3×18 Choke

Last night’s Glee episode was sad, drama filled and a huge hint at what Season 4 may hold. Overall, 3×18 Choke wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst. It may however be the 2nd saddest episode (number 1 being ‘Funeral’). I give it a 6.5 out of 10. The music wasn’t that good and it’s  wasn’t very laugh-out-loud. Here’s what went down…

Rachel gives a speech (via voice-over) about her super important audition coming up and the drastic and superstitious measures she’s taking.  It’s very nice to see her so motivated and good to see Finn being supportive of it all too. The only thing is that Rachel can be a bit TOO dramatic. Like seeing people as ‘Murderous Stalkers’? 

As it turns out, resident bad-boy Puck isn’t going to graduate, as he tells Finn in the hallway. He’s failing European Geography. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I am disappointed. Especially when he told Shelby that he is going to try harder for Beth.

In the hall, Brittany tells the girls (minus Rachel) that she needs a good Prom theme and is considering ‘Alien Abductions’. Typical Brittany. But Prom talk is cut short as Coach Beiste walks by sporting a large bruise under her eye. Santana wastes no time in blaming new hubby Cooter and relating it to Chris Brown. But the comments are overheard by Roz Washington, who gets mad at Santana for thinking Domestic Violence is a joke. Roz is so bothered by this that she even talks with Sue about it. Sue agrees with her and they two of them team up to teach the girls a lesson. They inform Will and Beiste, both who are shocked at Santana’s comment. Will thinks that the ND group would never say that. I agree except for Santana. She’d say anything to anyone.

Kurt is still searching for the perfect NYADA song and practises one from Phantom Of The Opera with Tina and Artie’s help. He does good with it and Blaine (being the wonderful supportive bf he is) loves it and says it’s good, but Kurt isn’t so sure. He still thinks he needs a great and unique idea….or more fire.

Puck’s plan to pass Geo is to hit on the teacher. Her name is Ms. Doosenbury. Fun fact: my Canadian Geo teacher last year had the same name, but was spelled differently a bit. I found that pretty funny. Anyhoo, he locks the door and pulls all his fancy moves on her, but she doesn’t fall for it. Instead she tells him that if he wants to pass, he should open a book and study. Gee, no kidding? But Puck doesn’t want to and he gets mad. I think he’s just mad that a frumpy old single lady doesn’t fall for him. He gets mad and says he is done with school. For good. And that leads him into a loud and rocking version of ‘School’s Out’. It’s great to hear a Puck solo. Too bad the other members of ND don’t think so as they give him shocked looks. I’m a bit disappointed that Puck’s dropping out of school so close to graduation.

Sue, Roz and Beiste sit the ND girls (minus Rachel…and Quinn I think…I can’t remember if she was there or not again) down and talk to them about Domestic Violence. Roz tells them about her Aunt who was abused by her Uncle, who seemed like such a nice guy.  The ND girls say that their bf’s wouldn’t EVER do that. Sue tells them that their assignment for the week is to sing songs that empower and encourage women to stand up and leave an abusive relationship.

In the locker room, the guys are working out (Blaine with that punching bag <3) and Mike asks Blaine for some advice on gel. This is quite funny because Blaine starts listing off his best advice. Finn interrupt the gel-talk to talk about Puck’s absence and the fact that he’s dropping out. The guys agree that it’s not good and they will all pitch in to help him pass.

In the hall, Rachel talks about NYADA to Kurt. She plans on singing ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’, which is what she’s been singing since she’s was three. Kurt is still on the fence about songs. Rachel tells him to do a good song like one from Phantom Of The Opera and will even help him. Kurt agrees. 🙂 Glad to see they’re helping each other out.

The girls pick a song for their Domestic Violence assignment. They choose ‘Cell Block Tango’ from ‘Chicago’, which is about women who got so mad at their husbands that they killed them….Needless to say, they do a good job with it. But during the song, Beiste leaves the auditorium in tears because during their song, we see scenes of Cooter and Beiste in their house. As it turns out, Cooter did indeed hit Beiste (but we don’t actually see it). Roz and Sue inform the girls that they chose the wrong song. Then they follow Beiste and find her crying in a classroom. They think she left because it was so bad, but Beiste tells them about Cooter. Apparently, he was drunk one night and she forgot to do some little thing, so he hit her. And right away, he felt bad and asked for forgiveness. Roz and Sue right away that she needs to leave him. But Beiste is a bit reluctant because she doesn’t think she’ll ever find anyone else who will love her. Cue heart breaks everywhere. It was so sad. Then Sue does something nice (ikr WOW) and says Beiste can stay with her for a while.

Puck is cleaning his last pool and he tells the (cougar) woman that it is free because he’ll be leaving soon. But then HE comes….Puck’s dad. We don’t see their interaction until after when he tells Finn about it in the choir room (where the guys are planning an elaborate plan to catch, trap and teach Puck). His dad came, offered him a beer and then admits why he really came: he’s broke. He needs rent money. So Puck told Finn that he gave him $500 and that was only because he knew if he did, he’ll never see him again. Puck also tells Finn that he has decided to get back in school because he doesn’t want to end up like his dad and ask Beth for money one day. So he asks the ND guys for help. They agree 🙂

Finally, it’s audition time! Rachel inform Kurt who the judge is. It’s Carmen, a popular broadway legend. She’s played by Whoopie Goldberg  🙂

Kurt, totally nervous, goes out on stage in his Phantom outfit and tells Carmen what he’ll be singing. She sights and tells Kurt that it’s a common song for auditions. So right then, Kurt decides to change his song. He changes to ‘Not The Boy Next Door’. He brings out Brittany, Mercedes and Tina in matching gold dresses for back up vocals. A few bars into the song, he pulls off his cape to reveal skinny gold pants. For a ‘last second decision’, he has this pretty planned out. Maybe he had this idea in the back of his mind just in case? Anyhoo, Kurt did FANTASTIC and at the end, Carmen says she is impressed with it! 😀 So, I think it’s safe to say, Kurt has really good chances of getting into NYADA. But after that, it’s Rachel’s turn. Before her song, Finn brings her flowers (awww) and she tells him she’s not nervous. Confident or cocky? But when she actually begins to sing, trouble arises. She messes up after a few bars and worriedly tries to retry it. But again, she messes up. This is the song she’s been singing since he was three? Guess she wasn’t so confident after all. When she asks to retry once more, Carmen stops her and says it’s over. Rachel cries. I was sad because we all know how great Rachel can do with that song and how much she REALLY wants this. I think people like Kurt more and are happier that he did better than her. Glee has a lot of Rachel-haters.

All night in the choir room, the guys help Puck cram for his exam. But at 3 am, Puck isn’t too eager to learn and is ready to give up. Finn quizzes him again on Spain’s precipitation patterns. And that leads into a rocking version of ‘The Rain In Spain’. All the guys sing and play guitar and Puck really learns the words just fine, which will help him on the exam.

The next day, Sue talks to Beiste, who apparently didn’t show up to Sue’s house. Beiste says she moved in with her sister (named Denise Beiste… LOL). Beiste then decides to come clean to the ND girls. Through her tears, she tells them about Cooter hitting her and how she left him. I felt bad for her and so did the girls.

Puck is taking his Geography exam (or doodling a cool picture on his exam paper) and he sees the guys peeking in the window. I guess they inspire him because he decides to actually try. And luckily for him, the first few questions he knows from the song. After he hands in the test, he meets the guys in the hall. He tells them that he thinks he passed and he thanks them for helping him. Then he says that all of them taught him how to be a man better than his father ever did. 🙂 BROMANCE!

In the choir room, the girls talk to Beiste and tell her how sorry they are for making jokes. To make it up to her and show her how much they care for her, they sing Florence and The Machine’s ‘Shake It Out’, which is a sad slow song about moving on and being strong. 🙂 But during the song we see Beiste at the table with Cooter in their house. And then he thanks her for giving her a second chance. :O I guess she really did love him and he WAS drunk and she wants to be loved, so she gave him another try. But after the song, the girls hug Beiste. ❤

Kurt finds Rachel in the hall and says how well she did despite her “choke”. But it was obvs he was just being nice. And Rachel knew that because she starts to cry and says she doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s not even sure if she’s going to NYC anymore…. So she walks away from Kurt and sings a super sad song…’Cry’ by Kelly Clarkson. We see her crying and hugging Finn and it’s so darn sad. We also see Puck getting his test results. And he got an F. Too bad, huh? I mean, now what’s he going to do? Stay at school another year? Summer school? The thing is, we don’t know if Mark Salling is confirmed for next season….

And that’s what happened. Sad ending and overall sad episode. 😦

The NEXT episode is hopefully going to be a cheery, happier one. It’s called ‘Prom-asaures’ because it’s the Prom episode and dinosaurs are the theme. Here is the promo 😀

OMG THAT’S SO INTENSE!!!! I mean it’s PROM. And Rachel’s got some angst and Finn gets in yet another fight and I hope he doesn’t actually get kicked out. Here’s the thing: Finn only gets in fights when it’s about a girl. And because he’s fighting with Joe, you know it’s about Quinn. I don’t think Finn likes her again (he better not) but he yells “Stand up!” so maybe he’s mad at her…? I really hope Joe and Quinn dance together. Also Kurt and Blaine. Because they are adorable <3.


Here are some AMAZING Prom pics. Sam and Mercedes dance at prom two years in a row (YAAAAY) and so does Klaine except this time Kurt isn’t in a kilt and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t win Prom Queen. Quinn singing (bravo for her) and lastly, Rachel and Finn. Rachel looks gorgeous!

Here is the song list for 3×19 Prom-asaures!

  • Love You Like A Love Song
  • Take My Breath Away
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry
  • What Makes You Beautiful

Okay, I’ve blabbed on long enough. That’s all for now! Tell me what you think. 🙂

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