3×16 Saturday Night Glee-ver

Well, last night’s episode of Glee came and went. There were some funny parts, new people and fresh returns. But overall, I must say that the episode wasn’t the best. The music was less than satisfactory, which, for me, was what brought it down.  On the plus side, there were some adorable moments between many couples. So overall, I give Saturday Night Glee-ver a 6.5 out of 10. Here’s what happened. 🙂

It starts off right away with a song. It’s ‘You Should Be Dancing’ and it’s sung by Blaine, Mike and Brittany, who also do some cool dancing. I think the song was not a good fit for Blaine’s gorgeous voice. And after their song, the members of ND make it clear to Mr. Schue, who loved their song, that “DISCO SUCKS!” I have to agree. So in Sue’s office a bit later, Will and Sue discuss songs. Sue says that they should to the Saturday Night Fever album. Will agrees, but knows the kids won’t be happy. So Sue suggests a prize. She thinks that by having some prize, they will be happy enough. We even see some flashbacks from past seasons of ND getting excited over “swag”.

Kurt and Mercedes are talking about their futures when in comes Wade. Wade is a member of Vocal Adrenaline (uh-oh!) and Mercedes and Kurt’s biggest fan ever. He is played by Alex Newell, the runner-up in The Glee Project. He, like Lindsay, gets two episodes and this is his first. Wade tells Kurt and Mercedes that he is shy and scared to be who he is so he has an ‘alter ego’ type thing named Unique who he acts as when he isn’t brave enough. The issue? Unique is a girl. Wade wants to be Unique when he performs for VA so he wants to wear a dress and heels and wig. For anyone who saw TGP, you’d know that it was something Alex often did. It started as a joke, but Ryan Murphy liked it so he did it again. Anyways, Wade asks Mercedes and Kurt for advice, but they right away reject the idea. After all, being gay is bad enough in Lima.

In the choir room, Will and Sue have set up a large light up disco floor. So when the teens remind the adults again that disco is lame, Sue announces a prize, which is a replica of John Travolta’s white disco suit (made by Becky). So Will, Blaine and Joe sing ‘Night Fever’  and the rest of ND all join in and dance. Will announces the winners who are in running for the suit. Turns out that the contest was rigged because he picked them purposely. Will had figured that they are the only seniors in ND who don’t have solid futures planned. He tells them to sing a song from Saturday Night Fever and then announce their dream. Mercedes, as she leaves, says in a voice over, that she has many dreams. She just can’t get on the path to get there. But she sings ‘Disco Inferno’ with Brittany and Santana. Then she tells them that her dream is to be like her idols, Whitney (next week!), Mariah and Aretha but doesn’t know how. The scene ends with Sam looking at his phone where he has a video of Mercedes singing her disco song and a thoughtful expression.

In the hall, Kurt advises Rachel to talk to Finn, as apparently, they aren’t speaking. But Rachel, being the stubborn person she is, refuses and says he can come to her first. Finn however, talks to Puck, who is still planning on LA. Again, Finn says no. And then we find out why Puck is so persistent of Finn coming. The truth is, Puck is scared of the big city and need his best friend, Finn, to come. Finn (like me) laughs and says Puck can do anything no prob. So Puck tells Finn that he better hurry up and find a good and big dream because he owes it to himself and Puck now too.

Back in the choir room, Santana sings ‘If I Can’t Have You’. She does a good job, I suppose and it was obvious that she was singing to Brittany (awww). And all during the songs, we see the couples look at each other. Kurt looks at Blaine, Finn looks at Rachel, Sam looks at Mercedes and Mike looks at Tina. Double awwww! After the song, Santana says her dream is to be famous. But it’s not really a dream because she is 100% sure that she WILL be famous one day, no matter what. Now it’s Brittany who gets an idea….

Sue, who still has some evil left in her, talks with Kurt and Mercedes. They assure Sue that they were just giving good advice. But Sue says that they should have told him that he SHOULD dress as Unique so he (she?) would fail on stage and they have a better chance of winning at Nationals against VA. Sue even gives the two of them a pair of large bedazzled heels to give to Wade. But by the looks on Kurt and Mercedes’ faces, they aren’t sure.

Rachel tweets Finn, who comes to the stage. They apologize and hug and Rachel tells Finn that they need to focus on his dream too and she’d be okay with not going to NYC if he doesn’t want to. Then she sings ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. It’s probably the best song of the episode. During the song, we see Rachel and Finn in Emma’s office while she and Will show Finn some info booklets. Finn is smiling through it all, as is Rachel. After the song, they kiss (yaaaay Finchel!). But then when we see them in the guidance office again, Emma gives Finn some booklets to look through and as soon as he leaves, he throws them out right away.

In the hallway, people are staring at Santana. And we find out why when Brittany comes up and says she put a sex tape online and mixed it with Lord Tubbington doing chores in the house.


Britt says she did it so Santana could be famous (good intentions) but Santana isn’t happy.

Will pulls Finn aside and shows him the booklets Finn had dumped. Will says he saw the fake-ness in Finn’s smiles so he followed him out. Finn gets mad and frustrated and says that what he wants is to stop time and just be young person. Playing football and hearing the crowd cheer. But Will says he knows Finn has a dream but is just too scared to admit it. So he sits Finn down and makes him watch Saturday Night Fever on VHS.

Santana gets more attention, and isn’t pleased. Plus, Brittany has more plans for enhance her fame. She tells Santana that he needs to get on TV so she suggests ‘Hoarding’ in her car or eating odd things to be on ‘Fear Factor’. Fail ideas, really.

Kurt and Mercedes sent the shoes to Wade, but now regret it because they go to find him before he goes on to perform a VA concert. But Wade loved the heels, has courage and refuses to change now. And Kurt and Mercedes don’t get a chance to say more because guess who interferes? JESSE ST JAMES!!!! He’s still as rude and funny as ever and he sends Kurt and Mercedes out. Then Unique performs in a dress and all and sings ‘Boogie Shoes’ with fellow VA members. They do great and Unique rocks the house. Even the crowd loves it. The only hater? Jesse. He was fuming.

More Finchel moments occur because Finn finds a song to sing and gets Rachel to dance with him. So Finn sings ‘More Than A Woman’ and the couples dances along with Klaine, Brittana and Chang-Chang. Couple shippers everywhere unite <3! It was adorable and they were all so happy, so it made the awfully high vocals less annoying. After the song, Finn sits Rachel down and tells her that he has a found his dream. He tells her that after watching Saturday Night Fever, he decided that he for sure wants to go to NYC with Rachel and be an actor like Tony, a character from SNF. I know nothing about SNF other than John Travolta stars in it, so I was a bit confused. Anyhoo, Rachel was super happy and they hug and smile and kiss and I, being a hardcore Finchel shipper, was VERY happy! 😀

Kurt and Mercedes are briefly discussing Unique when Sam comes up and pulls Mercedes aside. He shows her a video that he posted on Youtube of her singing ‘Disco Inferno’. Mercedes is at first a bit mad, but Sam shows her all the good comments the video got and she isn’t too mad. Then he says she can do anything she wants. THEN THEY KISS! 😀 SAMCEDES IS MAKING A COMEBACK! It’s not for sure that they are dating (I hope so) but a kiss is a step in the right direction! ❤

As for Santana, Sue talks to her and Brittany about the tape. Santana admits she doesn’t want fame like that. And then Sue gives her an acceptance letter to a college. Santana gets a full ride to a cheerleading place. And even though that’s not her preference, Sue says that it’ll get her a step forward to fame. And when Santana thanks Sue, Sue says that it was all Brittany’s idea. Her one good idea that happens every few years XD. That leads to an exchange of “I love you’s” and a huge hug. Brittana fans get happy too!

In the choir room, Sue brings out the three ‘winners’ dressed in white disco suits. And that prompts them all to dress up in matching suits and dance to Finn, Mercedes and Santana singing ‘Stayin’ Alive’. Again, not the best song, but it was good. Fun fact for y’all: Stayin’ Alive is the perfect song to perform CPR to. There, I may have just helped you save someone’s life. 🙂

And that, my fellow Gleeks, is what happened in 3×16 Saturday Night Glee-ver. I’ll say it again, the music was bad. They all have wonderful voices and all the songs were high pitched and just wrong for them…..Fail. Also, Quinn, Rory and Sugar were missing. I saw Quinn at the beginning for like one second and then after that, she was gone. Same with Rory and Sugar. I don’t think there was a story behind it, so don’t think to much. :S

As for next week, the episode is called ‘Dance With Somebody’ because it’s the Whitney Houston tribute episode. 🙂 Aaaaaaand, here is the EPIC promo.

Hold on a moment while I stop screaming…. *deep breath* Okay…I’m calm… First, Puck is such a softie and I’m glad the boys are all bros now. 🙂 Secondly, JOE AND QUINN!!!! I freaked out when I saw that! MY SHIP IS SETTING SAIL! So I guess Quinn can walk again. Then some Hummel family drama (where doesn’t Burt want Kurt to go????) and some Wemma news. I think we will see a wedding happen after all! 😀 I’m sooooooooooo excited for this episode…mostly for the Fabhart parts. And also, I heard there will be some Klaine drama too. Uh-oh, I hope they don’t split!!! :S

Lastly, I have some spoilers for you. The next few episodes have names… 3×18 ‘Choke’ (Whoopie Goldberg comes in this episode), 3×19 ‘Prom-A-Saures’ (The dinosaur themed promo episode where Brittany sings ‘D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R’ by Ke$Ha) and lastly, 3×20 ‘Props’. And I’m not sure the story behind this….disturbing pic, but check it out 😉

Yes, that IS Puck. In what looks like a mashup of Kurt and Blaine's wardrobe.... So many questions...

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