All the ‘Dance With Somebody’ Songs….LISTEN!

Haaay! So on Tuesday is the exciting Whitney Houston tribute episode and all the songs were released. Here they are:

I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) sung by Brittany and Santana

How Will I Know sung by Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel and Santana

How Will I Know full video

So Emotional sung by Rachel and Santana

Saving All My Love For You sung by Joe and Quinn

It’s Not Right But Okay sung by Blaine

I Have Nothing sung by Kurt

My Love Is Your Love sung by New Directions

So those are the songs…ALL OF THEM. 🙂

I like the Brittana song, it’s fun and upbeat! 🙂 It’s also very iconic.

The song sung by Mercedes, Kurt, Rachel and Santana isn’t that good. It’s really repetitive and the video is odd….who keeps lit candles in their locker??? This is the song from the promo.

Next is a ‘Pezberry’ song (seriously, who ships them?) and it’s good. Both Rachel and Santana are great singers so together, it’s super! Plus, as we saw in the promo, Santana and Rachel aren’t at each other’s throats and it’s a sweet friendship moment. 🙂

I literally spit cookie crumbs over the computer as I screamed when I saw that my new fave couple (Joe and Quinn) has a song!!!! I love them and now I love this song too. Fabhart forever!!!! I really really REALLY hope they date. REALLY.

As for Blaine’s song, it’s okay (because any song he sings is musical gold) but the message is probably directed to Kurt and its not a sweet love song. As I said before, there will be some Klaine drama in this episode…regarding couple counseling! Plus, *SPOILER ALERT* you know how both Rachel and Kurt are trying to go to NYADA? Well only ONE of them gets in. O_O It’s not known who, but still….

Kurt’s song is super sad and totally directed to Blaine. Gosh, they better stay together or there will be LOTS of sad and mad fangirls that will maybe start a riot. Kurt’s song is soooo emotional. I practically hear his tears!

The last song is a New Directions song. Well, it’s sounds like it’s led by Mercedes and Artie mostly, but that’s okay. It’s good anyways. 🙂

So there we go. All the songs are there. What do you think? I think it’s better than last week’s songs but not as amazing as could be. Let me know what your opinion is 🙂


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