Spoilers for 3×20 and 3×21 and 3×22

On Friday night, I went to go see Avengers. Don’t give me that look, this ties to Glee. First off, in the theater, before the movie started, music was playing overhead. Then randomly, the Glee version of ‘Survivor/I Will Survive’ came on. I smiled and mouthed along to the words until the song got cut off because the previews were starting. Also, you probably know this, but Gwyneth Paltrow (who plays hilarious sub Holly Holiday in Glee) played Pepper, Tony Stark (Iron Man)’s girlfriend and she was funny. So yes, it relates to Glee. Plus at one point, I thought I saw a person in the film who looked like Carole Hudson but according to Wikipedia, she wasn’t in it….

Okay I got some MAJOR spoilers for this Tuesday’s double-header Glee episodes.

Here is a preview of 3×20 ‘Props’ where Tina hits her head….and sees the world in a wacky way! 🙂

As for 3×21 ‘Nationals’, I have some HUGE news. First off, Mercedes gets sick right before Nationals and in Chicago too. Will appoints Quinn and Tina to join TroubleTones for the performance but since we hear Mercedes sing in the ND songs for Nationals, we assume she makes a fast, remarkable recovery or sings when she’s sick.

When they actually perform, the TT song is first, followed by Rachel’s solo. The surprise? Carmen Tibideaux (the NYADA judge played by Whoopie Goldberg) is in the audience and Rachel sees her during her solo!!!!! As much as that’s huge pressure on Rachel’s part, I’m so glad that this happens so Rachel gets a chance to show Carmen what she’s got: a heck of a good voice! Then the rest of ND comes out and sings ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’. Then Vocal Adrenaline perform, meaning Jesse St James is back! It’s also very probable that ND wins Nationals. 😀 YAAAY!

When they get back to McKinley, there is a school assembly where teachers get awards. Finn and Rachel present Mr. Schue with ‘Teacher Of The Year’ and then ND sings ‘We Are The Champions’ for him.

In the finale episode, 3×22, called ‘Goodbye’ (cuz they WANT us to cry), we meet Santana’s mom, played by Gloria Estefan. Also, there’s a really short clip taken by a fan watching the filming of Rachel boarding a train and going away and Finn, wearing a suit, waves as she goes and ‘Roots Before Branches’ plays in the background…. WHERE IS SHE GOING AND WHY ISN’T HE WITH HER????!!!??? Gosh, if that is a look at what Season 4 will have and Finn and Rachel break up and don’t both go someplace together, then I will be SAD. We don’t actually know where Rachel does go after highschool (maybe Carmen doesn’t actually offer Rachel a spot in NYADA?) so maybe they go separate places….? Ugh, these questions are too much for me. I’ve heard that the finale episode will tie a bunch of stories up and so we’ll know what the plans for Season 4 are. BUT I’ve also heard that the finale will have some large cliffhangers too…..I HATE CLIFFHANGERS. So if the second one is true (which Glee doesn’t have a history of doing) we’re in for a long summer wait.

So that’s all I know now. :S The next two days will be hard as I wait for the 2 hour Glee double-header and listen to the songs from the Glee Graduation Album and these upcoming episodes on repeat. Sigh….

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