Blaine sing a Duran Duran mashup of ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ and ‘Rio’. Yes, ‘Rio’ is the song Kurt suggested the Warblers so in season 2. Anyways, people said that they didn’t like the Anderbro’s song, but I enjoyed it. It was upbeat and fun and funny because Cooper kept trying to upstage Blaine, who again, looked sad and jealous. Poor Blaine.

Then we see Cooper and Blaine at Breadstix eating. Cooper is still criticizing Blaine for everything. And Blaine gets mad. We even see a flashback where young Cooper tells young Blaine that he isn’t a good dancer. Cooper doesn’t remember anything, but says sorry and says he wants to connect with Blaine.

For all you new Quartie shippers (Not me), we see more of them because Artie helps Quinn wheel herself up a huge ramp. She manages to get up and even make some pregnancy jokes. It’s a sweet friendship moment.

Now for Cooper’s acting class. He starts off by telling them that NYC and college is lame and TV and movies are where it’s at. Then he gives them tips for a perfect headshot. Then he says the best thing you can do in a dramatic scene is to point your fingers….a lot. Everyone but Blaine is taking notes and when Blaine says that the tips are stupid, Cooper denies it. Then he gives them more tips like ignore all other actors and scream your words to be intense. LIKE THIS! *points finger*. Then Cooper pulls out an NCIS script and has the teens all act out the scenes. Tina is the dead person and Rachel and Blaine are the investigators. Rachel uses all the tips and points her finger during the scene but Blaine refuses to and yells at Cooper. But he has no support from anyone else because they all love and support Cooper and his “cray cray” tips.

Finn is helping Puck fix a jacuzzi. Puck still offers Finn the job in Cali. Finn still refuses, but Puck says that he needs to think of himself and not just Rachel. I think Puck has a point. I mean, Finn has no dreams and is only doing what Rachel wants, but at the same time, she loves him and vice versa and NYC is her dream.

Sue and Will and Emma are at the doctors. Sue tells them she wants a girl because guys are gross. Then the doctor tells Sue that the baby is indeed a girl, but it has some irregularities…. I’m not a doctor or anything so does that mean the baby has a disability or something? Because if she does, I think Sue would do okay with her because of her experience with Jean and Becky. :S Anyways, Sue looks pretty shocked.

Rory and everyone is a fan of Cooper. I mean, who isn’t? He is gorgeous! Anyways, then Cooper sees Blaine and tells him he got an audition for a “Michael freakin Bay movie” (did anyone else start singing ‘Harry Freakin Potter’ in their head? I did! XD) and he thinks it’s a Transformers 4 movie. But when Blaine was super excited for Cooper, Coop suggests that they ditch school so Blaine can help him run lines. And that brings Blaine to the tipping point because he gets mad at Cooper and then sings Christina Aguilera’s ‘Fighter’. We see Blaine working out in the locker room again (HAWT) and in the shower and on stage with videos of Cooper in the background. It was a great song for Blaine and you can so hear the emotion in the song. I felt so bad for Blaine.

Finn is in tha hallway, texting while walking when he almost steps on Joe Hart’s shoeless feet. Quinn comes up and tells him that doing that is the first step to getting into her situation. She’s right.  Then Artie comes and Quinn tells Finn that she and Artie won’t be going to Six Flags because they are doing other things. 🙂

Sue is in her office when Becky comes in. She hugs Sue and tells her that she’s happy that it’s a girl. Then she gives Sue a parenting tip – Be more patient. That’s a good tip for Sue actually. 🙂

                Finally, it’s Ditch Day. Artie and Quinn arrive at a skate park for handicapped people. It’s very cool how they can do all the tricks and flips even in their situations and I can’t even go down my driveway on a skateboard in a straight line. 🙂 Artie and Quinn sing ‘Up Up Up’ at the park and have fun. We also see ND at the amusement park. They have a lot of fun and even go on a crazy roller coaster. LOL look at their faces, especially Puck and Kurt’s.  😀  Quinn and Artie end up having fun and Quinn enjoys the day…until Quinn and Artie get into a little spat about Quinn’s condition. Artie says that he’s been where she is and she has to face the facts. In other words, he says she will be like that forever. And Quinn gets really defensive and says that she WILL walk and she WILL go to Yale. I congratulate her for being to positive, but Artie could be right. I also think Artie is jealous that she may be able to walk again and he can’t.

The next day, Joe talks to Quinn in the hall. He says he prayed for her and wants to accept her journey. Quinn gets a bit defensive again but then thanks him. And says that he is inspiring. Then she asks him what he’s doing after school…..It’s obvs a ND thing (YAAAAAY!!!) but I’m so super happy because I totes ship Quinn and Joe. They are so cute together and I even heard that in future episodes, they MAY date!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ It’s Booty Camp time again, and Quinn brings out Joe. And Brittany yells “Teen Jesus!” Then Sue takes the floor and apologizes for being mean. In fact, she even sorta compliments them. 

At Blaine’s locker, Kurt gives him a puppy toy that he stole from Rachel. Apparently, Blaine didn’t come with them. He isn’t a senior anyways, right? Kurt then tells Blaine that even though Finn is super annoying and they argue a lot, he still loves him and that Blaine shouldn’t give up on Cooper. Kurt also says that Blaine shouldn’t talk through their issues….they should sing! So Blaine does. He and Cooper sing an AMAZING version of the hit song ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. It was amazing and sad and an interesting version of a breakup song. I think it was better than the original! 🙂 In the end, Cooper says an honest sorry to Blaine and even says he is really talented. They hug and make up and Blaine volunteers to help Cooper make an audition tape.

The last scene was a Finchel one. Finn asks Rachel about California and Puck’s job offer. But Rachel says no right away and that she is going to NYC for sure and she needs Finn to come. But Finn says that she needs to think of him too and love him not what she wants him to do. Then he walks away. The end. See? It was a pretty good episode and I think Matt Bomer did a great job as Cooper. You know who I think would be a good friend for Cooper? Jesse St James. I think they have the same personality, you know? 🙂 So that’s what happened on 3×15 Big Brother! 🙂

BTW, it wasn’t in the episode but it was released today, but Blaine and Cooper DID make a tape. It’s so funny. Here it is!

Isn’t that hilar? Hahah too bad Cooper isn’t coming back….

You know what else was released? The promo for next weeks episode, 3×16 called Saturday Night Glee-ver. Here is the promo!

I am so excited! I’m not a fan of disco music but I think Glee will do a pretty good job with it. Plus, Jesse St  James and Wade (played by The Glee Project’s Alex Newell) comes in! YAAAAAY!!!!!

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