3×17 Dance With Somebody

Hello! Last night we saw Glee’s Whitney Houston tribute episode that was filled with deep songs and DRAMA. I mean it. Klaine fans beware, this episode was a Klaine shipper’s worst nightmare. Anyhoo, on a scale of 1-10, I give ‘Dance With Somebody’ a 7. It was pretty good despite the sad drama.

It starts with a song. Mercedes, Rachel, Kurt and Santana sing ‘How Will I Know’ and it’s glamorous. 🙂 Not my fave song of the episode, but it’s good. But during it, Will watched them with odd looks. And as he tells Emma, he doesn’t understand why they are still hung up on her after all this time. But Emma tells him that it’s not her nesessarily. It’s because they are upset about leaving in a few months and use her to portray their feelings. Emma relates it to the death of Lady Di, who she felt a sadness to in her senior year. So Will decides to make it Whitney week for ND and they have to find songs that help them express what they’re feeling, especially about leaving. Everyone is excited.

Even Kurt, as he tells Blaine in the hallway after, that he has a few songs to choose from and maybe he should do one for his upcoming NYADA audition. Blaine says he’s busy and can’t come help look for songs, leaving Kurt a bit sad. So he goes to the music store alone. And he runs into a new guy named Chandler. He is a hyper gay teen guy who takes a liking to Kurt. UH-OH. They talk and he’s going to NYC too. But don’t worry, Chandler’s episode stay is only this one. But Chandler asks for Kurt’s number….

This is Chandler...making a creepy face...

Brittany and Santana sing Whitney’s iconic ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ in the choir room and on the stage too. They even get ND to dance too, making Quinn a bit upset. As for the song, I think it was a bit of a hey-all-the-other-songs-are-so-deep-and-emotional-so-let’s-take-a-break-from-all-the-drama-and-sing-this-fun-song-and-let’s-let-Brittana-sing-it-so-Brittana-fans-are-happy type thing. :S It was good but random.

In Brittany’s song and in the choir room we see Joe sitting with Quinn all the time. And in the hall, he asks her about her Physical Therapy, which she says isn’t going good. He asks to go with her next time because he cares about her (awwwwww). Quinn agrees, but doesn’t seem too thrilled.

Wemma also gets some large story too, regarding their wedding. Will books a fancy wedding planner and says he wants to move the wedding up from December to May. Emma isn’t too keen on the idea, but she agrees after a cute and passionate kiss. ❤ It’s good to see a couple that isn’t surrounded by drama.

In the hall, Kurt and Rachel talk when Kurt gets a text. Rachel assumes it’s a cute text from Blaine because Finn often does that for her, but Kurt says it’s Chandler and they’re just being friendly. But really, Chandler is TOTALLY HITTING ON KURT with cheesy pickup lines. Rachel says he should stop but Kurt says that he makes Kurt feel special, which Blaine hasn’t been doing lately. But Rachel says that it’s not harmless if he wouldn’t show it to Blaine. Good reasoning on Rachel’s part. I’d like to know what Kurt replies to Chandler’s texts.

As for the budding Joe and Quinn relationship, they sing a song for ND. They sing ‘Saving All My Love For You’. It’s my fave song of the episode and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t listen to it on repeat all weekend as I awaited this episode. It’s so cute and I ship Joe and Quinn. We also see them at Quinn’s Therapy and Joe is helping out. Quinn and Joe make the cutest eye contact and they even go to kiss, but Joe pulls away. AHHHH I love Fabhart (or Jinn or Quoe as they’ve been called). Do you like them?

Will comes back to his apartment to find Emma and the wedding planner talking. But they then learn that they can’t find a big enough place for it due to such short notice. The wedding planner asks for more time and to move the wedding, but Will refuses and the wedding planner leaves. Emma was fine with a wedding no matter when, but Will has the issues.

Rachel and Santana sing a funky song together, ‘So Emotional’. It’s good and fun and they do good with it. And during the song, Kurt is texting Chandler…. -_- …. I like Rachel and Santana songs because they are great singers.

The girls talk to Quinn about Joe in the bathroom. And also, Brittany thinks Joe is a girl…. But Quinn says they are just friends. She also thinks that he doesn’t like her and pulled away from the kiss because she doesn’t like her or her wheelchair. People ship ‘Quinndepenance’ or ‘Quale’ after Quinn’s speech in ‘Michael’. Yes, ‘Quale’ is Quinn and Yale. Yes, it is possible to ship a person and a thing. It’s like in Harry Potter where people ship ‘Drapple’ which is Draco and his apple…..yeah….

Joe also has issue and he goes to Sam for help. He asks what to do when he has ‘feelings’. Remember, Joe has been homeschooled so he has no idea about anything. Sam says he lost the V-card last year when he was working in Kentucky as a stripper. Woah, we didn’t know that…. he also says he wants to be a new type of Christian because resisting is hard. He leaves Joe wondering if he’s to get closer to Quinn or God….. Quinn is Christian too, what say she?

As for Klaine, Blaine finds Kurt’s phone and also all of Kurt’s texts from Chandler. Yikes…. Kurt says he’s just a friend and nothing happened and it’s all fine. But Blaine says it’s cheating and has a hurt puppy look. Kurt brings up Sebastian but Blaine says it was all “family friendly” texts and calls. Kurt says that he just wants to feel loved because Blaine is loved by guys and girls (Rachel). Blaine says he moved schools and everything for Kurt (that he did) but Kurt says he feels like Blaine gets all the solos now too (that is sorta true, but I’m not complaining either). Blaine’s right when he says that Kurt should tell him then. And that leads to Blaine singing ‘It’s Not Right But Okay’ in Glee with ND singing backup and Kurt looking sad and mad and embarrassed and annoyed all at once. After the song Blaine runs out of the room with tears in his eyes. Can I just say that Blaine’s emotions were portrayed perfectly. I also think that as much as I understand Kurt’s points, Blaine’s side is correct. He did nothing wrong at all and Kurt is technically cheating, especially of he isn’t telling Chandler off.

Rachel and Santana also have another scene in tha hall when Rachel says they wasted 3 years hating each other and now they have 42 days to be friends. That’s true. Santana even admits she’ll miss Rachel when they’re gone. 🙂 It’s scenes like that that make fans sad that they’ll be graduating soon.

Kurt is at home prepping the house with sticky notes for when he leaves for NYC and he even tells his dad that he and Blaine aren’t doing so well. I’m surprised his dad isn’t too surprised or upset. We all see Burt as someone who’ll hunt down Blaine if he does anything, but Burt’s oddly calm. Then they have a sweet and sad talk about Kurt leaving for NYC soon. Burt says he’d proud and all that, but he doesn’t want Kurt to go because things will change. After a hug, we hear and see Kurt sing ‘I Have Nothing’  in the choir room. It’s obviously for Blaine who cries during it. He does amazing with it too. Even my dad admits that. 🙂 Yes, my dad watches Glee too. But he ruined all the Klaine moments by making fake sobbing sounds during all their sad scenes because he know how much I love them. :S

In the locker room, Puck has his sad moment when he gives the guys gifts (that he stole) and says that he’ll miss them next year. Not all the guys were there. It was Finn, Sam, Mike and Blaine only. Rory wasn’t there or even in the episode at all again. WHERE IS HE? I hope he isn’t gone for good. He’ll hopefully be back for Nationals. Anyhoo, the guys’ cute moment was sweet <3.

Another important Klaine scene comes when Kurt sets up a couple’s counselling with Emma, who isn’t qualified at all. So she gets Kurt and Blaine to talk about what’s happening and what they dislike about each other. Blaine seems to have a lot of issues because he lists Kurt’s problems like snapping fingers at waitresses to get food faster or putting bronzer in his hand cream, both of which Kurt admits he will change.  But then we find Blaine’s REAL issue. He hates how every time he talks to Kurt, the conversation turns to NYADA talk. And what Blaine really dislikes is how Kurt can’t wait to leave and go to New York and sing and have fun and Blaine will be still in Ohio by himself. Blaine says the reason he’s been so busy and “distant” lately is because he has been preparing himself for life…alone (do you know how much I wanted Kurt to sing ‘Not Alone’ from AVPM? Really badly!) but Kurt says that even when he goes, they’ll Skype every day and visit every weekend and no matter what, Blaine will NEVER lose Kurt. Then Blaine says he loves Kurt and Kurt says it too (this time without almost choking on coffee…sorry I just found that the first time they said ‘I love you’, Kurt’s seemed really fake and meaningless). Then the couple hugs and Klaine fans everywhere probably cry with joy (not me. I’m too “heartless” and “not human” to cry for shows or movies or books and such). I was happy that Klaine is still okay and if anything, this made them stronger. Hopefully they don’t have anymore drama. EVER.

Will surprises Emma when he tells her that he found a great spot for the wedding…a campground….yeah… But Emma, who has OCD doesn’t like it. She also knows the real reason Will wants the wedding so soon…New Directions. He loves those kids sooooo much that he wants them to be at the wedding and if they do it later, they’ll be gone and may not come back. But Emma assures him that no matter where or when the wedding happens, they love Mr. Schue enough to come back.

At Quinn’s next Therapy, Joe is there again and they get to talking. When Quinn sorta insults herself again, Joe tells her that he sees perfection in her (awwww). Joe also says that he’d love to be her boyfriend but he also is following God and that he doesn’t know what to do. Quinn says she’ll never ask him to give up his faith because for her, she likes knowing there’s something that’ll always be there for her. I was disappointed when they didn’t kiss and the scene ends with Quinn saying that Joe and her are “something new”. What’s that mean? I hope they get together this season. I ship them so much. ❤

Blaine, who has learned to compliment Kurt more, does just that when he compliments his hat and even texts him. And also, Kurt told Chandler to stop texting him. When Blaine suggests they ditch Glee because it’s not mandatory, Kurt insists they go because soon, there won’t any more. So they go and join in Mercedes and Artie singing ‘My Love Is Your Love’. I guess everyone had the same thoughts as Kurt because all of ND comes and join in the song too. And we also see Kurt and the girls change his locker deco from Whitney shrine to New Directions memories. Awww, it was sad and sweet at the same time. I may just cry when they graduate. Maybe…

And that’s the episode. It was good and very drama filled and sad too. I hope there is no more Klaine drama and I hope Fabhart becomes and item. And I also hope we do indeed see Wemma’s wedding. Burt and Carole’s wedding was so fun and happy, I want that again. 🙂

As for next week, 3×18 called ‘Choke’, here is the promo!!!!

CRAZY, right????!!!??? I mean, Rachel messes up on ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’????? Really? And also, Blaine is supporting Kurt again as he helps Kurt plan his song. Next, Whoopie Goldberg!!! She seems mean but I only think so because she cuts Rachel’s song. As I said before, it’s known that only one person gets into NYADA, but it’s not confirmed who just yet. I think they want us to believe it’s Rachel based on the promo but I think that’s just a ploy to give us a shock. So maybe it’s Kurt??? RAWR, I don’t want anyone to not get in! As for the song, is ‘choke’ meaning literal choking during the song or just a metaphor? Anyhoo, I like Rachel and Finn’s rehearsing. Rachel’s sad face is funny! And lastly, Sue and Roz seem to team up this episode. I heard they help ND too. Also in this episode, thought it’s not shown, Puck’s dad comes in and also the topic of domestic violence is brought up as one member of ND has some history….Plus they do ‘Cell Block Tango’ from ‘Chicago’ in this episode.

That’s all for now! What say you? XD

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