Glee ‘Prom-asaurus’ videos

Okay Gleeks. Here’s the deal. Lately, when previews or videos for upcoming Glee episodes are released, they are somehow put on sites so you can’t copy and embed them unless you download something or whatnot and also where I live, I can’t access Gleeonfox’s Youtube page. So I have no idea how to copy these videos for you to put right here on the site. If you know how to do this seemingly impossible task, can you please please please tell me because it’ll be a better world for Gleeks and bloggers everywhere….Lol.

So because I still want you to see these videos, I found some other site that has all the videos. Here is the link:

There are 6 videos, but two of them I already posted in older posts. So watch them and see.

As for Brittany’s gel ban, it seems to affect Blaine the most and it’s said he does indeed wash it out, revealing poofy curly hair. For all you AVPM/S fans out there, you know that Darren Criss with poofy curly hair is “supermegafoxyawesomehot” so I’m not complaining ;). Also I never thought about it, but yes, Joe does have a slight resemblance to a caveman…..huh….

Rachel’s speech is a bit sad and Becky has some attitude. On the plus side, it’s good to see that Rachel isn’t a moping, crying mess anymore.

I love the guys’ harmony. They are hilarious. 😀 Kept me in stitches! Hahahaha!

Well, that’s all for now. Again, if you have the answer to my un-embedable video issue and can tell me the answer, I will be very, very, VERY happy.

P.S.  I’m not sure why but last night, I had a dream that I managed to watch ‘Prom-asaurus’ on Youtube days before it aired because some guy posted videos that contain one minute parts of the episode and because they were just one minute, Youtube didn’t take them down, but there were like 40 videos. And the episode was really good, I just can’t remember any of it because it was a dream. LOL randomness 🙂


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