‘Props’ To These Songs! (And The ‘Nationals’ Ones)

Hahahah nothing like a good pun on a Friday! Anyways, here are the songs from episode 3×20 ‘Props’.

Mean (by Taylor Swift) sung by Puck and Coach Beiste

Because You Loved Me (by Celine Dion) sung by Tina

Flashdance…What A Feeling (by Irene Cara) sung by Rachel and Tina

Flashdance full video

Those are the songs from 3×20 ‘Props’ 🙂 Tina’s voice is great and I’m glad she FINALLY gets some spotlight. 🙂 And also I’m intrigued by Puck and Beiste’s song (but I love Taylor Swift)….hopefully she doesn’t sing because of Cooter.

And also because we get a two hour double header, here are the songs from 3×21 ‘Nationals’.

Paradise By The Dashboard Light (by Meatloaf) sung by New Directions

Starships (by Nicki Minaj) sung by Vocal Adrenaline

Pinball Wizard (by The Who) sung by Vocal Adrenaline

Tongue Tied (by Grouplove) sung by New Directions

Those are the songs. I LOVE ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’ even though I didn’t know which song it was. They do a good job with it and I’m guessing that it’s in this song that we see the scene from the promo where Rachel pushes some guy (I think it’s Finn) on stage (not in a mean way, in a playful acting way). Also VA’s songs are good too….I HOPE ND WINS!!!!!
Now those aren’t all of the songs for these two episodes. Lots of them were released earlier this week (on the Graduation Album) so if you haven’t heard them, here is the link to an earlier post by me where you can hear the other songs from these episode.

Other Songs From ‘Props’ and Nationals’

Enjoy 🙂

P.S.   Today is Cory Monteith  (who plays Finn) ‘s  30th Birthday!!!!! ❤  HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Johnquisha
    May 12, 2012 @ 17:13:27

    The songs i cant wait to see are:
    -STARSHIPS (Vocal Adrenaline) 😀


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