3×19 Prom-asaurus

PROM! Yes, it happened! Last night was the drama-filled prom episode, 3×19, called ‘Prom-asaurus’. It wasn’t the best episode but it had some great moments and tons of drama. I give it a 7 out of 10. It had some good music too. Anyhoo, here’s what went down. 🙂

It begins with another Rachel scene with a voice-over. This one’s about how she’s at peace with herself and is okay with her big choke. She must now focus on two things: her fiance, Finn and Prom (her dress, specifically). But then Becky (while practicing her Prom Queen victory wave) calls her a loser and says that her failure is contagious. Poor Rachel.

In Figgins’ office, he tells Brittany that she has done pretty much nothing as class president and that she is also failing classes. So, if she wants the tradition of having a class president to continue, she better step up her game. Her focus now: Prom. So Brittany goes to see the Prom committee, who, since the beginning of the year has been planning the theme. They suggest ‘castle in the clouds’ and a few others, all which Brittany turns down. She also insults them and fires them from the committee after she says that the theme will be Dinosaurs. 🙂 Honestly, I’m not surprised. It’s so typical of Brittany to pick such a random theme.

On the school’s intercom, Sue, with the help of Becky, announce the candidate for Prom King and Queen. For Prom King, we have: Rick (the other class prez candidate), Finn and Brittany. Yes, Brittany for PK. Random…. How on earth did she get nominated? For Prom Queen, we have: Santana, Missy (some random girl) and Quinn.

In the choir room, Will says that ND will sing at Prom again. Last year it was great so I think everyone was excited. Then Brittany tells ND the theme of Prom, that Santana and Quinn will be counting the ballots and she also tells them that all hair gel is banned (because gel was invented after the dinos lived). Blaine, out of all ND, is most worried and concerned by this ban.

Rachel sees a Prom campaign sign in the hall…of Finn and Quinn. She gets mad because Finn is her man and Quinn can’t steal him AGAIN. But Finn said he felt bad that he almost died going to their wedding so he agreed to run with her. Rachel isn’t pleased.

As for Quinn, she’s still been going to Physical Therapy…WITH JOE <3! Except now, she can walk. Joe is helping her take a few steps. Then she falls over. But she laughs it off and thanks Joe for coming again. She also asked him not to tell anyone that she can walk because she wants to surprise everyone. Joe says she may even be able to dance at Prom. Then the scene ends. As you may know, I love Fabhart so this whole time I was squealing and in my head, chanting ‘kiss! kiss! kiss! kiss!….’ But they didn’t….

Becky, in her cool british voice over, talks about how she really wanted to be PQ and now, she’s not even nominated. She also hates how people stare at her. Sue talks to her and says she has an attitude, but she finds it cool and that she shouldn’t be upset about not getting nominated. But Becky still is.

On the stage, Rachel sits on a stool and sing Fergie’s ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ and Kurt and Blaine also come out and sing too. That song is my favourite song of the episode, but I was very upset that on the show, they cut all my favourite parts off like Blaine’s solo part and the Klaine duet part. After the song, all three of them talk about why they don’t want to go to Prom. Rachel doesn’t want to because she doesn’t want to lose Finn to Quinn again. Kurt doesn’t want to because he fears getting elected Prom Queen again and Blaine doesn’t to because he hates his hair so he needs gel and since there is a ban, he refuses to go. So the three of them hatch a plan….And they go right to tell ND about this plan. Their plan is for those people who are against Prom (or its theme or gel ban) and want to go to an Anti-Prom. Most of ND smile and nod as Rachel explains how she rented out a room at a classy hotel. But it’s Santana who speaks her mind. She tells Rachel to grow up and stop feeling sorry about choking and therefore looking for attention by having an Anti-Prom. Or as Santana put it, an “I’m a victim party”. As much as Rachel’s idea is new and they deserve the option, I think Santana is right. After all, this is their LAST Prom all together and Rachel does seem to ALWAYS want attention, even if it’s isn’t always positive. Not to mention the fact that the only people who are on board for this are Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Puck, maybe Becky and maybe Finn….Whoo-hoo…

In the hall, Finn is putting up posters with Quinn when a girl walks by and commends Quinn for being so brave and trying to be PQ even in a wheelchair. Quinn plays the victim card and compliments the girl on her still-working and perfect legs. The girl promises her vote to her and leaves. Quinn knows she’s just using her injury to get votes and so does Finn (and he’s not too pleased) but it’s even worse because she can walk and she’s just hiding it. But when Finn asks her about it, she says that “votes are votes” no matter how you get them. It’s clever and sneaky and sorta mean and I can’t decide if I support Quinn (because she REALLY wants to win) or not.

Finally, it’s Prom night. We see Chang-Chang (Mike and Tina) arrive and are in awe from the large dinosaur decorations. And right away, Brittany gets into the Dino mood as she, and a couple of cheerleaders wearing dino heads, sing and dance to Ke$Ha’s ‘DINOSAUR’. It’s a good performance, but the song is kinda creepy. :S As for Finn, he comes to Prom without Rachel and goes looking for Quinn. He finds her in the bathroom…STANDING UP. He gets mad at her because he gets that she’s been playing everyone for votes and he left Rachel for her lies. But Quinn almost cries and begs him to stay because she wants to win SO badly and it means so much to her. And also, the nominees have to have a dance together. So Finn stays, but isn’t happy.

At the Anti-Prom, the five people arrive at the (lame) hotel room. They right away are bored. So Rachel suggests a fashion show (which Kurt agrees to) and hurries off to put on her Prom dress. As for everyone else, Kurt is bouncing on the bed, Blaine watches TV, Puck brings beer and Becky wants to play Strip Poker….. She’s crazy.

It’s Santana’s turn to sing on stage and she sings ‘Love You Like A Love Song’ by Selena Gomez. She does a good job with it, but it’s not anything special. But during the song, Finn is awkwardly dancing with Quinn in her chair when he finally snaps and tells her to stand up, even trying to forcefully lift her up. But he is stopped by Joe and Sue who come along and break up the fight. Finn even turns on his ‘bro’ and accuses Joe of being in on the lie because he’s been going to Therapy with her. But before Sue can kick him out of the second Prom in his life, he leaves. Also during the song, Sam and Mercedes dance together. They also see Mercedes’ ex Shane dancing with some other girl. They wave to him. Just think, one year ago, at the first Prom, Sam and Mercedes first danced together. ❤

Back at the Anti-Prom, they are literally bored out of their mind. And even though Kurt told Blaine that if he wanted to go to Prom, he’d go with him (Blaine refuses because his hair is supposedly REALLY puffy and curly), the five of them remain. Or, should I say, six. Finn comes by with a corsage for Rachel just as she comes out of the bathroom in her gorgeous Prom dress. It was so cute because their faces just light up when they see each other. He gives her the corsage, kisses her and then they decide that they should go to the real Prom. And even Kurt and Blaine decide to go and hopefully avoid Brittany.

They arrive at Prom just as Artie, Mike, Joe, Rory and Sam are getting ready to sing One Direction’s mega hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Unfortunately for Blaine, Brittany sees him and makes him go wash out the gel right away. As for the guys’ song, it was good, but it sounded too much like the original. It was nothing special but if you’re a Glee and 1D fan, you probs loved it.

As for Puck and Becky, they stayed in the hotel room…playing Strip Poker. And Becky is fully clothed while Puck is left in socks and boxers. AWKS. But Puck finds out that she’s upset that she didn’t win PQ or even get nominated because like Quinn, she wanted it SOOOO bad. So Puck put on his clothes and gets an idea. He takes out his knife and cuts two (stylish) crowns out of the beer box and crowns them Prom King and Queen of the Anti-Prom. And Becky is perfectly happy with that. Then they leave the room.

In the hall at the school, while Prom still goes on, Rachel talks to Quinn and apologizes for getting mad that she’s running with Finn. Quinn easily forgives her and Rachel goes on to say that she voted for Quinn and also that she’s really glad that they’re friends now. But their friendship moment is cut short by Santana carrying the ballot boxes. It’s time for them to count!

Back in the gym, Sue gets mad at Tina because she thinks she tried to spike the punch bowl. But Tina leaves as Puck and Becky arrive, wearing their beer crowns. Sue congratulates Becky on her happiness due to her crown and Becky’s british voice over even tells us that she doesn’t mind the people staring at her now. But then Becky distracts Sue as Puck pulls out a bottle and spikes the punch. His two-year goal has been achieved. I’m not ashamed to say I cheered for Puck.  They go dance too.

Santana and Quinn count the votes. Brittany doesn’t win Prom King (she gets 4 votes) so Santana says that if Brit isn’t PK than she doesn’t want to be Queen. But as Quinn tells her, she doesn’t get to be anyways. Quinn won by one vote. But she says that she got what she wanted, but she doesn’t feel any better or happier. Then she has some light convo with Santana about highschool and how it’s amazing that they both got to live it all up to the best. The scene ends with Quinn asking Santana if she’s ever wanted to leave her mark and change something big in life…

So Blaine returns to the gym with a gel-free head of hair… and boy does he get some crazy looks from people! When Brittany and Kurt see it, Brit allows him to be an exception and go gel it back.

I think it’s adorable (it looks so soft and I really want to run my hands through it) and so does Kurt because he tells Blaine he’s beautiful and that he loves his real hair. I just can’t believe that they’ve been dating for over a year and Kurt hadn’t  seen his real hair yet! :O So Blaine doesn’t gel it again. Funny story, that’s basically what Darren Criss’ natural hair is like and when he was younger (like in college) it was much bigger too…like a afro! The gel is may be Blaine’s thing, but not Darren’s!

Finally it’s time to announce the winners of Prom King and Queen! 🙂 Kurt, being the reining Queen, is called on stage to crown the winners. They do King first (obvs) and the winner is FINN! It was kinda obvious because we knew it wasn’t Brittany and no one wanted Rick the Stick to win. I was happy (dunno if you know this, but I love Finn). Then he announces Queen, which is like the most coveted prize of life. And because we know Quinn got the most votes (sympathy ones), you’d think Quinn gets the crown, right? WRONG! When Quinn had asked Santana if she wanted to change something and leave her mark, what she really was asking is ‘Wanna rig the system and change who Prom Queen is?’. Did Quinn do it because she feels bad for lying? We may never know. Either way, the new Queen is announced by Figgins who says that again, it’s been an overwhelming write-in win. And the winner is…. RACHEL BERRY! Yuppers, Rachel is who Santana and Quinn changed it to. So naturally, Rachel is super shocked and slowly goes up to get her crown. Even and Kurt crowns her, he tells her to just smile and play along. So Finn and Rachel go on the dance floor for their King/Queen dance, but Rachel asks him if it’s a joke. He says no and that she’s beautiful and totally deserves it. Awwww their dance was sooo adorable!!!! ❤ ❤ <3. They dance to Santana and Quinn singing ‘Take My Breath Away’. They do a pretty good job with it. Their voices are lovely together. And during the song, Quinn stand up on stage. Santana helps her too, which is sweet. Everyone gasps and claps for her too. But their shocked faces are funny, especially Mr. Schue’s! Also, Rachel tells Finn that if she can win Prom Queen (she thinks that people actually voted for her) then now she can believe in anything, meaning that maybe her Broadway dreams aren’t over yet. Then they kiss. ❤ The couples also get Prom pics.



 And that’s all that happened in 3×19 called ‘Prom-asaurus’. 🙂 Like I said, it was an okay episode. It was drama filled but, like most episodes lately, not very funny. Glee is supposed to be a comedy after all…. And also, I noticed a few things. One: how come last year, the campaign for Prom Queen and King started several episodes before the actual prom episode? That was just Junior Prom and now it’s Senior Prom and we don’t hear boo. Two: Normally, you need tickets to get into Prom. I know at my school, Prom tix are like 90 bucks. How did Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Puck and Becky manage to get in? Did they buy tickets just in case? Or did Glee just cleverly overlook that? Or maybe not all schools have ticket fees?

As for next week, it’s a TWO HOUR double-header. Are you as excited as I am? The episodes, 3×20 and 3×21 air back to back. Episode 3×20 is called ‘Props’ and it’s not shown much in the promo. But its focus is Tina when she hits her head and sees the ND as each other and it’s weird/funny. 3×21 is called ‘Nationals’ because it’s the Nationals episode (duh). Here is the promo 🙂

It focuses more on the Nationals part of it, maybe to make the first hour hard to wait though? Anyways, I AM PHSYCED! 😀

And also, because ‘Props’ needed some loving too, here is the sneak peek 🙂


I laughed so hard at this video. Dianna playing as Sugar is hilarious and I love Chord’s impressions of Rory. 🙂 LOLOLOL


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  1. Prom Dress
    May 22, 2012 @ 18:33:28

    I love Glee and the was one of the best!!!


    • pottergleefan4
      May 29, 2012 @ 20:41:08

      Hi! Yes, I love Glee too! 🙂
      The episode was pretty good! Last year’s Prom episode was pretty good so I had high hopes for this year’s. Was it the best? No. But it had some sweet moments and Brittany’s theme was funny XD


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