Prom Songs!!!! Hear Them Here!

Here they are! The EPIC songs from 3×19 ‘Prom-asaures’ are released on this fine First Listen Friday. I look forward to this day all week.

Big Girls Don’t Cry (by Fergie) sung by Rachel, Blaine and Kurt

Take My Breath Away (by Berlin) sung By Santana and Quinn

Love You Like A Love Song (by Selena Gomez) sung by Santana

DINOSAUR (by Ke$Ha) sung by Brittany

What Makes You Beatiful (by One Direction) sung by Joe, Rory, Sam, Artie and Mike

What Makes You Beautiful full video

Ahhhhh! There they are and I’m soooo excited!

First, Rachel sings with Kurt and Blaine, which they probs plan in that scene that we see in the promo on the stage. 🙂  It’s such a good song and I think they do an AMAZING job with it. Fave song of the episode! 🙂

Santana and Quinn get a song too. I have to admit that I think of the ‘A&W’ burger commercial….LOL but they also do well. 🙂

Santana also sings a popular Selena Gomez song. She does a great job with it. She even changes a lyric from “boy” to “girl” so she is probs singing to Brittany.

Brittany gets another Ke$Ha song (YAAAY) and this one is specially fit to match the theme. She sings DINOSAUR and, like Britt with any “K E dollar sign Ha” song, it’s cool!

The last song is any Glee/One Direction fan’s dream. I am a Glee fan (obvs) but I don’t have “One Direction Infection” or whatever. But I must say that the song is good and even better when the Glee guys do it. ❤ Maybe (hopefully) Joe is singing it to Quinn? 😉

That’s all for now! I like the song list. 🙂 Hahaha What about you? Do you like the songs? Are you excietd for the episode? I AM! 🙂

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